30 million computer users don't trust the power grid.

Energy Conscious Choicel

Energy Conscious Choicel

Saves an average of

peryear'on your electric bill!

They do trust APC. Shouldn't you?

Think of all that you rely on your computer for: personal and business files, financial information, broadband access, videos, photos, music, and more. Increasingly, computers are the hub for managing our lives. And more people rely on APC to protect their hardware and data than any other uninterruptible power supply (UPS) brand.

Why is APC the world's best-selling power protection? For 20 years, we have pioneered power protection technology. Our Legendary Reliability* enables you to save your data, protect your hardware, and prevent downtime. It also guards against a power grid that is growing less reliable every day.

According to the Department of Energy, electricity consumption will increase by 40% over the next 10 years. Yet today, investment in utilities is at an all-time low. It's a "perfect storm" for computer users, one that makes APC protection even more essential.

APC power protection products are available at

VP Effl

PC Connection-

"The price tag on the new UPS is $99. While I'm not in the habit of endorsing products in this blog, if you're in the market for a workstation-class UPS, why not opt for the greener option?"

- Heather Clancy,

APC has a complete line of power protection solutions to suit a range of applications. Already an APC user? Get the latest replacement battery cartridge for your unit or upgrade to a newer model. For more information on this or our other great products, or for information about environmentally responsible disposal of your old battery, visit

find out why 30 million people don't need to worry about losing their data to power problems find out why 30 million people don't need to worry about losing their data to power problems

Energy efficient solutions for every level of protection:

APC can help with your other power protection needs. Visit to see our complete line of innovative products.

Also, enter keycode to view other special offers and discounts.

Visit Key Code h256w or Call 888.289.APCC x8144 or Pax 401.788.2797

Legendary Reliability*

€>2009 American Power Conversion Corporation All trademarks are owned by Schneider Electric Industries SAS. American Power Conversion Corporation or their affiliated companies e-mail esupportôapc com ♦ 132 Fairgrounds Road. West Kingston. Rl 02892 USA • 9980971 'Runtimes may vary depending on load •Average swings are based on comparable competitive models, and are comprised of two energy sa/ing features an ultra efficient electrical design, and the master/controlled outlets feature

APC Back-UPS BE750G with SmartSheddintf" Technology automatically powers down idle peripherals to save energy and money

7 outlets, PhoneTFax/Modem Protection, Master/Controlled Outlets

SuipAnsst P7GI

Surge Protection

Starting atS34 Guaranteed protection from surges, spikes, and lightning.

SuipAnsst P7GI

7 outlets, PhoneTFax/Modem Protection, Master/Controlled Outlets

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