The Finished Taper

Cutterhead leaves radius.

fore removing the wood from the table. The cutterhead will leave a radius at the end of the cut; cither clean it up by hand, or incorporate it into your design.

If you want a stop taper with a flat at the wide end as shown in Fig. 4. you'll need to support the wide end with a scrap block as explained above for a short taper.

First, you'll need to position the scrap block. Draw the taper on the stock as shown in Fig. 4, Step 1. Then, with the jointer unplugged, position the board with the starting point of the taper (at the wide end) over the cutterhead at the point where the knives first contact the wood. This setup is shown in Fig. 4, Step 2. Support the uplifted wide end of the stock with a block as shown in Fig. 4, Step 2.

Remove the stock from the table and start up the jointer. Nudge the guard aside with the end of the stock and lower the scrap block onto the outfeed table as shown in Fig. 4, Step 3. Make the cut in one pass. If you've positioned the support block correctly, the jointer will start cutting at the beginning of the taper. Stop when you reach the section that is to remain square and switch off the jointer.

Stop tapers are particularly useful for making spade feet, common on Hepplewhite furniture. To do this, make a stop taper on all four sides of the leg, allowing the end of the cut to be the top of the foot. For the foot itself, cut a short taper on all four sides or taper the foot by hand with a plane.

Cutting Multiple Tapers

When cutting identical tapers on several pieces, or tapering four sides of the same piece, you can save a lot of time bv laying out the starting point of the cut on the jointer itself, instead of drawing the taper on each piece of wood.

Draw the taper, guideline and reference point on one piece of stock. With the jointer switched off, position the reference point over the end of the outfeed table as you would for your first cut. With a marker or a piece

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