Wood is the traditional material for turning tool handles and it is my favourite. Ash is a very nice, strong and shock-resistant wood, but almost any hardwood will do the job. The warmth of wood feels nice in the hand; a natural wood texture provides grip, whereas a highly glossy finish can be slippery. A wide section at the end is suitable io* power grips and a narrow section in the middle is a good shape for rolling in the fingers, making detail work and sharpening easier.

The metal ferrule provides strength without bulk. The length of the handle can make the difference between the tool being usable and unusable. Too long and the tccl will be difficult to handle, too short and it will need much more force to keep it stable and controllable. I think if most woodturners increased their handle lengths by about 6m (152mm) they would see a great improvement in their turning.

Metal handles are fine for deep hoi lowing situations where extra length and strength are required.

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