round-over bit to the profile shown in the Edge Detail. I guide the bit's pilot bearing against the edge of the cabinet sides and rout the same detail on the edge of the backboard and the flat piece of the molding assembly.

Sand the sides and fixed shelves before assembling the carcase. When gluing, I tack a scrap piece of wood diagonally across the cabinet back to keep the assembly square until the glue sets. After the glue dries, I rout a 3/«- x Vs-in. rabbet for the cabinet back. Square up the cuts at the corners with a chisel or utility knife. Screw the back in place so that you can remove it later if you want to add a mirrored back.

Glue and nail the backboard in place, and install the crown molding. The molding is built up from three pieces—a flat board, a piece of 2'/4-x Vd-in. crown molding and a triangular infill piece. Glue the infill and crown molding together before cutting the miters. Nail the flat board to the carcase and nail the crown molding over it,—W.M.

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    How to install crown molding using backboard?
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