in a vise, gripped the scorp in his right hand, pressed down on it with his left and pulled!

Tony Lazzaretti Andover, Massachusetts

This tool was used for rounding the inside of staves to ensure a good, clean product for the distiller or vintner who ultimately would use the barrel.

Frank Tyler Jacksonville, Florida

Answer revealed:

Cliff Thomas of Austin, Texas, sent In this 7" long tool with a 3" blade. Is it:

A. A bark chisel

B. An ice shaver

D. A scorp

My father used one in the '40s and '50s to refurbish the insides of barrel staves in the summer, just before he began the annual family winemaking in September. The scorp and an old, curved wooden plane were all he needed. He secured the wooden stave

Of course, not always do these guessing games get the right answer. Here a few of the more "interesting" responses to this one.

Chairmakers used it to begin carving out the contour in wooden seals to fit a person's bottom.

Gary J. Leon Covington, Georgia

I think it was used in the old days to scoop out dough bowls.

Carl Heimiller Buffalo, New York

This tool was once employed for scraping out the belly of a canoe.

Margaret R. Maddox Dallas, Texas

This little tool could be used to separate and carry slacked sheets of plywood.

Bill Sorrell Corona, California

At a hardware store 30 years ago, We had several of these "nail rakes," used to scoop [loose nails] into the scale bin before weighing them. I don't really know if this was the intended use.

Jack S. Fooley Tampa, Florida

These tools were used to hollow out the heel in wooden clogs.

Peter Kongevold Huntington Station, New York

The tool has two uses: 1. to remove the hair from a scaled hog during butchering. 2. to remove unwanted tissue from a hide that is to be dried and tanned.

William A. Watson Pineville, Oregon

Answer revealed:

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