We tend to call Occidents, accidents, as if we had nothing to do with the event and it was beyond our control. But if you take reasonable precautions then the majority of so-called accidents can be avoided.

The most obvious danger is coming into contact with handsaws, chainsaws and circular saws, grinders, rotating pieces of wood and sharp tools. But there are two other, insidious dangers, that don't cause pain or immediate effect. These are noase and dust. The effects of both are cumulative and long term, reducing both quality and even length of life. I do have a few scars from sharp edges of tools, the significance of which became negligible a few weeks after the event But the asthma, for which I have regular medication; the loss of heanng and tinnitus, which I have had for years, will only get worse. And these are probably down to woodturning.

Safety has to be something we do naturally as part of our normal routine. If safety causes inconvenience or even expense, then there is always a tendency to ignore it. But when it comes to woodturning. safety and efficient working practices have more in common than you might think. For example, when sharpening my tools I stand to the side of the grinder so that I am close to the action, with a good view of the sharpening and good tool control. From a safety point of view I am no longer in line with the sparks generated and if a wheel did break, I am not in the main danger area (although I have never known a wheel to break). If you do much the same when turning you are not as likely to get covered in shavings or be in line with the wood, if it should unfortunately come out of the lathe. So 'thinking' safety can improve your working practices.

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Woodworking Tools and Installation Tips

Woodworking Tools and Installation Tips

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