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Teds Woodworking Plans is a detailed guide by Ted McGrath which will help you earn lots of praises and money. You will learn a number of superior skills which only professional woodworkers possess and you will be equipped with superior problem solving skills as well. The book is written by a professional woodworker, and hence, you will see professionalism in various parts of the book. The book will not just help you make a craft just to earn money; it will enable you to increase the quality of your work so that you earn lots of praises as well. The woodworking plans are easy therefore they aren't complicated whatsoever. Even though you are a complete newcomer to woodworking you'll simply be able to master all the techniques that are needed and the woodworking skills very quickly by following the succinct and clear instructions. Read more here...

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This is one of the best ebooks I have read on this field. The writing style was simple and engaging. Content included was worth reading spending my precious time.

This ebook does what it says, and you can read all the claims at his official website. I highly recommend getting this book.

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Hardwoods Cut To Order

120 species from 1 4 to 4 . burls, wood ID kits, veneers, woodworker's supplies. Colonial Hardwoods. Springfield, VA (800) 466-5451. CURVED PLYWOOD. Quarter, half, full cylinders. 2 to 60 radius. Anderson International (800) 454-6270 Free catalog. HOMESTEAD HARDWOODS (800) 241-3770 (330) 889-3770. Alva Hardwoods, 7307 Route 80, Alva, FL 33920, (941) 728-2484 Florida (888) 894-6229. Great domestic exotic selections. Quality inventory, facilities, and personalized sen-ice. Wide Quartersawn & Curly Sycamore. Precision sawn lumber and bookmatchcd flitches. Talarico Hardwoods. RD 3, Box 3268, Mohnton. PA 19540 (610) 775-0400. VISA MC

Freestanding Lumber And Plywood Rack

Strong and inexpensive to make, it holds hundreds of board feet of lumber and as many as nine sheets of 4-in.-thick plywood. I place a strip of plywood across the top arms to hold short pieces. A 1x8 through the center of the rack forms a floor for sliding sheet goods in and out. Every shop presents its own particular wood storage puzzle, but fortunately there are a number of solutions. This article provides a peck into the shops of a few woodworkers who have come up with some clever racks to bridle their burgeoning collections of wood. You

Fasten Solid Wood to Plywood

A solid top is a great way to dress cabinet is assembled, rlup a plywood case. But Setting the fence on your plate joiner correctly usually combining two different materials requires a couple of test cuts before you hit the right slot can be just asking for trouble. As you location. Adjust your plate joiner to make a 20-size slot, know, solid wood expands and contracts with changes in humidity. Plywood doesn't. If they're fastened rigidly to each other, the solid top will crack.

Plywood Finishing Problems

Hot Press Particleboard Adhesives Images

Thin veneer on plywood is a fact of life. And every once in awhile you may run into a finishing problem. Especially when using open grain woods (like red oak). The adhesive that's used to glue the veneer to the plywood core can seep through the pores to the surface of the paneL Now I check for adhesive on plywood the same way I check for glue on an assembly. I wet a rag with mineral spirits and wipe down die plywood. Then I can see whether die panel will be any good or not TRADITIONAL PLYWOOD TRADITIONAL PLYWOOD

Like the logs on a log cabin the pins on these box joints extend past the sides and ends of this redwood planter to

Box Section Joint

I I ere in Iowa, a flood of flower and JL JL garden catalogs arrive around the first of the year. After looking through the pages, I decided a planter box to hold some of these flowers would make an interesting spring project But the problem with most planters is the bottom rots out from the moisture in the soil. To solve this, I made a redwood box that fits around a plastic liner. This box holds the liner securely and hides it at the same time. sides (A) and ends (B). First it has to be tall enough to cover the liner (my liner was bW deep). So my pieces were cut from a 1x8 piece of redwood, see drawing at left. base. If you want the planter to sit on a deck, you'll need a base. It raises the planter up and makes it easier to grasp. The base is just four pieces of redwood, two base sides (C) and two base ends (D), cut to fit inside the box and glued in place, see exploded view detail 'b'. Note Allow about n i6n of the base to extend below the box. This matches the pin width. The...

The Hardwood Store Of North Carolina

Http Www netwth net -hardwoofl Lumber Plywood Burls. Cabinet Ooors and More' I America s biggest selection. Save 30 on current books, up to 80 on overstocks. . Woodworking. Do-It-Yourself. Arts & Crafts i and more. Hundreds of new arrivals monthly, i 1 Free Catalog 1-800-677-3483

Richard Leblanc Woodworking Seattle

HARRINGTON is a 1994 graduate of the Cabinet and Furniture Making Program at the North Bennet Street School in Boston, Massachusetts. She maintains a furniture studio, where she works on one-of-a-kind commissions and speculative pieces. Her speculative work combines her background as a feltmaker with her more recently acquired woodworking skills. RICHARD LeBLANC currently works with architects, designers, home builders and woodworkers in the selection and use of wood veneers. He lives in Seattle, Washington. PATRICK NELSON designs and builds furniture professionally in Fulton, Missouri. David Mount, an amateur woodworker in Two Harbors, Minnesota, assisted in the writing of his article. RICH PREISS teaches furniture design and woodworking at the College ol Architecture at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, where he is the Director of Laboratories. A former consulting editor for Fine Woodworking magazine, lie designs, writes about and builds furniture. MARIO RODRIGUEZ...

Greeting Cards For Woodworkers

Kevin Kirwin

Woodworker's Supply Inc. carrics tlicm in the States. These days there arc greeting cards for everyone from the bereaved pet owner to the jubilant divorcee. But a card for woodworkers Randy McDermid. a writer and designer from British Columbia, is convinced there's money in woodworking project cards, so he's producing them. Each black-and-white card has a photo of a woodworking project on the cover, while inside there's a dimensioned drawing, rudimentary construction information, and (of These cards let you send your favorite woodworker an attractive project, along with your personal messages. TURNING TEENS ON TO WOODWORKING We've put together a great package for you our top-of -the -line 10 industrial ripping, crosscuttmg and general purpose blades at a great pnce. These three blades will handle all of your workshop needs. In addition, you will receive a FREE Freud T-shirt. (Made in the USA. 100 cotton). Plus, you get a tree copy of our new sawblade catalog, packed with new...

Woodworkers Journal Window

For some 31 years now, a wonderful group of woodworkers, ever-growing and ever-changing, has been gathering in the pages of Woodworker's Journal and having an ongoing conversation about the craft of woodworking. As The Voice of the Woodworking Community, it's been a pleasure and a privilege to host these conversations, both in our print magazine, and now, to a larger extent, in our family of Internet offerings ( Summer 2009 Subscription Inquiries (800) 765-4119 or Write Woodworker's Journal, E-mail woodworkersjournal Include mailing label for renewals and address changes. Back Issues & Plans Woodworker's Journal or Today's Woodworker 2009 Rockier Press Inc., Printed in USA.

Shim And Plywood Blocking

The shim box (see the photo at right) contains a selection of shim materials used specifically in the hanging of entry and interior doors. The front two compartments contain plywood blocking squares while the two in back hold tapered shim stock. The comfortable carry handle is shaped from walnut, and the side compartment holds the long pneumatic nails used for setting the door jambs to the studs through the shims or blocking.

Defining Hardwoods Softwoods

Hardwood Softwood Fibers

DESPITE WHATTHE CATEGORIES IMPLY, tile dlstintfon between hardwoods and softwoods has to do with leaf type and Is not a measure of wood hardness. Oak, a common hardwood, has broad leaves that shed In the fall, while pine, a coniferous softwood, retains its needles all winter. PARI OF IDE ATTRACTION OF WOODWORKING comes from the opportunity to work with wood displaying dramatic differences in color, figure and grain pattern. Wood color Is a product of of how Its tannins, gums and resins react to exposure to the air. Often, wood will continue to darken and change color over time, developing a rich patina. Figure-the surface pattern on a board can be the result of numerous natural causes ranging from drought or freezing to prevailing winds, disease, age or Insect damage. Grain display is dependent on the direction and regularity of the wood fibers relative to the center of the trunk as well as haw the lumber is cut from the tree. Hardwood vs. softwood Botanicalfy speaking, trees are...

American Woodworker A Buyer S Guide

Ryobi Scroll Saw

Milwaukee's model 6267-21 jigsaw has all the power of a corded version, along with features designed for convenience and top performance. The new saw has 4-position orbital action and Quik-Lok toolless blade changing. The 2-amp-hr. battery can power the saw through 35 ft. of 3 4-in. plywood before recharging is necessary. Street price about 300, including charger and case.

Match To Plywood Thickness

Cut grooves in the rails and stiles to hold plywood panels and splines. The rails are very short and unsafe to hold by themselves, so push them with a shopmade jig (Fig. B). Glue each side of the cabinet using 1 4-in. plywood splines. The back and the door are built exactly the same way, although the back is narrower. The storage cabinet is basically four frame-and-panel assemblies with similar stiles and rails. They are grooved to hold plywood panels (G) and splines (E, F). The splines join each assembly. We'll use a standard blade to cut the grooves, rather than a dado blade, because 1 4-in. plywood is usually undersized. 2. Cut the plywood panels (G) and use leftover scraps to make splines. 7. Cut the subtop and subbottom (H) of the cabinet from 3 4-in. plywood. We covered the front edges of these parts (and the shelves) with l 4-in.-thick strips of oak banding 20. Screw a scrap of 3 4-in. plywood (N) to the top, inside the frame, so you can screw the top to the cabinet. Woodcraft,...

American Woodworker A April

Garrett Wade Woodworking Tools

O Hickory bark must be harvested in the spring. The peeling season starts when the leaves first emerge, and lasts for about two months, until the hickory nuts start to fall. During this time, you can easily peel the inner bark from the tree. The inner bark is a layer of pliable, living bark tissue between the dead, dry outer bark and the sapwood. In some eases, there may be advantages to setting the blade a little higher or lower. For example, when you're cutting stock under in. thick, lower the blade so there are more teeth in the workpiece at all times. This gives a smoother cut, and helps minimize chipout on the bottom face of plywood, since the teeth are cutting forward instead of downward. Keep in mind that lowering the blade increases the chances of kickback, since a lowered High quality woodworking supplies and tools are easy to find in the Garrett Wade Catalog. We have everything from traditional old-style hand planes and saws to the very latest in modern power tools.

Health Risks From Wood Dust

Most woodworkers know that dust is a major nuisance in the shop. But how many realize that excessive exposure to wood dust poses a health risk as well Frequent exposure to large amounts of wood dust can lead to sinus and lung problems, or worse. And it's the finer dust particles-those smaller than 10 microns-that are the most hazardous. To put that size in perspective, consider that a human hair is about 100 microns thick, while airborne dust particles smaller than about 20 microns are invisible to the naked eye. Also, wood dust may contain allergens and toxins such as pesticides, fungi (molds) and chemicals which can trigger allergic reactions. (Many tropical hardwoods can be especially irritating, and Western red cedar can cause allergic asthma.) A dust collector fitted with highly efficient bags will be able to capture much of the dangerous dust down to 5 microns, so this is your best form of protection from the general problem of dust. If you have particular allergies or severe...

Eisenbrand Exotic Hardwoods

CHERRY-WIDE PREMIUM Quarter-sawn White Oak & Cherry Premium Aromatic Red Cedar more. Gillihan Wood Products, (501) 834-8108. Quality Oregon hardwoods. Discount prices. Free catalog. Call Central Valley Wood Products (800) 353-7999. REDWOOD BURL, RARE EXOTIC BURLWOOD. Direct from logger. Table and Clock slabs, turning blocks. Handsaw box wood Burl Country (707) 725-3982. HOMESTEAD HARDWOODS (800) 241-3770 (330) 889-3770. Alva Hardwoods. 7307 Route 80. Alva, PL 33920. (941) 728-2484 Florida (888) 894-6229. Great domestic exotic selections. Quality inventory, facilities, and personalized service

How to counterbore and plug for wood screws

2After the screw is driven, apply wood glue to the end of a screw plug. Set the plug into the counterbore hole with a wood mallet For contrast, the grain in the plug should be perpendicular to the worttpiece grain. For concealment, align the patterns. 3After the glue has dried, trim the plug flush with the wood surface using a flush-cutting saw (See photo, above reft). Take care not to mar the surrounding wood surface. Sand the piug smooth. Buff woodwork, shellac and varnish. Smooth clear finishes. Clean delicate tools Buff woodwork, shellac and varnish. Smooth clear finishes. Clean delicate tools

American Woodworker A February

Wood Bending

I made my cart from oak boards, oak plywood and some left-over plywood covered with butcher block-look plastic laminate. The cart's construction details are fairly straightforward. As shown in the Cart Construction drawing, the top and bottom of the cart fit in rabbets milled in the sides. After cutting the rabbets, I ripped two V -in.-deep, in.-wide grooves in each side to hold steel shelving standards. A solid oak face frame covers the plywood edges on the front and back of the cart. The stiles and rails join with splincd miter joints. At the back of the cart, the face frame is grooved to hold a l -in.-thick oak plywood panel. 1 made a pair of flush-fit, frame-and-panel doors to fit the opening on the front of the

American Woodworker A December

Ryobi Accu Biscuits

New Products from the National Hardware Show & International Woodworking Fair The AW editors are constantly prospecting for new tools, materials and accessories. And every year, we strike gold just as summer turns to fall. That's when The Hardware Show in Chicago and The International Woodworking Machinery and Furniture Supply Fair in Atlanta take place. Both events have miles of aisles packed with new products. I The Versa Crinder is designed to sharpen carbide router bits and shapcr cutters using a diamond wheel chucked in a drill press. Precision adjustments for shear and hook angles are easy, and you can remove exactly the same amount of material from each cutting wing, ensuring proper geometry and balance. (Retail price 199.95) Woodworker's Supply, (800) 645-9292. Circle 640

Woodworking And Hardware

Fine Woodworking Magazine Nov Dec 2006 32 American Woodworker january 2008 32 American Woodworker january 2008 American Woodworker january 2008 33 Tell us about a dynamic woodworking school or vibrant teaching program. What makes it work Point out notable teaching strategies and student accomplishments. Explain how the program excites students about woodworking and tell us how it helps them develop woodworking skills. Whether the program operates in a public school, community center or a private workshop, we want to near about its success. E-mail youi story to American Woodworker january 2008 33

Woodworking With The Router

And Jigs Any Woodworker Can Use Woodworking with the router professional router techniques and jigs any woodworker can use Bill Hylton and Fred Matlack illustrations by Frank Rohrbach photographs by Mitch Mandcl. p. cm. ISBN 0-7621-0227-6 I. Routers (Tools) 2. Woodwork. I. Matlack. Fred. II. Title. American Woodworker is a registered trademark of RD Publications, Inc.

Woodworkers Organize to Protect Rainforests

Many of us who arc concerned about worldwide deforestation feel helpless and frustrated by our inability, as individuals, to halt the destruction. Woodworkers have an additional point to ponder. Do we contribute to the problem when we buy tropical woods Some advocate a boycott of tropical woods. Others The Woodworkers Alliance for Rainforest Protection WARP), a new organization for woodworkers concerned about the destruction of the Earth's forests, has formed to study the problem and come up with apian for action. cantile, Leonard Lee of Lee Valley Tools, woodturner David Ellsworth, Ken Kupsche of Woodcraft Supply, writer Scott Landis and AW associate editor Fiona Wilson. WARP welcomes all interested woodworkers as members. For information write to John Shipstad, WARP Secretarv Treasurer, P.O. Box 133, Coos Bav, OR 97420 or call (503) 269-6907' The November conference requires pre-registration.

American Woodworker A August

Gluing Plywood Corners Joints Pictures

FIG. 3 SOLID-WOOD CORNER BLOCKS Solid-wood corner blocks. Biscuits and glue join solid-wood corner blocks to man-made panels for a strong joint. Here, the lengthened corner block will form a cabinet leg. size. Make every cut far enough into the board to leave an offcut of 8 in. to W in. If the blade just kisses the board, the edge will not be square. I follow this routine with plywood as well as with particleboard and MDF. Making joints in man-made board is almost entirely machine work. Cut the tongues, grooves and miters on the table saw. Rout the mortises and tenons. Locate the solid-wood corner blocks and lippings, or edge banding, with biscuits, and shape them by routing. Once the raw parts have been cut to size, the general routine is to edge them with a solid-wood lipping, or edge banding, plane or rout the lipping flush with the board surface, then veneer over both board and lipping. It's important to keep control of the width of the lipping. If it's too wide, its normal...

Woodworking Editor Wanted

We're looking for a full-time editor to join the AW staff. Challenging position requires energetic, detail-oriented individual with in-depth knowledge of woodworking techniques, job experience as an editor or writer, and strong visual skills. Some travel required. Four dimensions on the Elephant Puzzle drawing on pp. 48-49 of the July August. 1989 AW uvre incorrect. We'll send a drawing of the entire Elephant Puzzle, with corrections, to any reader that requests one. Write to Elephant, do AMERICAN WOODWORKER, v . Minor St Emmaus, PA 18098. I am a recent subscriber to AW and I have been an amateur woodworker for several years. I find your articles very helpful. Send your comments, compliments, complaints and corrections to Editor, AMERICAN WOODWORKER, 33 E. Minor St., Emmaus, PA 18098. Hard maple has become the standard for North American benchtops because it is relatively inexpensive and meets all of the above requirements. Oak, ash or even moderately hard softwoods like Douglas fir...

American Woodworker A October

Use 3 4-in. hardwood plywood for the base pieces, fences and support blocks. Make the pivot blocks, clamping beams and ledger strips from clear hardwood. For the base pieces, start with an 18-in.-square plywood panel, cut the grooves for the fence, then cut the panel apart. The fences can also start out as a single length of plywood. Cut the two grooves for the ledger strips and rabbet the bottom edge so it will fit in the base grooves.

Amfrican Woodworker A April

Good woodworking starts with straight, square edges, but a jointer isn't the only way to get them. The Joint-A-Billi-T is a fixture that clamps to a bench or stand and teams up with your router and a straight bit to cut glue-joint perfect edges. In addition to jointing solid stock, the portable Joint-A-Billi-T lets you cut rabbets, grooves and dadoes and square off large panels, doors and tablctops. The fixture comes in different models to accommodate different size stock. (Price 60-in. model, 135 96-in. model, 175) Gudeman Enterprises, Dept. AWT, Box 126, Goodfield, IL 61742, (309) 965-2183. Circle 616

Fine Woodworking Archives

Mitch Kohanek has been an instructor for the National Institute of Wood Finishing at Minnesota's Dakota County Technical College for 30 years. Mitch has completed an internship at the Smithsonian Conservation Analytical Laboratory and is a member of the American Institute of Conservation. Graduates from Mitch's program become the best professional finishers, finish restorers, spot repair artists and pre-finishers this country has to offer. As the only certified finishing program in America, Mitch's program has been featured in American Woodworker, Fine Woodworking and Better Homes and Gardens l VOOD magazines. For more information on his unique finishing program, visit Mitch also serves as a consultant to the finishing industry, and generously shares his finish knowledge with woodworkers around the country at shows and events. woodworker American Woodworker Guide to Finishing is published by New Track Media LLC. 90 Sherman St. Cambridge. MA 02140-3264. USA....

American Woodworker

Oak Table Leg Stretchers

I've always had an appreciation for archirccturc and furniture from before the Industrial Revolution, when woodworkers turned out crisp details and fine proportions using hand tools alone. When I moved from the West Coast to northern Vermont in 1979, my goal was to set up a custom woodworking business in an environment that favored restoration work and traditional design. I found the antique version of this table in the home of Wade Trcadway, a friend and fellow woodworker. Research revealed the well-worn piece to be a Colonial tavern table a sturdy but elegant design that graced homes and inns during Colonial times. I liked the painted hardwood base, with its turned legs and well-proportioned aprons and stretchers.

Stanley Set To Bring T The Best In Woodworkers

The Stanley Works is the new sponsor for the Gallery exhibit and awards program at The American Woodworker Show . This popular attraction shows off the work of talented woodworkers and provides cash prizes for winning pieces. See page 103 for details on The American Woodworker Show . Online Woodworking World Search our links to hundreds of woodworking Web sites loin other woodworkers on our lively, easy-to-use message boards Order back issues of Amikk an Woodwork k magazine

The Art and Heart of Woodwork ng

Some people chink woodworking is just a craft and not an art. Not so I've always felt that there's an artist that hides in the heart of every woodworker, waiting for that one inspiration to set it free. But in what form di es inspiration come and where will it lead Maybe its the magic of color and grain patterns fashioned by nature in wood that moves one to imitate its grace. Or ic could be something more humble like one of those projects rhat didn't turn out quite right, but it was such a pretty piece of wood you dccidcd to save it perhaps you fixed it Band saw box art will spark your interest in woodcraft and kindle vour creative skills. With this woodworking style, you can liberate vourself from the sale structure of the ruler and free your imagination to be your guide. These fourteen contemporary box designs all require the same basic techniques, yet each one oilers its own personality and degree of work involved. Each project is an abstract representation of a natural form...

Woodworking Tools Skills

Of course, there has to be some knack and feel for what is right, and we all have it to some extent. But more important is your knowledge of the tools you need, and the skills required to use them effectively. That's what this Woodworking Tools & Skills chapter is all about. First, you will gain an understanding of the tools essential to successful woodworking. Then you receive detailed, step-by-step instructions that show you techniques and tips for using those tools safely and efficiently to make beautiful projects. You could probably learn these techniques on your own through an awful lot of trial and error. But a woodworking career is too short and your personal shop time too valuable to spend too much time refining your skills. These pages get you ahead of the woodworking game. Woodworking 7bols & Skills 31

Whether ripping at the table saw or sanding airborne dust is a nuisance for all woodworkers Heres an inexpensive

Wax Power Ftir

For the wood. 1 used just three board feet of hardwood and a little over half a sheet oF i plywood. To position the furnace filters and blower inside, I added simple frame deals (D. 10 (Fig. ,). These cleats are W-squnre strips of hardwood thai iire screwed to Ihe inside of the case to form a n ame. OIJNTIW. PIATT PLYWOOD 12- X W) MOUNTING THE BLOWER. There's one last set of deals thai form a frame near Ihe center of thceaserri

Americans Woodworker

Many of the stories in American Woodworker are written by people just like you talented folks, passionate about the craft. We're always looking for fresh voices and new faces. Join us in sharing your love of woodworking. Big or small, tell us about your pride and joy. Email us at stories femeri can Go ahead, brag about your workshop. Email your story to myshop american-wood work

Raymond Parsons Woodworker

Issues of American Woodworker for future reference. Three-ring binders are the best way to do this, but aw does not arrive prepunched, and it's tough to get through 80 pages. My solution is a Vin. hollow punch made to punch holes in leather (available from Tandy Leather outlets). I hone the cutting edge sharp and smooth, then chuck the punch in the drill press with a piece of hardwood scrap underneath. It cuts perfectly.

Science And Woodworking Do

At a time when schools and colleges around the country are dropping their woodworking programs, a New York City high school that's best known for its high-tech wizardry is investing heavily in the craft. In the last two years, Stuyvesant High School, known nationwide for the top-notch science students it produces, has invested millions of dollars in state-of-the-art woodworking equipment for its shop. The 90-year-old high school's mission has always been to combine superior academics with industrial education. So, it was natural for the school to continue its commitment to woodworking In keeping with the school's past, woodworking at Stuyvesant is part of the technology department. But course offerings enable students to get a good foundation in traditional building and design skills One advanced class is making oak clocks for a term project. Experienced woodworkers can also pursue highly individualized and experimental projects, and the school encourages them to use their skills in...

Attention Woodworkers

Books Videos Software WOODWORKING INDEXES. software or printed Locate information for better use of woodworking magazines. Yearly updates. DOS, Windows, Windows 95. 56.95. Printed 26.95. Free Brochure. Woodfind. Box 27031-, Lynnwood. WA 98036 E-mail 103270.205 APPRENTICESHIP One year, hands on fine furniturcmaking with rare solid woods, design, and marketing. Tuition. Jeffrey Greene (215) 348-5232. AMERICAN WOODWORKER FEBRUARY 1997

Joining solid wood to solid wood can be a problem Sliding dovetails are one answer A dovetail tongue fits in a dovetail

Drawer Runner Guide Rail Wood Working

It's a big concern with many projects. As solid wood expands and contracts with seasonal changes in humidity, joints can pop and boards may warp. Since this Desk is built with a number of wide solid cherry panels, it required specialjoinery to deal with the problems of wood movement. ALSO NEED One 4x8 Sheet 1 4 Maple Plywood, plus One 4x4 Sheet W Cherry Plywood NOTE Materials for Pigeonhole Unit on Page 24 I started work on the Slant Front Desk by building three solid panels for the outside case, see Fig. 1. But building a project with solid wood panels calls for some planning. Since each of the panels must be glued up from several boards, it's important to select these boards from stock that looks like it came from the same board. (Fortips on gluing up large panels, see the article on_page 11.) The sides of the case are held together by a shelf and web frames that are built later, refer to Fig. 8 on page 20. To hold the shelf and web frames in place (and also allow the...

We all have to start somewhere This young woodworker proves you dont need a lot of space to equip a functional shopjust

Between designing spacecraft systems for NASA, Matt Fuller's uncle, Fred Lively, was heavily into woodworking. Matt was sort of into the craft, but nowhere near the dedication of his uncle. Shortly after Matt and his wife, Kerri, moved to Illinois to pursue their degrees, Fred Lively passed away and left his woodworking tools to Matt. He had a garage full of stuff, Matt relates. I didn't know what half of it was I still don't. What he also didn't know was where he'd keep it could he afford to build a shop like Uncle Fred's Also, Kerri wanted their garage to park the car during the Midwest winters.

GiVCAmerican Woodworker

An American Woodworker subscription is the ideal gift for your woodworking friends and neighbors. They'll enjoy a whole years worth of great projects, techniques and workshop wisdom plus the special American Woodworker 1997 Tool Buyer's Guide a must-have sourcebook for outfitting a shop. That's 7 great issues in all for a Special Holiday Price 4 payments of just 5.97. But that's not all. PLUS, lx th you and your friend will receive a FREE GIFT of your choice as a holiday bonus from American Woodworker.

General Woodworking Catalogs

Page McFEELY'S New color catalog fea-27 tures over 300 varieties of the incredi-Circle ble square-drive screw. We also carry 9 wood worki ng books, clamps, carbide-tipped router bits and sawblades, and more. Page WOODCRAFT SUPPLY Over 4,000 91 quality tools, books, supplies, hard-Circle ware in our 140-page catalog. Toll-free 28 technical assistance, ordering and customer service. 800-542-9115. Dept. 94WA05T. Page WOODWORKERS STORE New 22 1993 94 catalog with over 200 new Circle items domestic and exotic hardwoods, 39 veneers, wood parts, hardware, kitchen accessories, finishing supplies many exclusive, hard-u -find specialties. Catalog S2.

Flat Panel With Solid Wood Frame

Thick panels, from Vl in. up to the thickness of the frame, essentially are flat doors with oversized edge banding. Thick panels of plywood or MDF generally are glued into their frames with loose tongues or wooden biscuits. Despite the solid wood frame, the panel is the structural element.

Rbi Woodworking Tools

Woodworker's Supply (800) 645-9292 American Woodworker 2COOBUYER'SGUIDC What does a woodworker need besides a shopful of power tools and 200 board feet of their favorite wood Accessories, of course. Those ingenious products that make you more productive, more accurate or just plain more comfortable. We asked veteran woodworkers to name their favorite store-bought accessories. Look over their picks and start your own wish list.

American Woodworker com

Berea Hardwoods Chairwright Groff&Groff Lumber Hartville Tools Hearne Hardwoods, Inc Infinity Tools JDS Company Laguna Tools Leigh Industries Lignomat Tools M.L.Condon, Co. Milt Aldridge Norwood Industries Oneida Air Systems Packard Woodworks Rockier Companies, Inc. ShopBot Tools, Inc Suffolk Machinery The Gorilla Glue Company Toolmarts, Inc Vermont Teddy Bear Wooden-Gear Clocks Wood master Tools Wood-Mizer Woodworkers Source

Hardwood Lumber Grades

Hardwood lumber is graded using a different classification system than softwoods. Grades are based on the percentage of clear face cuts that can be made around a board's defects (knots, splits, pitch pockets, and so forth. From highest grade (clearest) to lowest (most allowable detects , the grades are Large retail lumher outlets and home centers make shopping for lumber easy. Most of the lumber you'll find is fully surfaced and ready for building. Soma larger home centers even stock lumber inside where it's kept warm and dry. The downside to all of this convenience is that species options are limited, especially for hardwoods. Large retail lumher outlets and home centers make shopping for lumber easy. Most of the lumber you'll find is fully surfaced and ready for building. Soma larger home centers even stock lumber inside where it's kept warm and dry. The downside to all of this convenience is that species options are limited, especially for hardwoods.

Hardwood lumber sizes

While nominal dimensions are widely used for selling softwoods, some retailers have extended the practice to hardwood boards as well. Your local home center probably stocks a few species of hardwoods, like oak, maple and cherry. These boards generally are planed to A in. thick, jointed flat on the edges and cut to standard widths and lengths. Within the lumber industry, lumber of this sort is categorized as S4S , which stands for Surfaced Four Sides. All of tliis surface preparation at the mill translates to higher prices for you, but it may make the most sense to buy S4S lumber if you don't own a tliickness planer or jointer to prepare board surfaces yourself To find specialty or thicker ha rd woods, you'll need to shop at a traditional lumberyard. A good lumberyard will ofier a wide selection of hardwoods ill random widths and in an assortment of thicknesses and grades (See Hardwood Lumber Grades, below), in addition to S4S you'll find S2S lumber (planed smooth on two faces but the...

Engineered Wood Products

In addition to dimension lumber, a wide variety of engineered wood products (EWPs) are manufactured for use in wood-frame house construction. These products can provide equivalent or superior performance to dimension lumber, and are typically manufactured using less wood from small, fast-growing trees. EWPs make better use of forest resources. A description of the various types which are available follows. EWPs include products such as glue-laminated timber, wood I-joists and structural composite lumber. Dimension lumber and other wood products are often combined in the manufacture of EWPs using glue or mechanical fasteners or both. The most common example is the engineered pitched-roof truss. Less common, but of increasing application, is the parallel-chord truss with metal or wood webs. Wood I-joists consisting of lumber flanges and plywood, wafer-board or oriented strandboard webs are also being used more frequently (Fig. 28).

Pivot Center Wood Screw

For a recent project I had to round the end of a l-&in. dia. dowel, and since I don't have a lathe I decided to use my router. First, I drilled a I-' i-in. hole in a piece of plywood, and sawed a slot from the edge of the plywood through to the other side of the hole. In this way, when I put the plywood in a vise the hole would close slightly and grip the dowel. Next. I made a support plate for the router and drilled a 4-in. hole in the middle with a fly-cutter. I then mounted a carbide-tipped round-over bit in my router. The bit was fitted with a pilot bearing the same radius as the rod ft in. With the dowel locked in the plywood and the support plate clamped on top, I rounded the dowel in three or four passes, lowering the router bit a fraction each time, and moving it always against the direction of cut. When gluing up a tablctop I've always put 'A-in. blocks under the pipe clamps. This both protects the surface and centers the pressure along the edge of the board. But sometimes...

Solid Wood Corners For Plywood

With the limited equipment I have in the shop, I've always had problems cutting mitered earners on plywood cabinets. It seems that the veneer is always splitting or the corners don't meet exactly as planned, And because of the thin veneer on the plywood, you can't even sand them flush. Consequently, I've adopted a corner joint which is very easy to cut, easy to glue and has the appearance of a mitered corner. And it can be sanded to fit perfectly flush with the plywood cabinet sides. The joint is a half rabbet with a solid wood corner. First I cut a rabbet in the side that's only wide enough to overlap one half of the top piece (this is what I call a half rabbet). Then the cabinet is glued together, without any corner strips.

Premium Woodworking Saw Blades

Last winter I jigsawed a whole bunch of toy parts from a sheet of plywood. I love my jigsaw, but it never fails that darn plywood splinters every time. Finer saw blades helped, but it took way too long to cut the parts. Plywood is so expensive, I had to find a better way to cut it.

Ultimate Cuts In Veneered Plywood Melaime Chipboard And Solid Ws

When we listen to woodworkers, we understand what you mean -1- after all, we are woodworkers You told us you needed a dado to cut plywood, solid wood, hardwood veneered plywood, lamlnatesand melamine chip-tree. You told us that It needed to cut precise slots and maintain accuracy. And it especially needed to accommodate today's undersized plywoods. the dadoto fit today's undersized plywoods. To make it even more flexible, we've included a set of precision steel shims tor fine adjustments. Here is a dado that matches the slot width flexibility of an adjustable dado High Point, NC 27264 800-472-7307 new dad0' V00 11 a9ree that ,f real,Y IS a width of the cut for today s undersized plywood.

Splinterfree Plywood Cuts

I've noticed that the face veneer on hardwood plywood just keeps getting thinner all the time. Because it's so thin, it splinters quite easily. Taping the veneer at the cutting line works to a degree, but I still had too much splintering. Now I keep a spray bottle of it in my shop all the time to moisten plywood veneer. Different core types determine plywood uses.

Woodworking Superstor

I use my tablesaw extension wing for a router table. It's a great space saver, but I got tired of running back and forth to my bench to get router bits and wrenches. Then the lightbulb went on A simple plywood box with pullout trays for bits and wrenches fits perfectly under the router table. I hung the box from the table extension with screws and used carpet tape to stick the extruded polystyrene insulation board to the 1 4-in. hardboard tray. I added a door to keep out dust and shavings.

Edge Band The Plywood

Edge banding covers the edges of plywood and makes the panels look almost like solid-wood planks. Make the 1 4-in.-thick edge banding by resawing 3 4-in. thick by 1-3 4-in.-wide lumber in half. Remove the saw marks and reduce the stock to 1 4-in. thickness with a planer.

While Many Woodworkers

Spend weekends making stationary router tables, mine have always been very simple, driven by expediency, and the desire to get other things done. My first was just a router base screwed to the underside of a piece of plywood. I simply clamped the plywood to a workbench, installed the router and bit, clamped on a board as a fence, and let her rip. The first step is to choose a suitable piece for the table (A, Fig. A, page 76), which must be absolutely flat and very rigid. I usually use 3 4 plywood. The table's dimensions can vary, but

Giant Hardwood Selection

The finest selection of hardwoods, veneers, turning squares and hard to find exotics. All in stock and ready for prompt shipping. FREE CATALOG U.S. MAHOGANY CORP. f* 746 Uoyd Road Aberdeen, Nj 07747 (908) 583-6300 Fax (908) 583-6303 sure ism S MiatlOfl Ihtt a and ratal 19 Hrtf rttr. W tSSO.QO miiiaam, txcludn S&H)_____

Woodworking Amd Hardware

Browse our stunning selection of hardwoods, turning blanks and carving stock. Discover the difference beautiful wood can bring to your next project. Browse our stunning selection of hardwoods, turning blanks and carving stock. Discover the difference beautiful wood can bring to your next project.

Quality Northern Appalachian Hardwood

INC 47 Elm Street. East Aurora. NY 14052. (800) 274-0397. GOOD WOOD Pennsylvania hardwoods. Many species & sizes. FREE catalog. CROFFWOOD MILLS. RD 1. Box 14C, Driftwood. PA 15832. TURNING BLOCKS Squares burls slabs & veneers. 60+ Species. Imported & domestic hardwoods. WOODPLY LUMBER-A5. 100 Bennington Avenue, Freeport, NY 11520. (800) 354-9

Looking for a beautiful naturallooking color on that special piece of figured wood Applying a waterbased dye can be the

But for the most part, they don't penetrate into the wood fibers. That's why the smoothness of the surface and and density of the wood affects the color you end up with. Water-based dyes take a different route. As you might expect, the water soaks into the wood fibers carrying the tiny dye particles along with it. The particles are trapped deep in the fibers, creating an even color that enhances but doesn't obscure the grain.

Woodworking Materials

Aple is the hardwood with an alter ego. Most of the time, I use it because it's hard and durable. But there can be a dramatic side to maple, too. Sometimes, it has such striking figure that it can turn a fairly ordinary project into something special. I try to find a local woodworking or cabinet shop that will rent me some time with a thickness sander. The first place to go is your local woodworking store. They may not sell it but may know of a mill nearby that does. You might also ask a professional cabinetmaker. Another option is to order some boards through the mail. This isn't as fun as picking it out yourself, but there are several sources around the country that carry figured woods. (I've listed some on page 35.) ES


To best protect the fragile veneer edge, glue the face veneers, then apply solid-wood banding. the spot, then mark its outline with a pencil. Slit the bubble with the grain using a razor blade or an artists' knife such as an X-acto. Pry up the vcnccr with the knife and injcct fresh glue under the vcnccr with a small artist's palette knife or a glue syringe (available from Woodworker's Supply, 800-645-9292). After you've spread the glue, place a piece of waxed paper over the pocket and clamp a wood block to the surface until the glue sets.

Storing Hardwoods

I've recently started working with hardwoods and have built up a supply of about 100 board feet. My question is whether or not I'm storing it properly. If your lumber is kiln dried, I would stack it in a solid bundle with a piece of plywood under the bottom layer aiid another piece on top of the bundle. The ply wood will help prevent moisture from entering the top and bottom layers.

Fig F Plywood Layout

Plywood Layout

The shelves of our bookcase can easily be made longer than 8 ft. by staggering the plywood pieces when you glue them together. If you measure carefully you'll even be able to hide the joints under the vertical partitions. Use a biscuit joint below the window openings to keep the vertical partitions lined up.

Woodworking Cramps

Interlocking woodworking joints are designed to ensure optimum contact area between components, so that they bond well with adhesive. A well-cut joint requires the minimum of clamping pressure, the main purpose of using cramps being to help assemble the workpiece and hold the parts together while the glue sets. It is always useful to have plenty of cramps available, but pairs of each type in a couple of sizes should suffice. Complete sets of cramps are relatively expensive, but you can acquire them over a period of time or hire them as required.


Wood Bending

Strut your stuff in one of our top-quality, pre-shrunk 100 cotton shirts. The Tee shirts (long or short sleeve) feature the American Woodworker logo silk screened in zingy neon red. The Polo shirt sports the AW logo embroidered in gold. American Woodworker Shirts P.O. Box 747 Emmaus,PA 18049 (Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery.) 9 2 AMERICAN WOODWORKER I- h BKUAR Y 1 9 * 5


It's not always practical to cut off all of the sapwood. If you can't remove all of the sapwood, hide it on the underside or turn it to the inside whenever yoti can. You can disguise sapwood with pigments or dye, although these cover-ups look best when they're fresh, because cherry's color changes. And while pigments retain their color over time, dyes usually fade. If you color sapwood with dye, it'll gradually get lighter while the surrounding heartwood gets darker. Matching the sapwood with pigment usually works better, but exposure to sunlight over an extended length of time can actually bleach cherry's heartwood, so sap-wood colored with pigment can end up looking too dark. The best way to color sapwood is to tone it with diluted golden-brown-colored dye. seal the surface with shellac and glaze over with burnt umber-colored pigment. STEP 1. Color sapwood with oil paint. You may have to mix colors to get a good match with the heartwood. Thinning isn't necessary. First, seal the...

Trick Woodworking

Shim Cutting Jig

Every woodworker employs certain easier. Woodworker's Journal readers My old contractor's saw needed help cutting accurate miters, so I designed this jig. Start with a keyed plywood base of 3 4 thick stock. Lower the blade below the table top and make sure the plywood slides smoothly. Raise the blade and cut the side absolutely parallel to the blade. Cut two matching sides to about 48 and glue these to the base, holding their tips to the saw-cut parallel edge. With a steel square, mark a line on the jig at 90 to the blade and add a fence for registering the edges of your stock. Now till the blade just a bit until you have a perfect 45 angle for your cuts. Remember to reset the blade to vertical after using the jig. Rockier Woodworking and Hardware - Since 1954 I like to make push sticks that not only do their job but also feel comfortable to the hand. This takes a little time and then, sooner or later, you cut the step or notch away and have to make a new one. My new model push stick...

Homestead Hardwoods

Alv Hardwoods, 7307 Route 80, Alva, F 33920, (941) 728-2484 Florida (888 894-6229. Great domestic exotic selec tions. Quality inventory, facilities, an personalized service Your Tool To Increased Sales The Woodworker's Classified 12 8 AMERICAN WOODWORKER A 2000 BUYER'S CUIDE butter, our line of Bandsaws will make it that easy. Awarded Editors Choice Award by American Woodworker magazine, our LT16HD is designed like a tank and performs on the toughest wood like a Ferrari on a mountain road.

Woodworking Sled

Crosscut Sled

American Woodworker OCTOBER 1999 COUNTERSINK five evenly spaced holes for *-in. No. 6 wood screws in both runners. Mount only the first one to the bottom of the sled using a carpenter s square with a metal straightedge to hold the runner straight and square. Drill the holes for the screws slightly larger than the shafts ( 4-in. for No. 6 screws) or the plastic will bulge and cause binding in the slots. small tasks and the larger model shown here. You can use any in.-or V4-in.-ihick. cabinet-grade plywood as long as it's flat

Jon Alley Woodworker

Bird Cabinet by Gregg Zall 5eba*topol, California. European cherry, nutmeg, maple, chantiqueero (a Peruvian hardwood . Dimensions 11 40 an* Y' 12m J) 10 in. Want to see your work in Gallery Send color slides or color transparencies to -Gallery, American Woodworker, 33 E. Minor St., Emmaus, PA 18098. Please include materials, dimensions, name of photographer, your name, address, and phone number. We ll pay you 25 if we publish your work. If you want your photos returned, enclose a self-addressed stamped envelope. Like most woodworkers, at one time or another you've probably dreamed of hitting it rich by patenting and marketing some clever woodworking gadget. But beware it's an endeavor fraught with problems, not the least of which is protecting your idea from patent pirates. John Cantlin learned this lesson the hard way last year when he found himself in court battling Taiwanese knockoffs of his Ml'LTI-STOP, an adjustable stop for woodworking machines. Cantlin had to hire a patent...

Cutting Plywood

One of the most difficult jobs in any home shop is cutting large sheets of plywood. So if you have a good technique for safely and accurately cutting plywood down to size, tell us about iL We'll publish the best plywood cutting techniques and ideas in an upcoming issue of Woodsmith. Winners will receive 100 and a Woodsmith Master Try Square. Duplicate or similar entries will be considered in the order we receive them. Send your ideas (postmarked no later than January 15,1991) to Shop Tips Contest, Woodsmith, 2200 Grand Ave., Des Moines, Iowa 50312.


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Plywood backs

Once the pendulum case has been attached to the lower case, Vi plywood backs can be screwed into rabbets routed around the back edges of both cases. cut panels. Now measure the size of each of these openings and cut a lower case back (I) and a pendulum case back (L) to fit from VV' plywood.

Woodworking hobbyist

Having manufactured the highest quality abrasives since 1893. Klingspor Abrasives found a way to offer die woodworking hobbyist the same products the largest furniture manufacturers in the world use truly industrial grade materials. A simple Bargain Box got the whole idea in motion. Twenty pounds of sanding materials left over from our automated manufacturing systems were packed into a box and sold at the unbelievable price of only 29.00 (plus 3.50 shipping and handling) Some of the more daring woodworkers out there, not knowing what they were getting into, gave this deal a irv. In no time, the word was getting out thai no other sanding materials compared to the ones


For your local woodcraft store, visit, or for a free catalog, call 800 542-9115 I like my contractor's saw just fine, except for the ribbed extension tables. The openings can be a real finger pincher when sliding the rip fence across them. After my last bruised fingernail I decided to do something about it. I custom fit some l 4-in.-thick plywood and attached it to the ribs with construction adhesive. You may have more or less space on your tablesaw than I do, but a little shimming or sanding should give you the fit you need. If you have an original Workshop Tip, send it to us with a sketch or photo. If we print it, you'll get 100 Send to Workshop Tips, American Woodworker, 2915 Commers Drive, Suite 700, Eagan, MN 55121 or e-mail to workshoptips Submissions can't be returned and become S our property upon acceptance and payment. We may edit submissions, and use


From Standards lo Styles, irom Teals to Techniques The Ultimate Guide tojwry phase o Woodworking From Standards lo Styles, irom Teals to Techniques The Ultimate Guide tojwry phase o Woodworking Conceptua projects stimulate imaginative thinking. By presenting woodworking's breadth and diversity, the exhibition helps students look beyond the classroom,


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Plywood Insert

My sawhorses are the folding, gal-vanized-metal kind, but any type will do. Cut 2x4's to fit on the sawhorse's top surfaces. Make a 3 4 wide x 3 4 deep groove down the center of each 2x4. Fine-tune the groove's width so that a 3 4 thick piece of plywood will fit snugly. Then, screw the 2x4s to the sawhorses. Cut 3 4 plywood inserts to raise or lower the tabletop to whatever height you need. Craig Kortz My task 28 kitchen drawers of different sizes, all with hand-cut dovetails. The thought of laying these out was overwhelming, so I designed a jig to simplify the process. To make the jig, carefully lay out and cut a piece of 1 4 hardboard as if it were the pin board for the tallest drawer. Glue and nail the hardboard to a 3 4 plywood backer. Fasten a stop on each side.

Woodworking Teachers

The Boys & Girls Clubs of America need volunteers to teach underprivileged children basic woodworking skills. Volunteers will help the young people complete simple craft and carpentry projects, and according to Tom Smart, assistant director of program services, the courses will be taught at club locations around the nation. If you are willing to share some of your time and skills, please write to Tom Smart, Boys & Girls Clubs of America, 1230 Peachtree St. NW, Atlanta. GA 30309, or call (404) 815-5700. Woodworkers who use butternut may be in for a rude awakening in the near future. This softer relative of walnut, a

Wood Screws

Woodsmith Project Supplies is offering both brass and zinc-plated flathead screws. If the screws are countersunk and left exposed Oike we did on the redwood furniture), we recommend brass screws that won't rust. If you plan on counterbor-ing the screws and filling the holes, use zinc-plated screws


How to Protect and Beautify Your Outside Woodwork The cheapest and easiest way to finish exterior projects is to put nothing at all on the wood. For many woods and designs, this is the best option. Cedar, cypress and redwood weather nicely without any help from us. Mahogany and teak two woods that arc traditionally finished with film coatings develop a charming, silvery patina that is as elegant as the white beard on St. Nick. While some may argue that a finish helps wood to survive longer, I feel it is legitimate to let wood age and die gracefully as nature runs its course. In

Plywood Panel

JF Have a shop jig or fixture you'd like to share Send a photo or sketch with an explanation to Shop Solutions ' American Woodworker, 33 E. Minor Street, Emmaus, PA 18098. Next issue's contributor will receive a Bosch 3725 DVS random-orbit sander worth 256. Visit us on the WE& v ' * i i woodworking machinery

Mostly Heartwood

MIDDLE-GRADE birch plywood sold at home centers offers lots of creative possibilities.The veneers may show attractive figure patterns, occasional spectacular curly figure, rich colors, and any combination of sap- and heartwood, including all of one or the other. Saining will minimize contrasting colors, but the only way to make these sheets white is to paint them It's smart to shop for birch plywood at a home center. They typically stock a mid-level grade, similar to the paint grade at the hardwood lumberyard, but at home center prices. This plywood will vary widely in appearance from sheet to sheet, and will contain minor natural defects, varying amounts of heartwood and slightly less uniform core material, but you'll save up to 50 percent, compared to the top white grades at the hardwood lumberyard. You'll also be able to look through the stack for the best-looking sheets. Take a friend along to help you look, be careful, and leave the stack neat for the next customer. AmerlCJn...

Plentiful Plywood

In 1996 alone, U.S. plywood manufacturers produced over 20 billion sq. ft. of softwood and hardwood plywood. Stood on edge, all those 4x8 sheets would stretch 3,700 miles from Miami to Juneau, Alaska. The Difference Between Woodworking And Woodnotworking. your wood working like

Hardwood Plywood

You've heard the hype and myths about plywood types , . . now it's time for the straight story. Today most woodworkers don't give a second thought to using hardwood veneered plywood in a project. But anymore the term plywood is somewhat generic. It's used not just to refer to sheets made up of separate plys, but just about any kind of wood product that comes in sheets. So you'll find that when you go to buy hardwood plywood you can have several core types to choose from veneer core, MDF core, and composite core (box at bottom of page 11). And what's on the inside Pros & Cons of Plywood Cores

Plywood Panels

Exterior type plywood is also used as a wall covering. The plywood sheets are made with a plain or grooved surface and are usually applied vertically. The joints may be V-grooved or flush or may be covered with batten. Plywood is available with a resin-impregnated kraft paper laminated to the face. This provides a smooth, mois-ture-resistant surface which resists checking or splitting after painting. The minimum thickness of plywood applied as sheathing is 1 4 in. (6 mm). It may be applied directly to unsheathed wall framing. The minimum thickness used is 4 in. (6 mm) for stud spacings of 16 in. (400 mm) on centre and 5 16 in. (8 mm) for spacing of supports up to 24 in. (600 mm) on centre. This assumes the face grain is installed at right angles to supports. Where the face grain is installed parallel to supports the minimum thickness Is 5 16 in. (8 mm) and 7 16 in. (11 mm) for studs spaced at 16 in. (400 mm) and 24 in. (600 mm) respectively. After the plywood panels are cut and...

Plywood Cart

Sammy had too many plywood sheets taking up too much space In his shop. So he created a portable plywood cart that not only moves easily on casters but also lets him load and unload sheets without difficulty, thanks to the rollers at each end. Sammy used pine 2x4s to create the 76x31 frame, 2x8s to which he attached the casters, and black pipe of various heights for the uprights, spaced 11 apart and anchored into pipe flanges. For the rollers at each end, Sammy turned six pieces of wood to 1Va diameter, drilled holes through each cylinder and inserted Va steel rods. Then he fed the rods into short pieces of Vs pipe at each end and in between the rollers. Conduit bracket over the W pipe holds the assembly in place. I can tilt a plywood sheet up and get it on the cart everything stores neatly out of the way, Sammy says.


Irch is a hot item at the lumberyard these days, and birch veneer is the all-time most popular hardwood plywood. This isn't a fad. Despite changes in taste and fashion, birch has been in demand for furniture and cabinetry for almost a century. Birch lumber has a handsome appearance. Because of its fine texture and straight grain, it machines well and routs beautifully. Though hard, birch is easy to sand, and it turns like a dream. Birch plywood is available in a wide range of grades. These characteristics make birch a great choice for all types of cabinetry. But the best thing about birch is that it looks good with a variety of finishes it's a great impostor for more expensive woods. I'll show you how to make the most of this durable, versatile and budget-friendly hardwood. BIRCH IS FAMOUS for its light-colored sapwood, but its deeper-toned heartwood, which is known as red birch in the lumber industry, can be even more appealing. BIRCH IS FAMOUS for its light-colored sapwood, but its...

Plywood Base

To cut banding, I made a trimmer that slices it quickly and cleanly with a guillotine-type action. The trimmer is made from a 2-in. plane iron, some maple and a piece of plywood. It can deftly trim just a gnat's hair from the end of a banding segment, if necessary. iron helps.) The fences are set at 90* and 45* to the blade, but they can easily be remounted for trimming other angles. They're screwed to the plywood through washers and oversized holes, to allow for fine angle adjustment.

Plywood Storage

For an 8-ft. bench make four frames as shown.The rest of the materials are cut from 3 4 plywood for the work surfaces and 1 4 pegboard to stiffen the assembly and provide ample tool-hanging options. Plywood Storage Plywood Storage for sliding heavy sheets of plywood in and out of your storage rack. Cut the 2-1 2 dia. rollers from 3 4 hard maple on your drill press, using a fly cutter.You could also cut them on a bandsaw with a circle-cutting jig. Drill out the centers to 17 32 so they'll spin on the 1 2 hex-head bolts used as spindles. The rack consists of four evenly spaced blocks attached to uprights and a 4 wide by 6' long solid-wood backboard.The backboard is screwed to the wall the uprights fasten to a board mounted on the ceiling.

Common Hardwoods

Uses Indoor and outdoor furniture, trim, flooring, plywood and veneers Sources United States and Canada Uses Indoor furniture, trim, flooring, butcher block countertops, instruments, plywoods and veneers Sources United States and Canada Characteristics Straight, wide grain with occasional bird's eye or fiddle-back figure- Blonde heartwood. Uses Indoor furniture, cabinetry, carving, turning, plywood and veneers Sources United States and Canada Uses Indoor furniture, trim, flooring, plywood and veneei-s Sources United States and Canada Uses Kitchen utensils, toys, dowels, trim, plywood and veneers Sources Umted States and Canada Uses Sporting equipment, handles for striking tools, furniture, plywood and veneers

Vh Plywood

Benchtop Extension When I needed to plane some extra-long stock, I improvised a 2-ft. extension for my benchtop as shown. It projects far enough that I can clamp the work between the stop on the end of the extension and the dog in the tail vise at the other end of the bench. I've also made some shorter extensions by nailing a plywood 'L' to a scrap piece of 2x4.

Common Softwoods

Uses Indoor furniture, plywood, veneers and trim, construction lumber Sources United States and Canada Redwood Characteristics Straight, fine grain with few knots or blemishes. Relatively light weight. Reddish brown with cream-colored sapwood. Naturally resistant to deterioration from UV sunlight, insects and moisture. Workability Machines and sands easily Finishing Takes stains and clear finishes well Common Softwoods, Sampling of Exotics 29 Common Softwoods, Sampling of Exotics 29

Macbeath Hardwood

(800)479-9907 (510) 843-439C, 930 Ashby Avenue Berkeley, CA 94710, Domestic Exoti Hardwoods. 2 ply & 10 mil veneer. Ovc 40 species. Free Stocklist OLD GROWTH QUARTERSAWf1 WHITE & RED OAK. Wide Quartet sawn & curly Sycamore. Precision saw lumber and book-matched flitches Talarico Hardwoods. RD 3, Box 3265 Mohnton. PA 19540 (610) 775-040C VISA MC

Heart Wood

Candlelite gel stain over Gel Topcoat on sapwood only. As drawers go, this design is pretty simple. It's a classic four-piece drawer box, made from 1 2 Baltic birch. It's intended for utilitarian furniture, not showpieces. The box is dadoed, glued, and nailed together joinery that's strong enough for a drawer that runs on slides. After the box is built, it receives an applied front, which is usually hardwood or edge-banded plywood. Temporarily assemble the drawer. Make the bottom from 1 4 plywood. Rip it 1 32 narrower than the length of the front and back pieces. Crosscut it 1 extra-long. Slide in the bottom and mark its length to be flush with the back. To make sure the drawer is square, nest it inside two strips screwed to a large piece of plywood. Fasten the bottom using 1 4 crown staples, 3 4 long. mount the drawer in the cabinet. Attach the solid-wood front piece with double-faced tape, then open the drawer and fasten the front with screws from the inside, ks

Wood Facts

Teak heartwood is yellow-brown to dark brown with occasional chocolate-brown to black streaks. The yellow sapwood is removed in the country of origin. Some boards have white silica deposits in the pores these are not considered a grading defect. Teak is coarse, wirh an oily feel.

Raw Wood

Each completed step board clearly shows the progression from raw wood to completed finish. When used as a ground color on the raw wood, yellow water-based dye helps to create the nuances found in mission-era finishes on quartersawn white oak. Most importantly, it colors the rays and intensifies their appearance. It also enriches the color of the dark brown stain and blackens the pores.

Construction Overview

The drawer units are best made in multiples of two. You'll be able to make seven drawers in each cabinet with only one sheet of 1 4-in. plywood, If you're only building tour of the basic cabinets, there will be plenty of 1 4-in, plywood left over for additional drawers, but if you're building eight, you'll have to buy more. No matter how many drawers you make, one sheet of 1 2-in. plywood is plenty tor two cabinets full of drawers, and a crosscut sled.

Platic Laminate Panel

To shorten the Tower Bookcase, cut the two 3 i plywood case sides (A) and edging (B) only 405 8 high. That will make the overall height of the new design 41 , b tall. The width and depth of this short design remain the same as the original. The top of the short design will show so make it out cf a matching solid wood or use frame and panel construction. iiamwoofMiivwiioil SH -r,H Star, by gluinga W strip on the back edge cf an oversized plywood blank. Thai cut the blank to li xl5y4 . I fthe shorter bookcase is to become a plant stand, you may want to use a frame and panel top with a plastic la minate panel to prevent water damage. To do this, first glue a W strip on the back edge cf an oversized VV'-thick plywood blank. Then use contact cement to glue the plastic laminate on top of the plywood and over the top of the edging strip. Finally, cut the laminate-covered blank to 11 x IS1 . To make the three-sided frame for a frame and panel top, cut or plane solid stock to match the...

Leg Profile And Dimensions

If you're making lots of doors, you may want to use an adjustable cutter. You'll only have to make one pass per slot, rather than the two passes shown in Photo 6. Most adjustable cutters use shims, but there is one that can be dialed to various widths, the Amana E-Z Dial slot cutter ( 55500, 109). It makes 1 8 to 1 4 wide slots that are 1 2 deep.The door shown here is made from 3 4 thick solid wood and 1 4 MDF-core plywood, but you can use this technique with any type of plywood or material of any thickness. Figure out exactly how much wider the slots must be to fit the plywood. Hold a small piece of plywood next to a test piece's slot and mark the plywood's thickness (Photo 5).

KMP Trimming Edging Fiueh

To prevent the bearing from dropping in the dadoes in the sides, I filled in each dado with a filler strip that was just thick enough to fit flush with the face of the plywood (Fig. 1). The two case backs (E) are cut from a half sheet cf -thick plywood (Fig. 3. You may wonder why I used two pieces instead of just one. It's economics. By using two pieces,I could cut both from a half sheet cf plywood instead cf having to buy a full sheet.

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