The skew chisel is twisted to change the bevel direction as the cut proceeds to create a curve. At the start of the cut. the tool is on its side with the bevel parallel to the lathe axis. At the end ol the cut. the tool is on its edge with the bevel at 90" to the axis.


A piece of 2in (51 mm) diameter wcod held in a chuck makes the other end free to cut a curve.

Draw lines frcm the edge, '/itin (1mm) apart. Place the tool in the attitude for the end of the cut, long point up tool vertical and at 90' to the lathe axis. Hold the handle in a power grip, hold the stock in a hook grip, index finger hooked under the tool rest, stock held in firmly in fingertips or thumb. Then twist the tool back to the start position, ready to make the cut. Ensure the heel is touching the wcod, at a sheer angle



Turning o proud bead with the long edge

Rounding the corncrs on a proud bead.

Turning o proud bead with the long edge

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