Homemade chucks

One of the pleasures of turning is the challenge of making your own chucks, allowing you to be inventive and save money. If you come up with something good, there could also be commercial prospects. Most forms of home-made chuck are adaptations of existing chucking methods.

Jam chucks

The jam chuck is one of my favourites. I use a small one to hold solid fruit so that I can finish turning the bottom. It is a 20' tapered cup. with a wall thickness of about '/«in (6mm) so that there is some give as the fruit Is pushed in. One nice effect is that, as the fruits never go in exactly parallel to the axis, when they are finished they all stand at different angles, which makes them look natural rather than regimented. Don't forget to have a hole down the middle of the chuck so that a piece of dowel can be used to eject the piece. This jam chuck could be held on a faceplate or on a spigot turned on the end.

Diy Woodturning Techniques
Above Jacobs chuck: no. 1 morse taper with 2-1 sleeve.

Loft Independent 1 /.in pin chuck on Vicmarc lathe.

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Woodturners Chuck

Above Blanks for making wooden jaws with Axminstcf wood jaw plates.

Above Expanding wooden jaws on Axminstcr chuck.

Woodturning Chuck Jaw Gauge

Above Sorby Patriot chuck with 2in spigot jaws.

Above Blanks for making wooden jaws with Axminstcf wood jaw plates.

Wood jaw plates

Wood jaw plates are accessories for scroll chucks. They allow jaws to be personalized for particular applications. I make stepped jaws lor holding the runs of bowls while turning the base. Quadrant blocks are screwed to the plates that are then tightened onto a cross. This holds them in their mid-movement position while internal or external dovetailed steps are turned to hold a bowl cn the outside or the inside of the rim. The steps are smaller than the jaw's movement so that there is a continuous range from the largest to the smallest. With the cross removed, the jaws can expand into the rim of a bowl and hold it securely.

Above Expanding wooden jaws on Axminstcr chuck.

Pin chucks

Even pin chucks can be turned from hardwood, but use part of a nail for the secondary pin. The only limit to the potential of home-made chucks is your imagination.

Waste block

The simplest home-made chuck is a waste block of wood, glued to the bowl blank and used for holding. This avoids leaving screw or chuck marks on the piece, or having to increase the size of the blank to achieve the same result. All you need is a faceplate.

Above Sorby Patriot chuck with 2in spigot jaws.

Diy Woodturning TechniquesDiy Woodturning Techniques

Above Jam chuck held in Vicmarc chuck. Above Tapered mandrill for holding napkins.

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