With scrapers there is no bevel contact, only edge contact on the wood. Therefore there is no control surface as with gouges and chisels. The scraper will go whichever way it is pulled or pushedl with either hand. While the control hand takes the weight of the handle and swings it. either hand can provide the feed and movement depending on the cut. Stability is provided by the weight of the tool and the contact of the control hand on the tool rest (as well, of course, as taking a strong dynamic stance).

General shapes Where the cutting edge is relatively square to the tool, then the support hand provides the feed. Where the cutting edge is significantly skewed to the tool axis, then either hand can provide the feed force.

Shape control Shape control is made firstly by choosing a scraper with an edge shape close to the shape to be cut and the larger the tool the better (within reason). A good size would be 1 '/.in (38mm) wide. By swinging the handle while feeding the tool, the shape being cut is controlled. There is quite a bit of 'feel' in the process.

Specific shapes When turning beads or coves with a specially scraped scraper, the shape can be created simply by pushing them into the wood.

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Woodworking Tools and Installation Tips

Woodworking Tools and Installation Tips

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