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For some 31 years now, a wonderful group of woodworkers, ever-growing and ever-changing, has been gathering in the pages of Woodworker's Journal and having an ongoing conversation about the craft of woodworking. As "The Voice of the Woodworking Community," it's been a pleasure and a privilege to host these conversations, both in our print magazine, and now, to a larger extent, in our family of Internet offerings (woodworkersjournal.com).

And for the past decade or so, most of your letters, phone calls, emails, articles, photos, "Stumpers" and related ruminations have all been passing through the hands of our most capable senior editor — Joanna Werch Takes.

Not too long ago, Joanna came to me and said, "We should create a publication where all the content is directly from our readers!" It was an intriguing idea: put the readers in control for a change, and let old readers and new readers come together in the pages of a magazine like never before.

Once I got onboard, it didn't take long to figure out who should be in the driver's seat for this effort. Ask Joanna who submitted one of our special tricks, mystery tools, shop photos, letters or techniques and, chances are, she knows without looking. She's talked with you; she's held onto your treasures for photo shoots (and returned them without fail), and she's patiently responded to all of your questions (or found the right expert to do so).

And so here, without editorial interference, without prettied-up photos or tweaked copy, please enjoy your fellow readers' shops, projects, ideas and expertise, all put together by your host, Joanna Werch Takes.

Summer 2009 woodworkersjournal.com

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