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1929 Mercedes Ben2 SSK

for only »19n including free qsft*. ¿hipping & handling

LKfaikni asuI Destined to 1/24 of the full %uc original. The M«ceck=i Car Kit fcrAlur« pcccnion cut *ulid hurduvMxl parts iftod h.uulsonu» brim defalk and Mm* plat*, attfomoWk hktory curd and Instruction« for avwmtily/ finnhinq. You'll receivr FKLfc fmnhinn m«tfrvt*l» tu complete yout car kit and a Club Map Caw lor (he hKtory cards and your Club Mi'mbrrvhtp Crrtl6<-at»>.

Jhr Cor Out»AnmHoi .mtmniiiKv hKi<w\i from 1912 to 1957. including dktin<juKh*nJ mocWfc such as the 19.11 JfoJU Novc# PHonfom. 1957 CJtar* i9X9 lord M+dti A and IWJ Conr«*« Th«r complrlr s^ii^s of V'tntag»» Car kit* arf not «old in hobby «hop« or ttor?* and arc available exrluctvdy by mail order. ComH'if Miii/aiuoH tfMmnifra. Send foe yoor Mcrccck* Bou Idt todav lor only $19.95 and rccrivr a two blade sfafcnlev» %lrtJ pm lu-t knte a I»-« Aiu»K fr++. II you an» mrt nimpUuk lllhltd, kix-p th* finishing malrrUk, map ca*# and pockrt knife*. stmpK' return the car kit ioc a hill refund. Keep I lie Mercedes Ben/ and you will become a crrtkficd member of the Vaitaqe Car Club of Amertca and have the opportunity to purchase, tf you wfch. addmorvaJ qualty Car Kits mi a monthlv basis. However, you are not obligated to buy any additional kit* — ever! To receive this spt-cial offer, a S30.00 value (or only S 19.95, mail the coupon today.

Divliioii of C raff stark, lac.

Please »end me the Mrrrcdrs Beiu *nd enroll me In the Vint«9* Car Club of Amme« I undrr*Und I wt* Tiwnf * WK-«md Vlnt«g* Cat hM *ppraitrm*Uly on« mooch «fett rixnpl oI ihr Irst. Should I not U com-pUtcK' unified. I may refuse delivery of the second wS*>mcr* by writing «Caned me" cm BONUS

** ih^ng Übel U»hcn I knrv thr fowl »hl^mrrt. I vk-ll he « icquUi iwiAn md rnfiv» « iflniti VW Lt9* Cat Ml each m*«ii»i tir 119.95 ¡Aim U.4S In« a^ng «r«d KmlkHl Of course. I may remm any *lu|imnii uiiha 30 (Uv\ (i attd I «n mrf iifiiqard Ii «rr^ aiy mrmian nianUrf of car kits

FREE BONUSr Act now -nd wi^r yov trtol strr and puefcat abholuNiy Ire«.

fn*Hto*kft. map


Foe Ohio dnK^ add 6% saint ua

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