Smoothing cut

Ensure the tool rest is '/« V:in (6-13mm) above the centre line and XXin (XXmm) away from the wood. Make contact with the heel of the bevel on the wood, set the edge to a 45' sheer peel angle. The centre of the cutting edge should be nearest to the wood. Stand behind the tool, looking down the line of the wood in a dynamic stance. The control hand holds the handle in a power grip. Support hand, with a fingers grip, pressing the chisel onto the wood and the rest.

Switch on. then, with both hands, slide the tcol along the svood while slowly twisting the tool forward with the control hand until the cutting edge just takes a shaving. Keep the tool moving while taking the cut to the end of the piece. Slide the tool back to the start and repeat the cut as necessary.

Smoothing cut along a spindle.

Power grip and fingers with arm over hcadstock.

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