Jim Morgans Wood Profits

Jim Morgan's Wood Profits

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Single/never married

. .10.5%


. .81.4%


. . . 6.7%


. . .1.2%

With the rest of the country showing divorce rates well into the double digits, those looking for a steady-Eddie (or Edie) spouse might do well to look for someone with a bit of sawdust on their shoes.

Well, if you are going to be married, you've got to live somewhere — where do most Woodworker's Journal readers tend to hang out?

Ninety percent of them live in their own homes. We, of course, know that a good number of them also have woodworking shops included...but hey, it's part of the package.

So do woodworkers win the prize as the best family-focused folks around? It's hard to say for sure, but they get our vote. Of course, we might just be a bit biased!

What Are You Working On?

That's a question that every woodworker likes to ask buddies. And while there are hundreds of answers, one single category (from eight possible answers) outweighs them all!

Projects to improve my home: 34%|

What Do Woodworkers Spend The Majority Of Their Hobby Money On?

As you may have suspected, it's the wood: 72.71 percent of woodworkers say that they spend the most money on wood and plywood in any given year. Cumber, MI)F, melamine, hardboard veneer, etc.)


In each issue of the Journal, we present a stumper, a "what's this? guessing game, where readers identify a mystery tool — and share their stories about it. it's one of our most popular departments!


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