David Carlson of Cary, North Carolina, found this tool In a box of odds and ends. Can you Identify It?

A. Ship's altimeter

B. Saw set

C. Rpm counter

D. Horsepower gauge

This device is a Machinist Speed Indicator. I really got excited when I saw the mystery tool in your magazine; finally, there was a tool that I recognized!

Kent A. Russell Indianapolis, Indiana

Old tools always seemed to have a dimple in the end of a shaft. The sharpy, pointy end of the tool would fit into that dimple.

Steve Schultz Madison, Wisconsin

'Hie outer dial rotates quickly (usually one revolution per rpm of the item), and the lower dial in the window counts more slowly (usually a lOx counter), as you would find in a stopwatch.

Jim Kannen Dripping Springs, Texas

Answer revealed: It's C: An rpm counter.

Ease of use, peace of mind.

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Woodworking Tools and Installation Tips

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