The tiny (3%" long) tool Joe Wilkinson of Happy Camp, California, Inherited from his grandfather Is:

A. A Fortsner clamp

B. A caliper

C. A level

My dad used this tool in conjunction with straightedges of various lengths to establish a level between two distance pointers. The unit was fixed on the straight edge by tabs located on the side of each end and retained by the slotted head screw. I remember seeing my dad use it for determining levels on woven wire fence.

Sometimes, he would used it as a surveying instrument.

Dr. John Sellers Clayton, New Mexico

My dad said they used to have one of these on his farm and used it to level the threshing machine.

Janet Taylor Brighton, Michigan

The mystery tool not only allowed you to stay level with your straightedge, but you could also use it to set pitches on roofs, etc.

George Rebarchek Deighton, Kansas

The tool could be attached to a framing square with the thumbscrew shown on the side of the

piece. The screw holds the level parallel to the framing square and transforms the square into a level that can be used on-site to level or make plumb whatever it is that die person is building.

Willis C. Davis

Wayne, Nebraska

If this tool is what I think it is, it could be used on the short edge of a carpenter's square as a plumb when the long edge is held against a wall or door. A very handy little tool!

Barbara Jeffers Voorheesville, New York

I use my miniature level frequently, since it can be easily attached or detached and stored right in my pocket, saving me many trips up and down the ladder with a larger level.

Michael Clayton Bakersfield, California

Answer revealed: It's C: A miniature level,

Handy to keep in your pocket — or to clamp to a square — the mystery tool at left can help to keep things plumb.

Can you identify these two tools sent In by Sharl Heinze? They were discovered In the shop of her grandfather in Montrose, Minnesota. Are they:

A. Horse hoof clippers

B. Corkscrew setters

C. Olive pitters

D. Dowel makers

I used some tools like these old dowel makers when I was a woodworker's helper at 17.1 am now 71. When I started woodworking, there weren't all the fine electric tools we have today. When you wanted a board ripped, you got out the handy ripsaw and went to work on it Yes, we oldtimers know what it's like to pour out sweat and elbow grease to create a thing of beauty from a rough piece of lumber.

Garland Draper Vassar, Michigan

Commercially this was known as a Spee-Dowl Dowel Maker. It was advertised in the November - December 1950 issue of The Home Craftsman magazine. The price in 1950 for these dowel makers, seven different sizes, was $6.50.

Ron Fox and ferry Ernce Broken Arrow, Oklahoma

To use this tool, you would split a length of log to close size, then spin the cone around the piece.

Allen Fredrickson Novelty, Ohio

The two small holes would be the diameter of the dowel to pass through as you were making it out of a piece of square stock.

Don Trow Fella, Iowa

These cutters were particularly handy if you wanted dowels of

"I am an old woodworker, but I like the labor-saving idea of going to my local hardware and simply picking out the dowels I want Dowels don't cost that much, and what a timesaver it is.

Thomas McCoy Aliquippa, Pennsylvania

These cutters were particularly handy if you wanted dowels of



With these tools, you could take stick lumber and shave it like a pencil sharpener — only it stops when it gets to the pre-set size of the one you're using, instead of making a sharp point

Ihomas Prohaska Madison, Alabama a large-sized cutter and change down to the size of dowel end needed.

Vernon F Kafka Wichita, Kansas


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