Pick up a sharp-edged tool and press it against a rotating piece of wood to produce wood-shavings and there you have it - woodturning. It's as simple as that. Of course, it gets more complicated when you begin to learn how to control the tool as it moves through the surface of the wood, exposing the beautiful gram and creating a shape that may have been developing in your mind for some time.

Having the vision to sec the finished piece in the wood, before the turning has even started, and then, once you start turning, working in two dimensions to create a three-dimensional object, is a magical experience. It's also a fast process: the wood revolves at up to 2.500rpm: the results are almost instantaneous and there is no going back - once a cut has been made, the shavings can't be replaced.

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Then there is that proud moment as you take the finished piece from the lathe and you are able to say. 'I made that.' Even the equipment is interesting, combining technical innovation, such as direct drive electronic variable speed control, with traditional, hand-held tools.. Woodturning can also be an extremely relaxi ng process, working with a natural, beautiful, functional and renewable material. In the workshop, your own domain, the pressures of the day can be left outside. It might be a working environment, but it is also an inspirational space.

If you are interested in taking up wcodturmng, don't rush into it. The financial investment can be considerable and there is nothing worse than buying the wrong equipment at the start. Make contact with other woodturners, either through clubs, demonstrations, woodworking shows, or seminars, or by taking a course, ideally within a class of three to four students. Taking an evening class at your local college is a good place to start and will give you the opportunity to meet other turners who live in your area. Joining a club adds a social element to turning, while taking part in competitions can create challenges that will help you to further develop your skills.

Once your workshop is full of wood-shavings and the house full of turnings for every occasion, then it is time to think of what else to do with your work. Friends and relations will take care of a few items but you will have to be a little more imaginative for the rest. If the money isn't important, then a charity shop would be very pleased to accept them. Selling your work always sounds like a good idea so that your hobby can begin to pay for itself but it can be a distraction from the woodturning. On the other hand, there is the possibility that woodturning could lead to a new career.

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