Paper or cloth backing is measured by weight, which is determined by the tensile strength of the backing.


The weight and flexibility of paper backings are represented by the letters A-E. A and B are lightweight and highly flexible. C and D weights are medium to heavyweight for more strength and less flexibility. E weight is a strong, durable heavy paper stock coated in a complete range of grit sizes, primarily used for mechanical sanding operations.


There are two common types of cloth backings. One is a heavy, strong, relatively stiff material. It is used in coarse grit belts for heavy stock removal on straight or flat surfaces. The other is a lighter, less strong, relatively soft and flexible material known as J weight or jeans cloth. It is used in finishing work or contour work on curved surfaces where finish and uniformity are more important than stock removal.


Bond is the agent used to hold the abrasive grains onto the backing. It is usually a combination of layers of adhesives. Resin is a synthetic adhesive used as a bond. Resins are strong and resist moisture and heat build-up. Glue, which is traditionally made from animal hides, is another type of an adhesive used as a bond. Make coat is the initial layer of adhesive into which the abrasive grains are embedded. Size coat is the secondary layer of adhesive that covers the majority of the abrasive grains.

Above Power sanding pads and discs with Velcro fixing.

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