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The jointer is a potentially dangerous machine that can severely injure your hands if you're careless. While you should always be cautious around the jointer, cutting tapers requires you to perform some operations that need extra caution. Unplug the jointer when setting up a cut and think the operation through before doing it. Know exactly where your hands are going to be and keep them well away from the cutterhead. Always use push sticks and safety guards when making a cut and protect your eyes with safety glasses. Never joint stock shorter than 10 in.

of tape, mark the infeed table at the narrow end of the stock. Begin each new taper with the narrow end lined up on this mark.

For full or partial tapers you'll need to make a second mark on the infeed table to mark the start of the seventh cut—where the reference point is over the top of the cutting circle as shown in Fig. 1, Step 3.

For stop tapers, you'll need to make an additional mark on the outfeed table to locate the end of the cut. For stop tapers. I recommend marking the start and end of the cut with stop blocks clamped to the jointer instead of a pen line or a piece of tape.

Use these marks (or stop blocks) to start your cuts and all the tapers will be exactly the same. Not only do you save time measuring, you'll also avoid having to remove layout lines from the finished pieces. A

Fred Matlack heads the Rodale Design Department.


Taper starts here.

Step 1: Lay out taper.

Taper starts here.

To locate support block: Unplug Jointer. Rotate cutterhead by hand, and position beginning of taper where knives first contact wood.
support block

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