Making short fillets

Wake a supported entry, then continue to slide the tool into the corner to complete the fillet.

Making Woodturning Tools
Rolling a bead with the point of the beading tool.
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Part four - Projects

Woodturning Techniques

When I am making one of a project, or a small run, I always cut two or three extra blanks, all exactly the same size. What this does is allow me not to worry about making mistakes, and that greatly reduces the chance of making a mistake. And if there is more than one stage in the turning process, I do turn the early stages on the extra blanks even though I might not need to finish them. This process greatly speeds up my turning and improves accuracy. With these six projects the planning is done, all you have to do is to make them. Select the tools from the tool rack, sharpen them, place them on a tray by the lathe, then arrange the abrasives and finish. Take the chuck or drive centres and fit them on the lathe. Mount the blank on the lathe and you are ready. Enjoy.

Bowl or platter

Woodturning Techniques


Walnut, or select a close-grained hardwood with some interesting grain/colour

Ash. elm, fruit wood or similar

Grain direction

Cross grain

Blank size

7VAr\ diameter x 3in high (191mm x 76mm)

Chucking method

Spigot chuck

Single screw; 80mm spigot jaws Wood jaws

Turning tools

OFG; XXin Two Scrapers

Square straight - Left-hand curved XXin

Other tools



100.(150). 180 and 240 grits


Lemon oil

Lathe speed


Safety equipment

Face mask, goggles

Woodturning Techniques

Drilling for single sereĀ«.

Cut 1 Shaping the outside - OFG.

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