Woodhaven Pin Routing Machine

If you like to shape parts on your router table but want to "automate" some repetitive jobs or take on more complex shapes, you should take a look at Woodhaven's new Pin Routing Machine.

A pin router resembles a router table but is designed to follow a pattern, as a pattern-cutting bit does. But instead of guiding the cut with a bearing on the bit's shaft, a pin router uses a round steel pin that follows a template secured to the top of the workpiece. Woodhaven's machine is an inverted pin router: The guide pin is centered over the bit, held in an arm that extends over the template. To begin routing a pattern, you position the pin against the template and depress a foot pedal to plunge the bit upward through a hole in the table and into the bottom of the workpiece. Though you can't see the bit, you know it's always centered under the pin. Routing is safer since you're never exposed to the cutter.

This configuration makes the Woodhavcn Pin Routing Machine ideal for reproducing curved parts, hollowing out rcccsscs, and making interior cuts such as grooves. With a shop-made fence positioned on the table, you can cut slot mortises easily and precisely. The machine handles stock up to 2f/2 in. thick and will rout to the center of a !6-in.-wide piece.

Assembly took me a few hours, including the wooden leg set, tablctop, foot pedal and pin arm. Knockdown fas-

Pin Router

A cutter you can't see. This inverted pin router lets you do template routing work faster, more safely and accurately than with a hand-held router.

tencrs made it easy. The machine comes with pins of three different diameters: ]/2 in., Vs in. and l/4 in. You supply your own 3'/2-in.-dia. router motor.

I found that stock fed smoothly when

I used a moderate feed rate. The bit can chatter if you feed too fast, or if the bit isn't mounted deep enough in the router's collet. To avoid chatter, 1 recommend using l/2-in. shank bits. In terms of power, there's plenty for light and medium-duty projects, but I'd like to sec Woodhaven offer a router mounting block that accepts larger 2-HP and 3-HP routers.

The plunge mechanism works very smoothly, and adjustments for pin height and bit centering are easy. Two adjustable "wings" beside the pin made the unit's dust collection system work effectively with the Fein shop vacuum that I attached.

1 found only two minor problems. First, sometimes when I pushed on the pedal to release the plunge HHI lock after a cut, the extra pressure flexed the mechanism a little, making the bit dimple the freshly cut recess. The second problem was that the knurled plunge-depth stop nuts vibrated loose until I tightened them more securely.

I've used large industrial-type pin routers for many years, so I approached Woodhaven's machine with some skepticism. I came away impressed. Certainly, Woodhaven's pin router won't replace my 2,000-pound Onsrud, but it's not intended to. I'd recommend the Woodhaven machine to anyone wanting to try pattern routing on a tight budget. And for small-shop professionals doing limited production runs, this machine will pay for itself a lot quicker than an industrial model. (Prices: complete machine excluding router, $599.99; machine without leg set, $499.99; pin arm only with dust wings and vacuum outlet, S124.99) Woodhaven, Dept. AWT\ 5323 W. Kimberly Road. Davenport, I A 52806. (800) 344-6657. Circle #621


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