Finishing is all about PRECISION

Apollo Introduces the first Turbine In its PRECISION SERIES

The Precision Series Apollo 1040VR

The 1040 VR Features:

• Precision LCD displays atomizing pressure that is accurate to 0.10 PSI.

• Predsion Pressure Control System (PPCS1*) controls motor speed, voltage and amperage worldwide, adjusts automatically for altitude and barometric pressure. Assures precise atomizing pressure anywhere in the world.

• Precision FreeFlo™ Filter Warning LED that indicates when a filter is restricted. Green for clean, red for dogged or partially blocked filters.

• Predsion four-stage power atomizes higher viscosity coatings with ease.

The 7 040VR and the award-winning Apollo 7500 -The AtomiZer:

for the Perfect Finish

C. Miter box accessories

C. Miter box accessories

D. Meat grinder attachments

Russ Hauser of Tavares, Florida, found these two tools in his late father's garage. He didn't know what they were. Your guess?

A. Dial calipers

B. French sneeds



Tom Hamilton of Houston, Texas, knew the mystery "tool rods" were part of a miter box set — since that's how he uses his.

With the supplied directions, these accessories are used to provide a stop for repeated crosscuts or to hold mouldings at an angle so as to gel repeated cuts with a compound angle. The numbers are there to help follow the directions.

I can understand why Mr. Hauser did not know, as lacking the miter saw diey would be a mystery — and the sort of item that would be dropped in a drawer even if one had the saw. Now I have a chop saw, which is faster, but more dangerous, and possibly less versatile.

Dr. ]. Courtland Robinson Stevenson, Maryland apparatus approximately 35 years ago in a flea market and don't think all the necessary parts were included.

James A. Mnrra Napa, California

When not being used for repeat cuts, they were stored out of the way on rods going under the frame of the mitre box.

Robert H. Ingelson Holland, Michigan

Answer revealed: It's C: Miter box accessories.

The two mystery tools are actually accessories. They were part of the Stanley Mitre Box set.

Bob Lizardo Niagara Falls, New York

Two 1/4" rods could be extended from each side of these tool attachments, and the parts in the picture, turned flat-side-up, would help hold the wood being cut

Gerald Fritz Lincoln, Nebraska

I believe I recognize the mystery tool. The item involved is a device for repetitive cuts, though I've never used that particular function. I bought the

Tom Hamilton of Houston, Texas, knew the mystery "tool rods" were part of a miter box set — since that's how he uses his.


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