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17 classic projects inspired by the Greene & Greene, Stickley, Arts & Crafts, and Mission styles along with the trusted techniques, tips, and instruction for success. $19.95+ S&H Item #28120

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Get the most from your shop with 26 ingenious projects that will harness the potential of your equipment while showing off your craftsmanship. $17.95+ S&H Item #26037

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22 beautiful and practical projects small in size, but big in design. These instant heirlooms are fun to build and won't consume vast amounts of time or material. $17.95+ S&H Item #21855

Benches, Chairs & Beds: Practical Projects from Shaker to Contemporary Discover 18 projects that deliver both beauty and practicality. From a classic ladder-back chair to a space-saving trundle bed, these projects blend form and function while providing comfort and storage. $19.95+ S&H Item #39256

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Workshop Projects: Fixtures & Tools for a Successful Shop 29 projects that will enhance woodworking tools, maximize and organize workshop space, and guarantee a more productive woodworking experience. $19.95+S&H Item #35917

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20 tables that serve many functions around the house. Designs include a Shaker sewing stand, a butcher block kitchen island, a trestle dining table, and more.

Woodworking Techniques: Ingenious Solutions & Time-Saving Secrets Offering 40 tried-and-true woodworking techniques, this detailed guide explores everything from the basics of squaring stock and sharpening tools to the intricacies of veneering a drawer face, making this a suitable collection for woodworkers of all skill levels. $19.95+S&H Item #38355

Desks, Bookcases & Entertainment Centers: Working Furniture for Your Home 15 projects for building beautiful entertainment centers, desks, bookcases, and shelves. Includes a Federal-style Secretary's desk, walnut library shelves, and more. $19.95 +S&H Item #28107

Heirloom Furniture Projects: Timeless Pieces for Your Home 20 classic projects for building handsome heirlooms to be cherished for years to come. Includes a baker's shelf, Shaker vanity mirror, memorial flag case, and an oldtime icebox. $19.95+S&H Item #24340

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1/4" x 2'/" Hardboard glued to a wider base

Edge of guide aligns with blade for accurate, easy setup

1/4" Hardboard, smooth side up

Edge of guide aligns with blade for accurate, easy setup

1/4" Hardboard, smooth side up

1/4" x 2'/" Hardboard glued to a wider base

Readers had lots of ideas for improving

Rick Carlson's circular saw jig.

The Trick

Circular Saw Cutting Jig

I recently made a guide for my Skil saw, and I keep finding new uses for it. It's especially useful for making straight cuts in rough or t wisted lumber and also handy when cutting 4x8 sheets of plywood, particle board or MDF.

To make the guide, I glued a 2'/j" wide strip of 1/4" hardboard to a wider hardboard base, with the smooth sides face to face. I then put the base of my Skil saw against the guide and made one cut. The edge of the guide now marks the line of cut — no need to make allowance for width of blade or base plate.

Added bonuses are that the guide reduces splintering, protects a finished surface and eliminates the need for guide lines.

Kick Carlson Le wist own, Montana

The Reactions

Tricking Out the Jig

Rick Carlson's trick has been around a long while and I, too, use the circular saw guide. However, I take the idea a step further and use the same kind of jig with my router. I have separate jigs for my 1/4", 3/8", 23/32" (for plywood) and 3/4" straight cutting bits hanging on my shop wall.

Bill Gourlay Westlake Village, California

I have been using this style of jig for well over 15

years. I do have some additional suggestions for its design and use:

1) Increase the width of the base by about 3" (assuming a 2^" guide strip) to accommodate a pair of 3/0 wooden hand screws.

2) Increase the length of the jig by about 10". This will allow you to position your saw on the jig for a straight cut before your blade contacts the sheet stock.

3) Make at least one jig for every common angle cut you might make. Once you till your saw's base to any angle other than 90°, you decrease the distance from the edge of the hardboard base to the guide, making the jig inaccurate for locating any more 90° cuts. (Been there, done that.)

4) Before making a cut, especially cross-grain, position your guide and, using a sharp utility knife, score across the veneer using the jig as an edge guide. This will almost eliminate chip-out

5) Dedicate one style or brand of blade and circular saw for use with these jigs. The thickness of blades varies, and distances between the blade and the edge of the saw's base plate vary by brand and can wreak havoc with precision cuts.

6) And, finally, drill a 1" hole near each end for hanging this jig, and hang it where you can easily get to it

Ros Barnes Ijts Alamos, New Mexico

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Put a ShopBot to Work In Your Shop

When Justin Rank opened Coastal WoodworX in southern California, he knew he would need a professional-grade CNC system to keep ahead of the competition. He did his homework -researching everything from the economy tools to the big-iron machines - and decided on a ShopBot.

Justin had his ShopBot PRSalpha up and running in April 2008 and began running files as fast as he could create them. He's been a ShopBotter for less than a year, but Justin is already using his tool to create cabinets, doors, furniture, signs and everything in between.

The ShopBot is more than a hobby for me. My customers are very impressed with the products it helps me create, and even my shop neighbors are buying from me. I plan on buying another ShopBot this year to help me keep up with the demand I now have for my work."

Justin relies on ShopBot. Do you?


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Woodworking Tools and Installation Tips

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