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Teds Woodworking Plans is a detailed guide by Ted McGrath which will help you earn lots of praises and money. You will learn a number of superior skills which only professional woodworkers possess and you will be equipped with superior problem solving skills as well. The book is written by a professional woodworker, and hence, you will see professionalism in various parts of the book. The book will not just help you make a craft just to earn money; it will enable you to increase the quality of your work so that you earn lots of praises as well. The woodworking plans are easy therefore they aren't complicated whatsoever. Even though you are a complete newcomer to woodworking you'll simply be able to master all the techniques that are needed and the woodworking skills very quickly by following the succinct and clear instructions. Read more here...

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This is one of the best ebooks I have read on this field. The writing style was simple and engaging. Content included was worth reading spending my precious time.

This ebook does what it says, and you can read all the claims at his official website. I highly recommend getting this book.

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Contact us bv calling the toll-free number above. We'll replace the damaged missing issue or extend your subscription, whichever you prefer. (Remember, AMERICAN WOODWORKER magazine prints seven issues yearly, in February, April, June, August, October, November and December.) To Screen Mailing Lists If you do not want to receive mailings from other companies besides AMERICAN WOODWORKER and Rodale Press, please let us know by calling our 1-800 number.

Richard Leblanc Woodworking Seattle

HARRINGTON is a 1994 graduate of the Cabinet and Furniture Making Program at the North Bennet Street School in Boston, Massachusetts. She maintains a furniture studio, where she works on one-of-a-kind commissions and speculative pieces. Her speculative work combines her background as a feltmaker with her more recently acquired woodworking skills. RICHARD LeBLANC currently works with architects, designers, home builders and woodworkers in the selection and use of wood veneers. He lives in Seattle, Washington. PATRICK NELSON designs and builds furniture professionally in Fulton, Missouri. David Mount, an amateur woodworker in Two Harbors, Minnesota, assisted in the writing of his article. RICH PREISS teaches furniture design and woodworking at the College ol Architecture at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, where he is the Director of Laboratories. A former consulting editor for Fine Woodworking magazine, lie designs, writes about and builds furniture. MARIO RODRIGUEZ...

Greeting Cards For Woodworkers

Woodworker's Supply Inc. carrics tlicm in the States. These days there arc greeting cards for everyone from the bereaved pet owner to the jubilant divorcee. But a card for woodworkers Randy McDermid. a writer and designer from British Columbia, is convinced there's money in woodworking project cards, so he's producing them. Each black-and-white card has a photo of a woodworking project on the cover, while inside there's a dimensioned drawing, rudimentary construction information, and (of These cards let you send your favorite woodworker an attractive project, along with your personal messages. TURNING TEENS ON TO WOODWORKING We've put together a great package for you our top-of -the -line 10 industrial ripping, crosscuttmg and general purpose blades at a great pnce. These three blades will handle all of your workshop needs. In addition, you will receive a FREE Freud T-shirt. (Made in the USA. 100 cotton). Plus, you get a tree copy of our new sawblade catalog, packed with new...

American Woodworker A December

New Products from the National Hardware Show & International Woodworking Fair The AW editors are constantly prospecting for new tools, materials and accessories. And every year, we strike gold just as summer turns to fall. That's when The Hardware Show in Chicago and The International Woodworking Machinery and Furniture Supply Fair in Atlanta take place. Both events have miles of aisles packed with new products. I The Versa Crinder is designed to sharpen carbide router bits and shapcr cutters using a diamond wheel chucked in a drill press. Precision adjustments for shear and hook angles are easy, and you can remove exactly the same amount of material from each cutting wing, ensuring proper geometry and balance. (Retail price 199.95) Woodworker's Supply, (800) 645-9292. Circle 640

Woodworking And Hardware

Fine Woodworking Magazine Nov Dec 2006 32 American Woodworker january 2008 32 American Woodworker january 2008 American Woodworker january 2008 33 Tell us about a dynamic woodworking school or vibrant teaching program. What makes it work Point out notable teaching strategies and student accomplishments. Explain how the program excites students about woodworking and tell us how it helps them develop woodworking skills. Whether the program operates in a public school, community center or a private workshop, we want to near about its success. E-mail youi story to American Woodworker january 2008 33

American Woodworker A April

They exist in all of the world's woodworking traditions. A Japanese craftsman's gauges are hardly different from our Western ones. And although today's marketplace offers a variety of deluxe and reinvented gauges, none of them really improve upon the workmanlike gauges shown in this article. You can buy marking, cutting, and mortise gauges from almost any tool dealer and through most woodworking catalogs. In fact, their general availability attests to their widespread popularity and usefulness.

Woodworking With The Router

And Jigs Any Woodworker Can Use Woodworking with the router professional router techniques and jigs any woodworker can use Bill Hylton and Fred Matlack illustrations by Frank Rohrbach photographs by Mitch Mandcl. p. cm. ISBN 0-7621-0227-6 I. Routers (Tools) 2. Woodwork. I. Matlack. Fred. II. Title. American Woodworker is a registered trademark of RD Publications, Inc.

Woodworkers Organize to Protect Rainforests

Many of us who arc concerned about worldwide deforestation feel helpless and frustrated by our inability, as individuals, to halt the destruction. Woodworkers have an additional point to ponder. Do we contribute to the problem when we buy tropical woods Some advocate a boycott of tropical woods. Others The Woodworkers Alliance for Rainforest Protection WARP), a new organization for woodworkers concerned about the destruction of the Earth's forests, has formed to study the problem and come up with apian for action. cantile, Leonard Lee of Lee Valley Tools, woodturner David Ellsworth, Ken Kupsche of Woodcraft Supply, writer Scott Landis and AW associate editor Fiona Wilson. WARP welcomes all interested woodworkers as members. For information write to John Shipstad, WARP Secretarv Treasurer, P.O. Box 133, Coos Bav, OR 97420 or call (503) 269-6907' The November conference requires pre-registration.

American Woodworker A August

Corner Block Joint

Woodworking techniques to man-made boards. It's well worth the trouble because of the two big advantages you'll gain. First, you'll be able to work with rich veneers and unusual figures that you simply ain't obtain in solid wood. All the best wood gets made into veneer, which is as it should be. because it stretches so much further. Second, since man-made boards are dimensionally stable, you can design furniture without regard to shrinkage or expansion, so you can forget about wood movement. This is totally liberating. A

Woodworking Editor Wanted

We're looking for a full-time editor to join the AW staff. Challenging position requires energetic, detail-oriented individual with in-depth knowledge of woodworking techniques, job experience as an editor or writer, and strong visual skills. Some travel required. Four dimensions on the Elephant Puzzle drawing on pp. 48-49 of the July August. 1989 AW uvre incorrect. We'll send a drawing of the entire Elephant Puzzle, with corrections, to any reader that requests one. Write to Elephant, do AMERICAN WOODWORKER, v . Minor St Emmaus, PA 18098. I am a recent subscriber to AW and I have been an amateur woodworker for several years. I find your articles very helpful. Send your comments, compliments, complaints and corrections to Editor, AMERICAN WOODWORKER, 33 E. Minor St., Emmaus, PA 18098.

Amfrican Woodworker A April

Good woodworking starts with straight, square edges, but a jointer isn't the only way to get them. The Joint-A-Billi-T is a fixture that clamps to a bench or stand and teams up with your router and a straight bit to cut glue-joint perfect edges. In addition to jointing solid stock, the portable Joint-A-Billi-T lets you cut rabbets, grooves and dadoes and square off large panels, doors and tablctops. The fixture comes in different models to accommodate different size stock. (Price 60-in. model, 135 96-in. model, 175) Gudeman Enterprises, Dept. AWT, Box 126, Goodfield, IL 61742, (309) 965-2183. Circle 616

Stanley Set To Bring T The Best In Woodworkers

The Stanley Works is the new sponsor for the Gallery exhibit and awards program at The American Woodworker Show . This popular attraction shows off the work of talented woodworkers and provides cash prizes for winning pieces. See page 103 for details on The American Woodworker Show . Online Woodworking World Search our links to hundreds of woodworking Web sites loin other woodworkers on our lively, easy-to-use message boards Order back issues of Amikk an Woodwork k magazine

The Art and Heart of Woodwork ng

Some people chink woodworking is just a craft and not an art. Not so I've always felt that there's an artist that hides in the heart of every woodworker, waiting for that one inspiration to set it free. But in what form di> es inspiration come and where will it lead Maybe its the magic of color and grain patterns fashioned by nature in wood that moves one to imitate its grace. Or ic could be something more humble like one of those projects rhat didn't turn out quite right, but it was such a pretty piece of wood you dccidcd to save it perhaps you fixed it Band saw box art will spark your interest in woodcraft and kindle vour creative skills. With this woodworking style, you can liberate vourself from the sale structure of the ruler and free your imagination to be your guide. These fourteen contemporary box designs all require the same basic techniques, yet each one oilers its own personality and degree of work involved. Each project is an abstract representation of a natural form...

Woodworking Tools Skills

Of course, there has to be some knack and feel for what is right, and we all have it to some extent. But more important is your knowledge of the tools you need, and the skills required to use them effectively. That's what this Woodworking Tools & Skills chapter is all about. First, you will gain an understanding of the tools essential to successful woodworking. Then you receive detailed, step-by-step instructions that show you techniques and tips for using those tools safely and efficiently to make beautiful projects. You could probably learn these techniques on your own through an awful lot of trial and error. But a woodworking career is too short and your personal shop time too valuable to spend too much time refining your skills. These pages get you ahead of the woodworking game. Woodworking 7bols & Skills 31

Raymond Parsons Woodworker

Issues of American Woodworker for future reference. Three-ring binders are the best way to do this, but aw does not arrive prepunched, and it's tough to get through 80 pages. My solution is a Vin. hollow punch made to punch holes in leather (available from Tandy Leather outlets). I hone the cutting edge sharp and smooth, then chuck the punch in the drill press with a piece of hardwood scrap underneath. It cuts perfectly.

Science And Woodworking Do

At a time when schools and colleges around the country are dropping their woodworking programs, a New York City high school that's best known for its high-tech wizardry is investing heavily in the craft. In the last two years, Stuyvesant High School, known nationwide for the top-notch science students it produces, has invested millions of dollars in state-of-the-art woodworking equipment for its shop. The 90-year-old high school's mission has always been to combine superior academics with industrial education. So, it was natural for the school to continue its commitment to woodworking In keeping with the school's past, woodworking at Stuyvesant is part of the technology department. But course offerings enable students to get a good foundation in traditional building and design skills One advanced class is making oak clocks for a term project. Experienced woodworkers can also pursue highly individualized and experimental projects, and the school encourages them to use their skills in...

Attention Woodworkers

Books Videos Software WOODWORKING INDEXES. software or printed Locate information for better use of woodworking magazines. Yearly updates. DOS, Windows, Windows 95. 56.95. Printed 26.95. Free Brochure. Woodfind. Box 27031-, Lynnwood. WA 98036 E-mail 103270.205 AMERICAN WOODWORKER FEBRUARY 1997

We all have to start somewhere This young woodworker proves you dont need a lot of space to equip a functional shopjust

Between designing spacecraft systems for NASA, Matt Fuller's uncle, Fred Lively, was heavily into woodworking. Matt was sort of into the craft, but nowhere near the dedication of his uncle. Shortly after Matt and his wife, Kerri, moved to Illinois to pursue their degrees, Fred Lively passed away and left his woodworking tools to Matt. He had a garage full of stuff, Matt relates. I didn't know what half of it was I still don't. What he also didn't know was where he'd keep it could he afford to build a shop like Uncle Fred's Also, Kerri wanted their garage to park the car during the Midwest winters.

GiVCAmerican Woodworker

An American Woodworker subscription is the ideal gift for your woodworking friends and neighbors. They'll enjoy a whole years worth of great projects, techniques and workshop wisdom plus the special American Woodworker 1997 Tool Buyer's Guide a must-have sourcebook for outfitting a shop. That's 7 great issues in all for a Special Holiday Price 4 payments of just 5.97. But that's not all. PLUS, lx> th you and your friend will receive a FREE GIFT of your choice as a holiday bonus from American Woodworker.

Flat Panel With Solid Wood Frame

Thick panels, from Vl in. up to the thickness of the frame, essentially are flat doors with oversized edge banding. Thick panels of plywood or MDF generally are glued into their frames with loose tongues or wooden biscuits. Despite the solid wood frame, the panel is the structural element.

Woodworking Teachers

The Boys & Girls Clubs of America need volunteers to teach underprivileged children basic woodworking skills. Volunteers will help the young people complete simple craft and carpentry projects, and according to Tom Smart, assistant director of program services, the courses will be taught at club locations around the nation. If you are willing to share some of your time and skills, please write to Tom Smart, Boys & Girls Clubs of America, 1230 Peachtree St. NW, Atlanta. GA 30309, or call (404) 815-5700. Woodworkers who use butternut may be in for a rude awakening in the near future. This softer relative of walnut, a


Becoming a skilled woodworker requires practice, patience, and a thorough understanding of numerous tools, materials and techniques. It's a skill that's not mastered quickly or easily, but the satisfaction of working wood and enjoying the final project is hard to beat. Woodworkers love the challenge of solving problems.Yet, there are many times when we end up scratching our heads and wondering if there is a better way to do something (or worse, wondering if there was a better way). American Woodworker receives lots of calls and letters from readers with questions about their projects, shops and tools, and it has always been our business to provide useful information to our readers. To continue this commitment, we've launched a new online Q& A forum. It's a place for woodworkers to interact, ask questions and share woodworking knowledge with each other. Even if you don't currently have a question, go online anyway and offer up your woodworking wisdom to others who do have questions....


For your local woodcraft store, visit, or for a free catalog, call 800 542-9115 Our bench is built to withstand generations of heavy use. Simple, stout construction absorbs vibration and can handle any woodworking procedure from chopping deep pocket mortises to routing an edge on a round tabletop.

Woodworking Cramps

Interlocking woodworking joints are designed to ensure optimum contact area between components, so that they bond well with adhesive. A well-cut joint requires the minimum of clamping pressure, the main purpose of using cramps being to help assemble the workpiece and hold the parts together while the glue sets. It is always useful to have plenty of cramps available, but pairs of each type in a couple of sizes should suffice. Complete sets of cramps are relatively expensive, but you can acquire them over a period of time or hire them as required.


Wood Bending

Strut your stuff in one of our top-quality, pre-shrunk 100 cotton shirts. The Tee shirts (long or short sleeve) feature the American Woodworker logo silk screened in zingy neon red. The Polo shirt sports the AW logo embroidered in gold. American Woodworker Shirts P.O. Box 747 Emmaus,PA 18049 (Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery.) 9 2 AMERICAN WOODWORKER I- h BKUAR Y 1 9 * 5

Trick Woodworking

Shim Cutting Jig

Every woodworker employs certain easier. Woodworker's Journal readers Rockier Woodworking and Hardware - Since 1954 Put a Spring in Your Woodworking Step with the best of Selected from the archive of Woodworker's Journal, this new series gathers classic projects and expert instruction into one easy-to-access collection. Featuring detailed technical drawings, helpful material lists, and the professional tips, techniques, and advice for success, the Best ofWoodworker's Journal will keep you busy for seasons to come.


New 1993 catalog of Woodwork * sup-pJ> e* at money saving prices Whirligigs, Door Harps. Oodcs and Cloc* Paris. Chair Cane. Wooden Toy Parts. Lamp Parts. Lazy Susan Bearings. Tools. Patterns. Dowels. Spindtes. Finishing Materials, Bo & Cabinet Hardware and more. Send 1.00 for catalog today' WOODWORKING INDEX-Software printed versions. Locate information for better use of 623 issues of leading woodworking magazines. Yearly updates. DOS, Windows. 54.45. Printed index, 24.95. WOODFIND, Box 2703L, Lynn wood. WA 980. . PC SOFTWARE, Comprehensive woodworking index 16 journals, 545 + issues. 13,200+ articles, update service. 56.95 Fire S& 1L INFODEX SERVICES, Dept. 8601, 10609 King Arthurs, Richmond, VA 23235-3840. Free information. NEED A SPEAKER American Woodworker has compiled a data base of lop woodworking professionals who can speak to your group. For a free copy, write AMERICAN WOODWORKER, 33 E. Minor St, Emmaus, I* 18098. WOODWORKING GUILDS Are you looking for a guild in your...

Woodworking hobbyist

Having manufactured the highest quality abrasives since 1893. Klingspor Abrasives found a way to offer die woodworking hobbyist the same products the largest furniture manufacturers in the world use truly industrial grade materials. A simple Bargain Box got the whole idea in motion. Twenty pounds of sanding materials left over from our automated manufacturing systems were packed into a box and sold at the unbelievable price of only 29.00 (plus 3.50 shipping and handling) Some of the more daring woodworkers out there, not knowing what they were getting into, gave this deal a irv. In no time, the word was getting out thai no other sanding materials compared to the ones


From Standards lo Styles, irom Teals to Techniques The Ultimate Guide tojwry phase o Woodworking From Standards lo Styles, irom Teals to Techniques The Ultimate Guide tojwry phase o Woodworking Conceptua projects stimulate imaginative thinking. By presenting woodworking's breadth and diversity, the exhibition helps students look beyond the classroom,


American Woodworker Subscriber Service Dept. Back Issues Some are available for 6,99 each, (plus 3 s h) Write or call American Woodworker Back Issues, P.O. Box 83695, Stillwater, MN 55083-0695, (715) 246-4521,8 a.m. to 5 p.m. CST.M on. through Fri.Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express accepted. American Woodworker1 Tips & Techniques is published by Woodworking Media, LLC, 90 Sherman St., Cambridge, MA 02140. U.S. newsstand distribution by Curtis Circulation Company, LLC, New Milford, NJ 07646. Printed in USA. 2008 Woodworking Media, LLC. All rights reserved. COMMENTS & SUGGESTIONS Write to us at American Woodworker,

Excellence In Craftsmanship Awards Competition

Its time to enter your best work in the 1995 AMERICAN WOODWORKER Excellence in Craftsmanship Awards Competition. Send us photos of a projcct you've built, and you could win one of nine awards - including a cash prize of up to 51000. All types of woodworking projects are eligible furniture, turnings, carving sculpture, musical instruments, toys, etc. You may enter up to three pieces. Entries will be judged for craftsmanship and design, but designs need not be original to win. Finalists will he contacted for further information and winners will be announced in the December 1995 issue of American Woodworker. American Woodworker is not American Woodworker 2nd Prize 300 cash Award certificate 3rd Prize 200 cash Award certificate American Woodworker 2nd Prize 300 cash Award certificate 3rd prize 200 cash Award certificate

Healthy Housing Insight

Applying the 4 Rs of Wood-Frame Construction Wood-frame construction has the potential to remain one of the most environmentally appropriate building choices, provided we make the most of our wood resources. Currently, about 20 percent of a typical new house is made up of wood, yet some 40 percent of construction waste is made up of dimensional lumber and manufactured wood products. Clearly, there is a significant opportunity to waste less of this valuable resource. Canada's building industry has responded to this challenge and taken the 4 Rs approach to wood-frame construction Review, Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle. Here are some important 4 Rs considerations. Wood-frame house construction follows traditional practices which evolved when wood was abundant and waste management was not an issue. It now makes economic and environmental sense to review how the house will be designed and built. The Healthy Housing principle of resource efficiency applies not only to wood, but to all building...

Framing Details For Heating Systems

All types of heating systems may be safely and easily installed in wood-frame houses. Certain clearances, however, must be maintained between parts of the system and combustible material. Installers of heating equipment should be aware of local regulations before starting work.

Engineered Wood Products

In addition to dimension lumber, a wide variety of engineered wood products (EWPs) are manufactured for use in wood-frame house construction. These products can provide equivalent or superior performance to dimension lumber, and are typically manufactured using less wood from small, fast-growing trees. EWPs make better use of forest resources. A description of the various types which are available follows. EWPs include products such as glue-laminated timber, wood I-joists and structural composite lumber.

Sheet Or Panel Products

In addition to dimension lumber, other wood products in the form of sheets and panels are used in wood-frame construction. Plywood, oriented strand board and waferboard, for example, are used to add stiffness to the structural components of the roof, wall and floor, apart from forming a uniform surface for the application of other materials. Fibreboard, parti-cleboard and hardboard are also used in many aspects of interior and exterior finishing.

Thinksafety worksafely

All woodworking tools have danger zones areas around the cutting edges where you should never place your hands or anything else. On routers, the danger zone surrounds the spinning bit. It's easy enough to define that zone on a router table. However, with a handheld router, the danger zone becomes elusive, moving as the router moves. The oft-maligned governmental agency, OSHA, has done a lot of work identifying safety hazards in industrial workplaces. It would be wise to take a cue from their findings because your own workshop probably differs only in size, not in the number of possible hazards for you. Take a good look at your woodworking procedures, and check for things that can affect your work and safety. Wood dust, a byproduct of woodworking, is made up of individual wood particles of varying size. The small particles that waft through our shop's air for long periods of time present the greatest health hazard. Particles 10 microns and smaller can be inhaled into the lungs and...

This is certainly no runofthemill projectThe look is sophisticated and sleek and the work might add a new dimension to

It's easy to get into a woodworking rut always building in the same familiar style using well-practiced techniques. We're all more comfortable sticking to what we know. But it can be a nice change of pace to try something different and expand your skills by tackling some outside the box woodworking. Building this glass-panel coffee table will definitely go a long way toward filling that prescription.

Circle Ho On Product Infowaton Form

Bits and pieces of woodworking news the Woodworking Community at AW Online It's not too late to join the rapidly growing community of woodworkers at American Woodworker Online, on the America Online computer service. All you have to do is hook up your computer to this incredible resource to get the latest information, locate hard-to-find tools and supplies, participate in daily live chats with like-minded craftspeople from around the world, and find answers to all your woodworking questions. AW Online bringing woodworkers together

Guild Hits Gold With Annual Expo

The Northeastern Woodworkers Association of upstate New York has again proven that people working together can make a difference. In March, the group staged its fourth annual Woodworking EXPO at the Saratoga Springs Civic Center, to the delight of almost 6,000 attendees. The show's biggest attraction was the woodworking competition, which included 525 pieces by 81 local artisans. For two days, the 22,000-sq.-ft. exhibition hall was filled with the sights, sounds and smells of wood as craftsmen demonstrated their specialties and vendors displayed their woodworking wares. There was also a Distinguished Woodworkers Galler> ,n featuring works by George Nakashima, Sam Maloof. Bob Stocksdale and others including 60 Minutes star Andy Rooney, For information about Woodworking EXPO 96, call Herman Finkbeiner at (518) 371-9145.

Shop that suits his abilities and budget

The six machines sitting in Larry Schwager's garage for six years told him he should do something about fulfilling his desire to get into woodworking. Everything was either in boxes or just sitting there a scrollsaw, tabiesaw, bandsaw, the whole works were in the garage, recalls Larry, 63. 1 wanted to do woodworking one day, but I just didn't have the room for it.

Stains Lacquers Paints Adhesives

Ideol for many woodworking profeds EASY TO On RATE EASY TO CIEAN CONE SHAPED SPRAY PATTERN a FELDER sliding table, the quick self setting planer knifes, the tilting ff i ' -shaper spindle and the 15.000 rpm router spindle will take your woodworking to new heights. i hhbbmhhhi for Woodworking I SU(k Woodworking Books for LESS

Wellequipped Shop

You'll find nearly an endless selection of hand tools, power tools, and accessories at No matter what your skill level, Woodcraft online is the place to go for the tools, accessories, finishing supplies, and hardware to help you complete your woodworking project. You'll find everything you need to help you take your woodworking to the next level when you click on

Become A Home Inspector

Computer-based training. Windows 95 98. interactive, CD-ROM-based with coursc manual. 39. White Mountain Design, visit or call (613) 837-1800. Fine & Creative Woodworking Program TEXAS MESQUITE Sawmill direct custom lumber. Leg stock 4x4, 6x6, 8x8 ALL DRY Texas Woodworks (915) 357-4774.

Antique Tool Roadshow

Gross StabU Corporation, a Icoding manufacturer ol woodworking (lamps ond accessories proudly introduces a mw woodworking damp product. PC2 is a revolutionary new Parallel Clomp lor woodworking professionals. Manufactured in Germany of the highest quality materials and craftsmanship, the PC2 wit damp wood pines with op to 1100 bs. of clomping pressure. Woodworkers are assured of perfectly squared up damping ol wood products with this hand held unit.

Circle No On Prcuct Wformaton Form

I was amazed that this jig could make so many joints in any pattern you like. FINE WOODWORKING MAGAZINE The amazing Leigh Dovetail Jig is the most powerful woodworking innovation to appear in decades. So versatile, so convenient, so accurate, this ingenious patented tool is like having the abilities of a master craftsmcn magically implanted in your router Now you can find out absolutely free how the Leigh jig will raise all your woodworking to a whole new level of quality, creativity, and confidence. Just call our toll free number for your complimentary 32 page colour catalog of Leigh router jigs and accessories. Don't waste another minute or another workpiece

East Coast Shipping Warehouse Showroom

Woodworking Community at AW Online Chat live with other woodworkers around the country Swap information about project plans, woodworking techniques, magazine articles, and new tools and accessories. Join AW's online community, a service of America Online you're always welcome some 125 disadvantaged kids in the Los Angeles area received toy bulldozers this holiday season, thanks to the San Fernando Valley Woodworkers (SFVW). San Fernando Valley (CA) Woodworkers show off the toy bulldozers they made. From brass pulls to jig and fixture knobs. Woodcraft's extensive selection of hardware makes the hard to find hard to miss. For a free catalog call

Photos By Patrick Cuoahy

From a visitors gangway above, one looks down into a cav-ernous shop filled with machines from the 19th and earlv 20th centuries. Here, apprentices and journeymen are turning out decorative parts for Victorian houses, using the same skills woodworkers did KM) years ago.

Exquisite Carvings From Crude Tools

Power tools arc scarce in rhc small town of Jcpara on rhc island of Java, northwest of Australia. But exceptional woodworking abounds. Using crudc chiscis made from recycled truck springs or other scrap steel, craftsmen create ornate carvings in teak and Philippine mahogany. Although by our standards these woodworkers are poorly compensated earning less than 1 an hour the)' have achieved relative prosperity in Indonesian terms. And their woodworking culture remains rich in detail and tradition.

Quality Machines Designed For Practical

New, from the maker of the famous Shop Fox4 Mobile Bases and Table Saw Fences is this partial line-up of fine woodworking machines. Whether it is the patented oscillating drum sanding feature on the drill press or the patent pending mortising machine, Shop Fox* machines are designed for exceptional value. SEE THESE FINE MACHINES AT A DEALER NEAR YOU

Resharpen Your Skills

Remember the very first thing you made out of wood I do. It was a pair of white pine book-ends I banged together with tools that felt too big for my 7-year-old hands. My mentor was the guy who ran the woodworking course at the local YM. He'd make the rounds from one busv kid to an- From that moment on, I picked up woodworking skills where I could. I was luckier than most, because my father had tools around the house, my uncle was a shop teacher,and my grandfather had once been a carpenter. I don't remember too many formal lessons from these men, but they were always building something. Some of their knowledge was bound to rub off. For most of us. woodworking education is a get-it-whcrc-vou-can proposition. Magazines, books and video tapes are valuable sources of information, but words and pictures can only take you so far. You can read about sharpening till the cows come home, but if nobody's ever showed you what a sharp edge feels like. So where do you go to get hands-on instruction...

Factory Direct To

How does Harbor Freight Tools sell high quality tools at such ridiculously low prices We buy direct from the factories who also supply the major brands and sell direct to you. It's just that simplel Come see for yourself at one of our 330 STORES NATIONWIDE and use this 20 OFF Coupon on any of our 7.000 products. We stock Automotive products. Shop Equipment. Hand Tools, Tarps, Compressors, Air & Power Tools, Material Handling, Woodworking Tools, Welders. Tool Boxes, Outdoor Equipment, Generators, and much more.

Designing Inshop Tool Storage

V Talking through the cabinetmaker's, wheelwright's and cooper's shops of Colonial Williamsburg in Virgina, I was struck by one thing that each of these pre-industrial woodworking shops hold in common the ubiquitous presence of countless hand tools hung or shelved along nearly every square inch of wall surface. When I asked the craftsmen about this, they replied that working exclusively with hand tools demanded that the tools be immediately accessible anything less markedly affected the efficiency of their work. While larger tools such as planes or fragile layout instruments might be stored in their personal chests at the end of the workday, they found it best to leave such tools as screwdrivers, hammers, chisels, saws, and bits and braces permanently set out close at hand on the walls of the shop. And because they worked either alone or among family or close associates (not among strangers in a factory), they felt safe leaving their tools out in the open. The interior of the Dominy...

Measuring Marking Layout

Successful workshop projects start with careful, accurate measuring, marking and layout. The most critical elements in these steps of the proccss are good planning, accurate measuring and using sharp marking tools that create readable lines. The level of precision needed varies according to the intricacy and complexity of your project. Rough carpentry (for example, putting up stud walls or installing floor underlayment or roof decking) requires a certain amount of'care, but generally you can achieve satisfactory results using tape measures, framing squares and a lumber pencil as a marking tool. Trim carpentry (installing moldings and decorative trim) requires a higher degree of accuracy, so you'll want to involve steel rules, levels and angle gauges in the process. A good sharp pencil will usually give you marking lines of acceptable accuracy. Fine woodworking carries the highest standard of accuracy. You'll want to use marking gauges, compasses and any of a wide selection of...

Was fortunate that this was my second shop so when I built it I knew how I wanted it laid out Of course bigger is

A very exclusive woodworking school, run by a very exclusive teacher. rabbets to serve an essential function.' And he'd check our work, always making suggestions as to how we could improve it. For example, if someone didn't have a router, Arliss would demonstrate how to cut rabbets on the tablesaw. He was always going out of his way to make his students better woodworkers, Randy recalls. (above), being sure to follow Arliss' instructions. Cabinets and a bedroom suite for his daughter, Brooke, were among the first projects Randy constructed when he started woodworking seven years ago. Arliss and Randy's father passed away within several weeks of each other. Randy remembers both of them through his love of woodworking and by following their advice. Anytime I try something new, he says, 1 always think how both of them encouraged me to learn.

Saturday Night Social

Incorporating woodworking as a teaching tool for all grade levels. When students discover that woodworking it becomes an effective tool for teaching other subjects. All students learn t< wise woodworking tools properly and safely.The skills and tools they master become more complex at each grade level. MAKING SUBJECT MATTER relevant to students is a challenge teachers face on a daily basis. One school with a unique approach to meeting this challenge is Clear Spring School, located in Eureka Springs, Arkansas. I first learned about this independent school and its unusual curriculum while talking with Doug Stowe, founder of the school's woodworking program, Wisdom of the Hands. response to the drastic decline in woodworking programs all across America. Almost immediately, we saw the potential of the woodshop to create hands-on learning opportunities in all subject areas. To serve as a model to demonstrate the relevance of woodworking in modern education. would come to my pottery...

Word From The Editor

To keep our part of the bargain, we need feedback from you. What are your woodworking interests What turns vou on most What kinds of articles do you want to see more of in the vear to come We learn about some of you by mailing out surveys. Unfortunately, each survey can machine, just pop the Comment Box (or a copy) in an envelope and mail it to Comment Box, AMERICAN WOODWORKER, 33 E. Minor St., Emmaus, PA 18098. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

The Com Petition Calls Us

Our competitors are learning what our customers have known for years - AIRY's line of professional quality nailers and staplers are lightweight, powerful and reliable. Wood Magazine gave our model 024IS 18 ga brad nailer their highest rating 10 Overall Value. And listen to what Popular Woodworking said about our 0350 16 ga brad, This nailer is one of the best. Innovative design, consistent quality and LIGHTWEIGHT PRICES have always been AIRY's trademark - now fine woodworkers everywhere can own these fine tools.

The Competition Calls Us

Our competitors are learning what our customers have known for years - AIRY's line of professional quality nailers and staplers are lightweight, powerful and reliable. Wood Magazine gave our model 024IS 18 ga brad nailer their highest rating 10 Overall Value. And listen to what Popular Woodworking said about our 0350 16 ga brad, 'This nailer is one of the best. Innovative design, consistent quality and LIGHTWEIGHT PRICES have always been AIRY's trademark - now fine woodworkers everywhere can own these fine tools.

Rbi Woodplanersthe Most Versatile

RBI Woodplaners are compact, heavy-duty precision woodworking systems. With either the 4-in-l or 3-in-l functions, you will produce the quality, professional results you demand. No other line of woodplaners gives you this degree of versatility at such affordable prices. Made in USA Shipped Factory Direct You could spend more money for a foreign-made planer, but why would you With RBI, you buy factory-direct. No importers or middlemen, period. If woodworking is your hobby, you'll never have a more versatile tool. If it's your business, you'll never have a more profitable one.

Circle W On Product Information Form

You've seen the rave reviews of Jesada Tools' router bits, now take a look at what editors of the leading woodworking magazines say about our blades. They've tested our blades and dado set against the best on the market and they're convinced. Now you can take advantage of our great prices and convince yourself. Here's what the editors of Amencan Woodworker sa d when they gave their Editor's Choice* Award to our 8' Dado Set

Circle Mo On Proouct Information Forv

Bridgewoodworkers lake pride in their work. They know the value of having the right tools* for the job. Wilke Machinery Company offers a full line of professional woodworking machines and power tools that are designed for any job. Bridge wood workers also know that one of the most important purchase decisions is from whom you buy. The Wilke sties staff pays special attention to customer support while offering competitive prices. The Service Department ensures your continued satisfaction with in-stock parts i

One Outstanding Feature

Rugged, heavy and made primarily with metal parts, this jig is built to withstand the rigors of a busy professional woodworking shop. The basic unit cuts fixed-space half-blind dovetails the same way its less-expensive Porter-Cable brother does (see page 70). However, you can buy an Omnijig accessory template ( 130) for cutting variable-spaced through dovetails as well. You have to reposition the edge stops when shifting from pins to tails when cutting through dovetails a minor inconvenience. The jig comes with a template guide and carbide bit for making 1 2-in. half-blind dovetails. There's a wide range of other accessory templates (see page 73).

Mobile Machinists Vise

A little metalworking Finds its way into my woodshop from time to time. When cutting metal, it's best to use a machinist's vise to get a better grip. Because it sticks up and is in the way, I can't permanently attach it to my woodworking bench. Instead, 1 built a simple platform from doubled-up 3 4-in. plywood with a 2x2 cleat screwed to the bottom. The platform allows me to temporarily mount my vise to my bench when needed. It spends the rest of the time on the shelf below the bench.

Critter Spray Products

DELTA MACHINERY Manufactures the world's most complete line of woodworking machinery and accessories for use in home workshops and construction trades. For more information, call 800-438-2486 or visit Circle 8. LAGUNA TOOLS Laguna Tools imports quality European woodworking machines, many of which are designed for the American woodworker. We feature an extensive range of combination machines, award-winning bandsaws. lathes, table saws, jointers, planers. Find out how we are taking the woodworking industry by storm with our innovative designs that will help you make the best cut every time. Or learn more about our patented Resaw King blade and Laguna Guide system that makes cutting on a bandsaw a delight. Call today 800-234-1976 for our FREE demonstration video (DVD's available on some machines), or visit our website at Circle 20.

Eye Catching Finishes for Small Projects

Where you can more easily control the consistency of the material (all parts made from the same piece of wood, for example) and the way you apply the finish. I'm a professional woodturner, so all of the projects shown here are turned. But these finishes can be successfully applied on virtually any small woodworking project.

Breathe Easily In Your Shop

Keeping your shop clean involves more than sweeping. Capturing wood dust at the source, especially the fine airborne particles that you can't see, should be a top priority in any woodshop. Woodshop Dust Control covers everything you need to know to set up a safe, clean environment. You'll learn about dust collectors, air scrubbers and shop vacuums. You'll see how to install ductwork to create your own dust collection system. You'll discover five simple rules for a dust-free shop. One story alone contains 27 dust collection tips. Simply put, this book is chock-full of practical solutions for making your woodworking tools work cleanly and efficiently.

Sources for Plastics and Hardware

If you'd prefer to shop by mail, page through your woodworking tool catalogs. Most diversified tool catalogs list acrylic and polycarbonate usually in foot-square pieces specifically for custom router bases. A few have pieces of phenolic plastic drilled and slotted for mounting specific routers in a table. And at least one Trendlines sells foot-square pieces of phenolic for you to turn into your own custom baseplates. Plastic can be joined to plastic or to wood or to metal. Use common mechanical fasteners like bolts and screws. Or use glue. Though both approaches are familiar to every woodworker, there are some novel twists in how these apply to plastics.

Standing Tool Cabinets

In some specialty woodworking trades the classic cabinetmaker's tool chest evolved from a trunk-like box to a considerably larger, though shallower, standing cabinet. In everyday use, a tall and shallow shape has obvious advantages. Orienting the tools along a tall, vertical surface allows many, if not all, of the tools to be instantly accessible. Unlike the trunk-type box, you don't have to lift or slide trays or a till of drawers to get at tools buried in a well below. And, as a blessing to your back, you don't have to scrunch over to get into the box instead you can set the tools at a comfortable height above the floor. To make the most of a standing cabinet's ease of access, you should locate it close to where you normally stand at your workbench.

Testdrives and valuable lessons

Enjoy his woodworking retreat He chuckles when he recalls the time he had breakfast told his wife, Carma, he was going to the shop for a few hours and was surprised when she popped in demanding to know when he was going to eat dinner. I'd been in there for eight hours, he says, sheepishly. It's all been worth it, he says. Although my shop is small, it's very well suited to my woodworking ability a beginner. I'll spend summers outdoors, but 1 can't wait till winter comes around again After his second winter in his new woodworking haven, Larry Schwager knows he's done the right things.

Wood Databases Now Available

Two wood databases are now on the market from the ecology group Tree Talk. The first, Woods of the World. brings together biological, mechanical, environmental and woodworking characteristics of more than 750 wood species and 50 wood products. The database lets you browse information on each species, view scanned images of the wood, or search for any combination of up to 10 variables, such as common uses, woodworking properties, and sustainability. Woods of the World also includes a directory of sustainable sources and addresses for all companies with products listed in the database. It is available in both PC and Mac versions, on CD-ROM or floppy disks for 250, and in a condensed floppy-disk version for 150.

Stumbled Onto Pen Making

Seven years ago, while scouring through my husband Jerry's woodworking magazines and catalogs, looking for a special Christmas gift for him. I came across a mini lathe that was advertised as the perfect tool for making custom pens and I knew I was hooked. I envisioned myself sitting at a little student-sized workbench with my new mini lathe, diligently working away on tiny projects. I ordered the lathe and lobbied Jerry for space in his basement workshop, assuring him that I would only need a teeny bit of room. I had no woodworking experience, so I bought some books about turning pens. When my lathe arrived, Jerry showed me how to hold a gouge and a skew. description with prints or digital photos on a disc to My Shop, American Woodworker, 1285 Corporate Center Drive, Suite 180,Eagan,MN 55121. Please include your phone number. Submissions cannot be returned and become our property on acceptance and payment. We may edit submissions and use them in all print and electronic media. my...

Clamping Gluing Fastening

Clamping serves two fundamental purposes in woodworking first, it draws parts together tightly and ensures that joints that should be square are square and second, it holds parts together until the glue that will hold them together permanently sets. Fur non-woodworking shop projects, clamping is also very important. Among its more common jobs are holding workpieces together while fasteners are driven securing jigs for cutting and drilling and holding small workpieces so they stay steady while you work on them.

Bessey Recently Introduced

Woodworking in the Fast Lane rubber and exhaust have to do with woodworking Plenty, if you're Ray Dunlap and John Roberts, two passionate woodworkers who also happen to be famous names in the world of NASCAR. Ray (above) is a pit reporter in NASCAR's Craftsman Truck Series. John (opposite page) is the host of SPEED TV'S NASCAR RaceDay pre-race show. Both of these guys enjoyed woodworking well before they started their current careers and have their own woodshops in the Woodworking is my stress reliever, says Ray.When we finish the racing season in November, we're off the road until we test at Daytona in January. So for a couple of months, I can go out to my shop, work a full day and relax. I can put on my tool belt and work there for eight or ten hours, like it's my real job. Ray learned carpentry and woodworking from his uncle and hones his skills with the help of magazines and television programs. He builds cabinets, furniture and bookcases and also uses his shop to complete home...

Wood Finishing Special

Americans Woodworker 22 Great American Woodworker We're new to the neighborhood. But not the industry. For more than 60 years, Canadian-based General Mfg. has been designing, producing and selling high quality, reliable woodworking machinery. Now we've opened our first American distribution center in Murfreesboro, TN. This new venture will allow us to better serve our American distributors and their customers. So you'll enjoy faster, easier access to our extensive line of woodworking products. And know that whatever you build, your tools were built on a long, proud heritage of trust. For more information visit Americanos Woodworker Story Ideas, American Woodworker magazine 1285 Corporate Center Dr., Suite 180 Eagan MN 55121 Many of the articles in American Woodworker are written by people just like you talented folks who are passionate about the craft. We're always looking for fresh voices and new faces. Join us in sharing your love of woodworking.

Good Turn From David Ellsworth

Short of taking an intensive seminar, there may be no better way to learn a craft than by watching instructional videotapes. Videos can show complicated processes better than still photos, and you can play them back to catch anything you may have missed. But many woodworking videos are long on slick production values and shorter on information.

Circu No Oh Phoouct Inf O Ruat On Form

Also try our new durable, HI lightweight composite clamps, in a H variety of styles designed specifically M for the woodworker. This isn ' the Cadillac, this is the Mercedes of combination woodworking tools. My old 5'in-l is going to he very lonely over in the corner. Edward Zvch (TN)

Access Hole For Drain Plug

12-in. lazy-Susan bearing, TR 12C,Woodworker's Hardware, (800) 383-0130 5. Hose reel, AR050-1 .Tools On Sale, (800) 328-0457 67. I have to pack all my tools into the back of my garage when I'm not woodworking. To conserve space, I bought a pancake-style compressor for its compact size and portability. At 55 lbs. it's portable, but lugging it around is no picnic. Sure, you can clamp a straight board to your router table and it works fine. But why not take a little extra time and make a router table fence with all the bells and whistles adjustable, zero-clearance, guards the works. George Vondriska is making one now, and he'll show you how to make yours in the February 2002 American Woodworker.

Eventually you gel what you deserve

Al the time, all the effort, all the talent. You put a lot into your woodworking. Which is why we've put together a deal you can get a lot out of. Right now, buy any one of 11 Delta machines - the same tools seasoned woodworkers have always relied on for uncompromising quality - and we'll give you a long list of accessories absolutely free. From mobile bases to cast-iron wings, table boards to carbide-tipped sow blades The way we see it, you've got it coming to you. For the name of your nearest dealer, call Delta Machinery at 800-438-2486 (U.S.) or 519-836-2840 (Canada). Or visit

Tom Caspar The Tool

Have you ever bought an old woodworking machine just because it looked cool Tried a new tool and said, Wow This just changed my life Used a big, industrial machine and wondered how in the world you could sneak it into your shop E-mail your entry to thetooinut or write to us at The Tool Nut, American Woodworker magazine, 2915 Commers Dr Suite 700, Eagan, MM 55121.

Cnc For Any Size Shop

Whether you're a weekend woodworker looking to expand the scope of your projects or a serious craftsrran ready to turn your passion into a business, ShopBot has an affordable, American-made solution for your woodworking needs. Our PRSstandard CNC system gives you the performance necessary to take your designs to the next level, while our PRSalpha offers professional-grade speed, power and accuracy at a fraction of the cost of the big iron machines.

Cutting Project Parts

Cutting parts to size usually involves making several different types of cuts with multiple tools. In this section we've described most of the standard cutting operations you're likely to encounter while woodworking. For each operation we've suggested what we believe to be the best method, as well as a few alternatives that can get the job done adequately if you don't own the suggested tool.

Hopefully my next shop will be much bigger Matt Fuller says with a laugh But if I had the same constraints Id apply the

Att Fuller walked into his dorm room on his first day at Texas A& M University to see his roommate, Ben Smith, constructing a ioft. Their shared interest in woodworking later resulted in the rustic-style kitchen chairs fur right) the pair created in the shop of Ben's grandfather. Matt had built a few simple things with his father. But my uncle was really into it. He built bedposts, boxes, chests, and tables, Matt recalls. I regret that 1 never worked with him on woodworking. Nevertheless, his uncle bequeathed his entire shop to Matt, who moved to Illinois with his wife of two years, Kerri.

International Tool Auction Accepts Arsentee Rids

Lore than 1,000 llots of outstanding woodworking tools for both collectors and craftsmen will go up for bid at the International Tool Auction. Friday July 29 at the Limes Hotel in Needham Market, Suffolk. England. You say your wife won't let you fly abroad for the weekend That needn't stop you from bidding. Tony Murland, sponsor of the auction and co-owner of The Tool Shop in Needham Market, makes it easy for North American woodworkers to place absentee bids.

Picking Your Grits And Making Them Last

Most suppliers designate 36- to 60-grit belts as coarse, 80-to 100-grit belts as medium, and 120- to 150-grit belts as tine. But a supply of 50-. 80- and 120-grit belts will handle most woodworking tasks. A graphite platen will also extend the life of your sanding belts. This accessory, which replaces the sander's stainless-steel platen and cork backing, reduces friction and heat buildup on the belts. If it's unavailable from your sander manufacturer, you can buy graphite platen material from Woodworker's Supply (800-645-9292) and trim it to fit. I.B.

Quality Innovation Service

My shop grew out of my love of wood, woodworking and music. I build mostly mandolins, along with guitars, banjos and an occasional fiddle. Now that I've retired from teaching, I can devote the time it takes to build an heirloom-quality instrument from scratch (usually about three months), without feeling pressured to finish the job quickly to pay the bills. E-mail your entry to myshopia' with digital photos attached. Or mail your description with digital photos on a disc to My Shop, American Woodworker, 1285 Corporate Center Drive, Suite 180, Eagan, MN 55121. Please include your phone number. Submissions cannot be returned and become our property upon accep tance and payment. We may edit submissions and use them in all print and electronic media. A Great American Woodworker An Artisan's Life Story

Save money and increase trim options by cutting your own trim molding with a router

Any edge-forming bit (and some groove-forming bits) will cut a suitable edge. But as you experiment with cutting your own moldings, look into new bit options with more sophisticated profiles, like the double Roman ogee bit shown here. If you're using a router that can accept a Vs-in. shank, you'll find a wide selection of interesting bits in just about any woodworking catalog. You can also use two or more bits in combination to form complex and interesting edge treatments.

Our Recommendations

When it comes to drilling accurate holes, you cant beat a drill press. Its a versatile machine that can also be used as a drum sander and for cutting mortises. It may not be the first stationary tool you buy, but a drill press is one of those basic tools every woodworker needs. Stationary drill presses top out at larger than 6 ft., weigh a ton and take up a lot of floor space. For woodworking, 13-in. to 17-in. models offer the best compromise between capacity, footprint and price. Prices for these models range from 200 to 800. For general-purpose woodworking, a 12-in. drill press is the smallest size you should consider. Its 6-in. throat is adequate, but we prefer the extra throat-depth capacity of larger machines. However, drill presses larger than 17 in. take up too much floor space to be practical in most shops. 36 American Woodworker 2003 tool buyer's guide Look for tables with wide, flat rims (Photo 3). They make it easier to clamp fences and fixtures. We prefer square tables to...

Minwax Easy Weekend Projects Booklet

Outwater offers 40.000+ woodworking products at the lowest prices Extrusions, furniture & cabinet components, wood carvings, lighting, casters, laminates, moulding & millwork, hardware and more Call 800-772-1400 (Catalog Requests) 800-631-8375 (Sales & Info) or visit us at Circle 147. PENN STATE INDUSTRIES Penn State Industries offers quality woodworking equipment and supplies. For a FREE catalog visit us on the web at or call toll-free 1-800-377-7297. Circle 28 WOODWORKERS SOURCE Over 25 years of experience supplying woodworkers more than 100 woods from around the world - lumber, turning stock, and veneers. Quantity discounts, worldwide shipping and guaranteed satisfaction. Comprehensive website includes detailed information on each wood and provides for ordering exotic and domestic hardwood online. For more information call us at 1-800-423-2450. Extn. 110 or visit Circle 168...

Projects and ideas

Like many woodworkers, Samuel Daigle discovered his love of the craft from his grandfather. Much later, the emergency-room doctor relied on his patience to construct just the shop he wanted. At first I got into woodcarv-ing, recalls Sam, who lives in a bayside town in New Brunswick in the Canadian Maritime Provinces. I didn't need more than a few tools for carving. When he started doing more woodwork When Sam and his wife, Julie, bought their home in 2001, he finished the basement to accommodate a shop. But by that time I was doing more and more woodworking, and I started seriously thinking about what I needed, he says. I knew I was

Fascinating Fasteners

SCREWS FOR WOODWORKING A few years ago drywall screws grabbed the attention of woodworkers. They go in faster, hold tighter, and don't require the typical pilot hole, shank hole, and countersink needed by regular wood screws. This feature attracted woodworkers because you could drive them straight into hardwoods (even with no pilot hole) and they wouldn't break or twist apart. (Although this process is fast, it's probably not the best procedure. More on this later.) glue joint. This mechanical action is even more critical when glue is applied to the joint (as is the case most of the time in woodworking). The screw actually serves as a spot clamp to pull the two pieces of wood tightly together until the glue dries. lo-root. In addition to the square drive design, Robertson screws are also available Lo-Root (like particle board screws). This combination of square drive and Lo-Root make them ideal for woodworking, see Sources, page 24.

How to make sharp burrs on cabinet scraper edges

The cabinet scraper isn't just a tool for cabinetmakers. This simple metal blade can do away with almost all of the need for sanding in woodworking shops. As long as the cutting burr is sharp, the cabinet scraper will shave off paper-thin wisps of wood, leaving behind a glass-smooth surface that has no sanding marks. If you've never used a cabinet scraper, it's well worth investing a few dollars to try out this valuable tool. You may never go back to sanding again.

Complete Kit Readytoassemble On Your Deck Or Patio

If you have a question you'd like answered, send it 10 us at Question & Answer, American Woodworker, 2915 Commers Drive, Suite 700, Eagan, MN 55121 or e-mail to qanda readensdigesLcom. Sorry, but Lhe volume of mail prevents us from answering each question individually. When it comes to your next woodworking project, look no further than Kreg. We proudly offer a complete line of Pocket Hole tools and accessories that will

Workshop Tips Tool Giveaway

Tips for gluing, clamping and assembling. Tips for measuring, machining or finishing. Look around your shop Send us every tip you have that makes your woodworking successful and fun. The editors of American Woodworker will choose their six favorite tips. The submitters of the top three tips will each receive a complete Festool Domino package including both accessory stops and a Systainerfull of Domino tenons-a 990 value For complete information about the Festool Domino visit www. american wood wo rke r. com dom i no. The submitters of the remaining three favorite tips will each receive their choice of a Festool OF1400EQ Router ( 405 value), a Festool C12 Cordless Drill ( 350 value) or a Festool CT Midi Dust Extractor ( 330 value). All other tips that are published in our Workshop Tips department will earn the submitter 100. mail them to Workshop Tips Tool Giveaway, American Woodworker Magazine, 1285 Corporate Drive Center, Suite 180. Eagan, MN...

Tools Our Readers Love

We'll pay you 100 to share your favorite tools, new or old, with fellow readers. C '.ontact us bv e-mail at toolnut, or mail us at American Woodworker. 1285 Corporate Center Drive, Suite 180, Eagan, MN 55121. Please include digital photos of your tool if possible. As a teen, many years ago, I learned woodworking on my father's remarkable combination machine, The Electric Carpenter. It's a 14-in. band-saw, 10-in. tablesaw, 6-in. jointer, 4-ft. lathe, 3 4-in. shaper, and a mortising machine all rolled into one, belt-driven by a single motor. It was built in 1930 by the American Floor Surfacing Machine Co. of Toledo, Ohio, and sold for 375.

Iooyearold Eucalyptus Tree

E-mail your entry to myshop with digital photos attached. Or mail your description with prints or digital photos on a disc to My Shop, American Woodworker, 1285 Corporate Center Drive, Suite 180, Eagan, MN 55121. Please include your phone number. Submissions cannot be returned and become our property on acceptance and payment. We may edit submissions and use them in all print and electronic media. E-mail your entry to myshop with digital photos attached. Or mail your description with prints or digital photos on a disc to My Shop, American Woodworker, 1285 Corporate Center Drive, Suite 180, Eagan, MN 55121. Please include your phone number. Submissions cannot be returned and become our property on acceptance and payment. We may edit submissions and use them in all print and electronic media. Anii-riom Woodworker October 2007 35 Discover how we can help feed your passion for woodworking. Get your FREF catalog today

Cutting Dovetails The Traditional

Lap dovetails require more pure handwork than any other joint in woodworking. Although this joint can be cut with a router and special template (as described on page 6), if you're building a piece of furniture that has only one or two drawers, it's probably faster (and a lot more fun) to cut lap dovetails by hand.

Choosing the right tool and technique tor the job can shave time and effort off your sanding tasks

Sanding is the necessary evil that comes near the end of just about every woodworking project. If you're like me, this is where your motivation starts to drag. But it's while you're sanding that a project really comes alive, showing off the beauty of the wood. And a good sanding job is also the key to adding the perfect finish to your project. Some woodworkers might argue that a belt sander isn't a tool often associated with fine craftsmanship. But the belt sander is a great choice for a number of everyday woodworking tasks. In fact, by using the proper techniques, a belt sander can save time and produce a dead flat surface.

Eighteenth Century Half Round Table

This beautifully proportioned little table is a reproduction of an early eighteenth-century piece. People who enjoy traditional woodworking will be pleased to note that there isn't a single nail or screw used in the construction. All joints are pegged as in the original. Clear pine was used for the original, but cherry or maple can certainly be substituted with equally pleasing results.

Making a Baseplate for Template Work

AT-square is made of two pieces fastened together to form a T. It's a basic, basic router woodworking tool. Make yourself one. Believe me, you'll get use out of it. A lot of woodworkers make their T-squares like capital Ts, which is to say without extensions. My T-squares have fences that extend 3 to 6 inches beyond the crossbar to steady the router as it exits a cut.This is particularly useful with big routers and with those with straight-edged or oversized baseplates.

Circle No On Prcouct Information Form

Get The Woodcraft Edge Woodcraft's Industrial Sharpening Shop has the capacity to sharpen wtuany any woodworkjrg too< bur too will be inspected and then sharpened utilizing the latest grinding tetfvnodogy. We'll replace or sharpen your chipped teeth and send you back a blade that's sftarpe< than eve*.

Wood Working for Amateur Craftsman

Wood Working for Amateur Craftsman

THIS book is one of the series of Handbooks on industrial subjects being published by the Popular Mechanics Company. Like Popular Mechanics Magazine, and like the other books in this series, it is written so you can understand it. The purpose of Popular Mechanics Handbooks is to supply a growing demand for high-class, up-to-date and accurate text-books, suitable for home study as well as for class use, on all mechanical subjects. The textand illustrations, in each instance, have been prepared expressly for this series by well known experts, and revised by the editor of Popular Mechanics.

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