Primary safety

I have what I call 'primary safety' and 'secondary safety'. Primary safety is the avoidance of danger and staying away, such as standing to one side when switching on the lathe for the first time with a new piece of wood. Secondary safety is the addition of safety equipment, whether it be personal protection or in the workshop. Personally, I try to achieve primary safety whenever possible: I turn green wood to minimize dust (and it is much more fun than turning dry wood).

Always keep a powder fire extinguisher in the workshop.

Always keep a powder fire extinguisher in the workshop.

Dos and Don'ts Do

Make sure that manufacturers' safety equipment is correctly fitted to all machinery.

Keep the noise dov/n. Machinery is noisy and can make the workshop uncomfortable, so keep noise down by having as much as possible of machinery outside the workroom or wear ear protectors.

Minimize the dust in the atmosphere by having a dust extraction system which does not recirculate fine dust. If possible, place the dust extractor outside the workshop to reduce dust and noise.


Be messy! A workshop that is tidy and well-organized is a safer working environment. It is also easier to find things when they're not covered in shavings

Don't forget to have all the appropriatthe equipment handy so it is easy to use.

Don't forget your ear mulfs.

My dust extractor is outside the workshop to reduce noise and dust, and I always keep my workshop clean and well-organized.

A warm workshop is a comfortable environment in which to work and this can also reduce the risk of accidents, but not it the heat comes from a wood-shavings stove! These are likely to get covered in shavings and I know of two turners' workshops that have burnt down.

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