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I usually find books written on this category hard to understand and full of jargon. But the writer was capable of presenting advanced techniques in an extremely easy to understand language.

This ebook served its purpose to the maximum level. I am glad that I purchased it. If you are interested in this field, this is a must have.

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American Woodworker A April

Spend some time with a well-tuned jack plane and you'll have no trouble understanding how this age-old tool earned its title as a jack-of-all-trades. The jack, or No. 5, bench plane is easier to handle than a large jointer plane (No. 8) and only slightly less maneuverable than the smaller smooth (No. 4) plane. At 14 in. long, the No. 5 is conveniently sized for cither jointing an edge or smoothing a surface. If forced to pare their plane collection down to a single tool, most woodworkers would hold onto their versatile jack.

Woodshop Franchises Underway

Ever dreamed of running or joining a health-club-type hangout for woodworkers NYW Workshops Inc. plans to open its first such franchise this year in Dublin, CA. Thomas Loker, the company's president and CEO, envisions fully functional woodshops for people to build any project with their own two hands.

Greeting Cards For Woodworkers

Randy And Gretchen Nelson Fulton

Woodworker's Supply Inc. carrics tlicm in the States. These days there arc greeting cards for everyone from the bereaved pet owner to the jubilant divorcee. But a card for woodworkers Randy McDermid. a writer and designer from British Columbia, is convinced there's money in woodworking project cards, so he's producing them. These cards let you send your favorite woodworker an attractive project, along with your personal messages. We've put together a great package for you our top-of -the -line 10 industrial ripping, crosscuttmg and general purpose blades at a great pnce. These three blades will handle all of your workshop needs. In addition, you will receive a FREE Freud T-shirt. (Made in the USA. 100 cotton). Plus, you get a tree copy of our new sawblade catalog, packed with new products and technical information. This package is a woodworker's dream It makes a great gift, tool

Woodworkers Journal Window

For some 31 years now, a wonderful group of woodworkers, ever-growing and ever-changing, has been gathering in the pages of Woodworker's Journal and having an ongoing conversation about the craft of woodworking. As The Voice of the Woodworking Community, it's been a pleasure and a privilege to host these conversations, both in our print magazine, and now, to a larger extent, in our family of Internet offerings ( Summer 2009 Subscription Inquiries (800) 765-4119 or Write Woodworker's Journal, E-mail woodworkersjournal Include mailing label for renewals and address changes. Back Issues & Plans Woodworker's Journal or Today's Woodworker Your Woodshop is published by Rockier Press Inc., 4365 Willow Dr., Medina, MN 55340. Single copy price, 5.99. Reproduction without permission prohibited. Printed in the USA 2009 Rockier Press Inc., Printed in USA.

Woodworkers Organize to Protect Rainforests

Many of us who arc concerned about worldwide deforestation feel helpless and frustrated by our inability, as individuals, to halt the destruction. Woodworkers have an additional point to ponder. Do we contribute to the problem when we buy tropical woods Some advocate a boycott of tropical woods. Others The Woodworkers Alliance for Rainforest Protection WARP), a new organization for woodworkers concerned about the destruction of the Earth's forests, has formed to study the problem and come up with apian for action. WARP welcomes all interested woodworkers as members. For information write to John Shipstad, WARP Secretarv Treasurer, P.O. Box 133, Coos Bav, OR 97420 or call (503) 269-6907' The November conference requires pre-registration.

American Woodworker

Oak Table Leg Stretchers

I've always had an appreciation for archirccturc and furniture from before the Industrial Revolution, when woodworkers turned out crisp details and fine proportions using hand tools alone. When I moved from the West Coast to northern Vermont in 1979, my goal was to set up a custom woodworking business in an environment that favored restoration work and traditional design. I found the antique version of this table in the home of Wade Trcadway, a friend and fellow woodworker. Research revealed the well-worn piece to be a Colonial tavern table a sturdy but elegant design that graced homes and inns during Colonial times. I liked the painted hardwood base, with its turned legs and well-proportioned aprons and stretchers.

Stanley Set To Bring T The Best In Woodworkers

The Stanley Works is the new sponsor for the Gallery exhibit and awards program at The American Woodworker Show . This popular attraction shows off the work of talented woodworkers and provides cash prizes for winning pieces. See page 103 for details on The American Woodworker Show . loin other woodworkers on our lively, easy-to-use message boards

As much fun as a woodworker can legally have in a workshop

White most woodworkers are taught to avoid using green (unseasoned) wood, woodturners can grab a block right off the stump and go to town making shavings. Here are some tips to make green woodturning fun and to ensure that you get the best results from your experiments. Freshly cut (green) wood with a high moisture content is, by nature, unstable. As it dries, it is prone to warp, check and generally do things that give woodworkers nightmares. The movement is caused by the cells

Raymond Parsons Woodworker

Issues of American Woodworker for future reference. Three-ring binders are the best way to do this, but aw does not arrive prepunched, and it's tough to get through 80 pages. My solution is a Vin. hollow punch made to punch holes in leather (available from Tandy Leather outlets). I hone the cutting edge sharp and smooth, then chuck the punch in the drill press with a piece of hardwood scrap underneath. It cuts perfectly.

American Woodworker A February

You don't need co sell woodworkers on the importance of stop blocks we've all used them in one form or another to make repetitive cuts quickly and precisely. But factory-made fence and stop systems are expensive You can easily pay 200 or more for a length of extruded aluminum and the adjustable stop that goes with it.

GiVCAmerican Woodworker

An American Woodworker subscription is the ideal gift for your woodworking friends and neighbors. They'll enjoy a whole years worth of great projects, techniques and workshop wisdom plus the special American Woodworker 1997 Tool Buyer's Guide a must-have sourcebook for outfitting a shop. That's 7 great issues in all for a Special Holiday Price 4 payments of just 5.97. But that's not all. PLUS, lx> th you and your friend will receive a FREE GIFT of your choice as a holiday bonus from American Woodworker.

American Woodworker com

Groff& Groff Lumber Hartville Tools Hearne Hardwoods, Inc Infinity Tools JDS Company Laguna Tools Leigh Industries Lignomat Tools M.L.Condon, Co. Milt Aldridge Norwood Industries Oneida Air Systems Packard Woodworks Rockier Companies, Inc. ShopBot Tools, Inc Suffolk Machinery The Gorilla Glue Company Toolmarts, Inc Vermont Teddy Bear Wooden-Gear Clocks Wood master Tools Wood-Mizer Woodworkers Source


Wood Bending

Strut your stuff in one of our top-quality, pre-shrunk 100 cotton shirts. The Tee shirts (long or short sleeve) feature the American Woodworker logo silk screened in zingy neon red. The Polo shirt sports the AW logo embroidered in gold. American Woodworker Shirts P.O. Box 747 Emmaus,PA 18049 (Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery.) 9 2 AMERICAN WOODWORKER I- h BKUAR Y 1 9 * 5

One Outstanding Feature

Rugged, heavy and made primarily with metal parts, this jig is built to withstand the rigors of a busy professional woodworking shop. The basic unit cuts fixed-space half-blind dovetails the same way its less-expensive Porter-Cable brother does (see page 70). However, you can buy an Omnijig accessory template ( 130) for cutting variable-spaced through dovetails as well. You have to reposition the edge stops when shifting from pins to tails when cutting through dovetails a minor inconvenience. The jig comes with a template guide and carbide bit for making 1 2-in. half-blind dovetails. There's a wide range of other accessory templates (see page 73).

Ardwoods Cut To Order

20 spccies in stuck fioiu 1 4 to 4 lick, burls for turners, wood II) its S59.95, veneers, woodworker's ipplies. Colonial Hardwoods, jringfield, VA (800)466-5451. HE WOODSHOP AT WOOD-RAFT From Aspen to Zircote, the oodshop stocks over 40 different > ecies of domestic and exotic hard-oods in sizes ranging from pen anks to carving blocks. Satisfaction uarantccd Call (800) 542-9115. cpt.97WOWAC2 for a FREE cau-g or see http

Breathe Easily In Your Shop

Keeping your shop clean involves more than sweeping. Capturing wood dust at the source, especially the fine airborne particles that you can't see, should be a top priority in any woodshop. Woodshop Dust Control covers everything you need to know to set up a safe, clean environment. You'll learn about dust collectors, air scrubbers and shop vacuums. You'll see how to install ductwork to create your own dust collection system. You'll discover five simple rules for a dust-free shop. One story alone contains 27 dust collection tips. Simply put, this book is chock-full of practical solutions for making your woodworking tools work cleanly and efficiently.

Mobile Machinists Vise

A little metalworking Finds its way into my woodshop from time to time. When cutting metal, it's best to use a machinist's vise to get a better grip. Because it sticks up and is in the way, I can't permanently attach it to my woodworking bench. Instead, 1 built a simple platform from doubled-up 3 4-in. plywood with a 2x2 cleat screwed to the bottom. The platform allows me to temporarily mount my vise to my bench when needed. It spends the rest of the time on the shelf below the bench.

Saturday Night Social

Response to the drastic decline in woodworking programs all across America. Almost immediately, we saw the potential of the woodshop to create hands-on learning opportunities in all subject areas. To make woodshop participation relevant to the lives of all students and meaningful in their education. To use the woodshop to reinforce and support each student's interests in other areas of study. The high school trigonometry class recently built wooden tre-buchets and other object launchers to study trajectory paths and the forces acting on the object and launchers. For those high school students with extra interest in woodworkings woodworking club provides extra time in the woodshop. It's no secret that woodshop and other industrial arts education classes have been disappearing from public schools, labeled outdated or irrelevant. But as Clear Spring School attests, hands-on learning can be an important educational tool. Doug Stowe has been a woodworker since 1976. He is a frequent...

Match the size to the jobthats the key

Block planes are often associated with carpenters and do-it-yourselfers because they're inexpensive and small enough to fit in a toolbox or toolbelt. They have important roles in the woodshop, too. A high-quality block plane can do amazing work, and may become one of your favorite tools.

Dealer Inquiries Welcome

Sell Amencan Woodworker in your store, risk free. Call (800) 845-8050 for details. At American Woodworker, your satisfaction is important to us. For questions regarding your subscription and all address changes, please write to American Woodworker Magazine P.O. Box 7591 Re< l Oak, IA 51591-0591 Please include a recent mailing label with all correspondence. Or call (800) 666 3111 For any woodworker who is frustrated by not being able to afford a fully equipped workshop, I have found a solution through my local community education program. When 1 moved to Washington state, I was disappointed to find that no shop classes were being offered in my area. So I contacted the local community education office and proposed an open wood-shop class. The idea was accepted with great enthusiasm. Before I knew it, we were meeting twice a week for two-and-a-half hours per night in the high school's woodshop. The cost of the class is minimal at 20 for eight sessions. I have found this a great way to...

Circle No Won Product Information Form

American Woodworker, It's Been Great Growing Along With You. It's a privilege to be celebrating a milestone anniversary' along with American Woodworker. We are grateful to American Woodworker, the magazine, and the American woodworker himself, for allowing Laguna Tools to be celebrating our fifteenth

Word From The Publisher

American Woodworker's tenth-anniversary issue Please join us while we pop a few corks in celebration. With this issue, American Woodworker marks Before 1988, AW was an obscure quarterly published by Jim and Mary Jennings a husband and wife team working out of the back room of their trophy shop in a suburban Nashville mini-mall. Jirn worked as editor and Mary sold ads when the trophy business got slow. Woodworkers wrote the articles, a moonlighting English teacher did the copy editing. The design work and layouts were handled by a woman down at the local type shop. Scat-of-thc-pants magazine making Southern style. Then Rodale Press bought AW in 1988 and hired me as the editor. After putting out the first issue with a full-time staff of one (and swearing I d never do a solo act again), I started building the tremendous team of talent that makes American Woodworker the great magazine it is today. We've now expanded beyond the magazine to make American Woodworker a multimedia publisher of...

Turn To Packard For Quality Turning Tools

Woodworker's Showcase Share your work with fellow woodworkers across the country and around the world. As woodworkers, we love to build things, but we also love to share our work and the ideas behind them. American Woodworker Magazine has a new department called Woodworker's Showcase. We're looking for projects that range from the practical to the fantastic. Email your digital images along with a brief description of each piece to Showcase or mail a disc with images to American Woodworker Magazine Woodworker's Showcase 1285 Corporate Center Drive, Suite 180 Eagan.MN 55121

Excellence In Craftsmanship Awards Competition

Its time to enter your best work in the 1995 AMERICAN WOODWORKER Excellence in Craftsmanship Awards Competition. Finalists will he contacted for further information and winners will be announced in the December 1995 issue of American Woodworker. American Woodworker is not American Woodworker 2nd Prize 300 cash Award certificate 3rd Prize 200 cash Award certificate American Woodworker 2nd Prize 300 cash Award certificate 3rd prize 200 cash Award certificate

Fre Product Information

To receive literature from any of the companies listed below, send in the attached Reader Service Card. Circle the numbers which correspond to the information you wish to receive, place stamp on postcard and just drop in the mail. Also, you may send requests to American Woodworker, Reader Service Management Department. P.O. Box 5337, Pittsfield. MA 01203-5337. American Woodworker Show 102 Japan Woodworker s Discount Books 109 Woodworker s Hardware 12 - -.WOODWORKER'S

Circle Ho On Product Infowaton Form

It's not too late to join the rapidly growing community of woodworkers at American Woodworker Online, on the America Online computer service. All you have to do is hook up your computer to this incredible resource to get the latest information, locate hard-to-find tools and supplies, participate in daily live chats with like-minded craftspeople from around the world, and find answers to all your woodworking questions. AW Online bringing woodworkers together

By Tool Guys For Tool Guys

For a woodworker, the main advantage of an electrostatic prefilter is that it can be washed and reused repeatedly. That's why electrostatic filters are typically used as prefilters on air scrubbers. Prefilters catch the larger dust particles before they plug up the finer pocket filters inside (which are a lot harder to clean). It's important to wash your electrostatic filter often for two reasons 1. It keeps airflow at a maximum. 2. An electrostatic filter's effectiveness decreases as the filter loads with dust. That's because the media has become insulated by the dust, thus reducing the static charge. If you have a question you'd like answered, send it to us at Question 8c Answer, American Woodworker, 2915 Commers Drive, Suite 700, Eagan, MN 55121 or e-mail to qanda Sorry, but the volume of mail prevents us from answering each question individually. 14 American Woodworker march 2007

Wood Finishing Special

Americans Woodworker 22 Great American Woodworker Americanos Woodworker Story Ideas, American Woodworker magazine 1285 Corporate Center Dr., Suite 180 Eagan MN 55121 Many of the articles in American Woodworker are written by people just like you talented folks who are passionate about the craft. We're always looking for fresh voices and new faces. Join us in sharing your love of woodworking.

Professional Power Tools

If you have a question vou'd like answered, send it to us at Question & Answer, American Woodworker, 2915 Commers Drive, Suite 700, Eagan, MN 55121 or e-mail to qanda Sorry, but the volume of mail prevents us from answering each question individually. If you have a question vou'd like answered, send it to us at Question & Answer, American Woodworker, 2915 Commers Drive, Suite 700, Eagan, MN 55121 or e-mail to qanda Sorry, but the volume of mail prevents us from answering each question individually. American Woodworker January2003 17

Features And Projects

The Ultimate Router Jig By tlie American Woodworker Staff woodworker Without their influence, I might not have become the woodworker I am today. If I'm very lucky, some future craftsman may say the same about me. What better gift could one give to the world Ihere have been some new developments behind the scenes at American W< x)iworker. I'm proud to announce that Ellis Walentinc has been promoted to Executive Editor the top editorial job on our team. Ellis is a talented woodworker and designer who's been running his own custom woodworking shop for 22 years. Ellis brings a professional's knowledge and insights to the party, and he'll be sharing this column with me in future issues. Please join me in wishing him well Please welcome also Kilty Mace, American Woodworker's new Art Director. And finally, Michael Dresdner has joined our team of Contributing Editors. Michael's well known in the finishing field and his column, Just Finishing, gets rave reviews from our readers.

The Wellequipped Shop

The ProMiter-100 is a well engineered, precision miter gauge designed for woodworkers by a woodworker, Mario Salazar, owner of Salazar Solutions. With the ProMiter-100 you can set angles to within 0.1 degree of accuracy from -50 degrees to +50 degrees in a matter of seconds, rather than minutes. American Woodworker November 2007 25 American Woodworker November 2007 25 Enter a new or renewal subscription to American Woodworker > and give a FREE gift subscription YES Enter or extend my one-year (7 issues) American Woodworker subscription and send my friend listed below a one-year subscription at no additional cost Bill me at the one-year rate of only 24.98 for both subscriptions a 70 savings off the newsstand price and send my friend a card announcing my gift.

Iooyearold Eucalyptus Tree

E-mail your entry to myshop with digital photos attached. Or mail your description with prints or digital photos on a disc to My Shop, American Woodworker, 1285 Corporate Center Drive, Suite 180, Eagan, MN 55121. Please include your phone number. Submissions cannot be returned and become our property on acceptance and payment. We may edit submissions and use them in all print and electronic media. E-mail your entry to myshop with digital photos attached. Or mail your description with prints or digital photos on a disc to My Shop, American Woodworker, 1285 Corporate Center Drive, Suite 180, Eagan, MN 55121. Please include your phone number. Submissions cannot be returned and become our property on acceptance and payment. We may edit submissions and use them in all print and electronic media. Anii-riom Woodworker October 2007 35

Taking Chances With Kickback

THE FACTS A 28-year-old amateur woodworker was ripping a l-in.-wide strip from a 5-in.-wide board. He positioned the narrow strip between the blade and fence, as shown in the top photo. He had removed the blade guard and splitter, and was standing directly behind the workpiece. Rather than try to squeeze his right-hand fingers between the blade and fence to finish the cut, he switched to his left hand and pushed the waste side of the board. He saw the board ride up on top of the blade and shoot back at his chest. The board broke a rib and removed a large slab of skin.

Getting Too Close To The Blade

THE FACTS A 48-year-old amateur woodworker trimmed the end off a long board, using his miter gauge. He turned ofi the saw, and as the blade was slowing down he noticed that the oifcut was bumping against the blade. He flipped the offcut away with his index finger, and in the process brought his thumb into the blade. He lost about V4 in. from the tip of his thumb.

Cnc For Any Size Shop

Whether you're a weekend woodworker looking to expand the scope of your projects or a serious craftsrran ready to turn your passion into a business, ShopBot has an affordable, American-made solution for your woodworking needs. Our PRSstandard CNC system gives you the performance necessary to take your designs to the next level, while our PRSalpha offers professional-grade speed, power and accuracy at a fraction of the cost of the big iron machines.

Portable Storage Bins

Storage for nails, screws and other small parts is another problem that nearly every woodworker faces. Although we received dozens of ideas for storage containers using just about everything imagineable, I really liked the design of these portable storage bins sent in by Peter Coope of North Stonington, Connecticut

Contributor Guidelines

We encourage you to write to us with anything you think would be interesting for other woodworkers. It doesn't have to be fancy, just describe your idea or project briefly, and we'll rake it from there. Address your letter to one of the following departments, or simply to Editor. Where to Write American Woodworker 2915 Commers Dr., Suite 700 Eagan, MN 55121 Fax (651) 994-2250 woodworker.

Use It As A Work Support

There is a tradition among woodworkers of making extremely fine tool cabinets, as a way for the traveling journeyman woodworker to display his or her abilities. There's nothing wrong with following that tradition. But it's not what 1 was after in this design. This toolbox is in no way a showcase. It's a tough, utilitarian piece of shop furniture featuring exposed screw heads and naked plywood edges.

Early American Cupboard

If your kitchen is large enough for it, this country-style cupboard will provide considerable storage space while adding a good deal more charm than additional wall cabinets. It's also a fine dining room piece for storing that set of fancy dishes that is used only occasionally This is a project that will take quite a few hours to complete, but the joinery is uncomplicated all phases of construction can be handled by a woodworker with modest skill and equipment It's a very rewarding piece to build.

Our Recommendations

When it comes to drilling accurate holes, you cant beat a drill press. Its a versatile machine that can also be used as a drum sander and for cutting mortises. It may not be the first stationary tool you buy, but a drill press is one of those basic tools every woodworker needs. 36 American Woodworker 2003 tool buyer's guide

Perfect Project Parts

One of the best ways to measure your skills and progress as a woodworker is to look at the projects you made five or ten years ago and compare them to your most recent work. If you're anything like me, you may cringe a little at those old masterpieces. Some of the mistakes stick out like a sore thumb. And I

Regaining The Cutting Edge

Chisels and gouges .ire indispensable tools for most woodworkers. So when we destroy a tool's hardness, or temper, by burning it on the grinder, we're likely to lose our own tempers as well. Although burned cutting edges can usually be prevented by frequent water-cooling while sharpening, the occasional overheated edge is inevitable. II 2 AMtKICAN WOODWORKER A DECEMBER 1996

Bridgewood Professional

The woodworker'* cd c Excitement was high at last November's American Woodworker Show in Fort Washington, PA (near Philadelphia), as our gigantic Sitka sprucc bowl ncarcd completion. The 7-ft., 9 -in.-dia. vessel is the largest bowl ever turned on a lathe. Hundreds of woodworking enthusiasts cheered as the bowl finally came off the lathe and rested on the floor on the last day of the show. Shortly afterward, AMERICAN WOODWORKER applied to The Guinness Book of World Records to secure official recognition for the world's largest turned bowl. Guinness is currently in the process of verifying the record. Adam's parents, Lee and Beth Ann Decker of northern Ohio, nourished Adam's interest in woodworking and fostered his sense of responsibility, confidence, and concern for safety. Here's some of their best advice for encouraging a young woodworker

Rodale Press Publication

Woodworker This fall American Woodworker is hosting At American Woodworker, we've built our reputation by publishing in-depth, acccssiblc information that shows woodworkers how to do thing* right. At the 1995 Woodworking in Amcrica Show we'll bring the pages of American Woodworker to life. SUBSCRIPTION QUESTIONS & ADDRESS CHANGES Al American Woodworm r. your satisfaction is important to us. For questions regarding your subscription and all address changes, please write to American Woodworker Magazine Box 7591 Red Oak, IA 51591-0591 Please include a recent mailing label

Subscription inquiries

American Woodworker, Subscriber Service DepL., P.O. Box 2134, Harlan, IA 51593-0323 (800) 666-3111 e-mail AWWcustserv Issue 88. American Woodworker (ISSN 1074-9J 52 USPS 0738-710) is published seven times a year In February. April. June. August, October. November, and December by Home Service Publications, Inc 260 Madison Avenue, 5th Floor. New York, NY 10016. Periodicals postage paid at New York, NY and additional mailing offices. Postmaster Send change of address notice to American Woodworker , P.O. Box 2134, Harlan. IA 51593-0323, Subscription rates U.S. one-year, 23,88 two-year, 43 Single-copy, 3.95. Canada one-year, 23.88 two-year, 43 (Canadian funds). GST ft R122988611. Foreign surface one-year. 35 two-year. 55 (U.S. funds), Foreign air one-year. 42 two-year, 80 (U.S. funds). U.S. newsstand distribution by Hearst Distribution Group. New York. NY 10019. In Canada Postage paid at Gateway, Mississauga, Ontario CPMif 14-17866. Send returns and address changes to...

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ANTIQUE & USED TOO IJi for COLLECTORS & WOODWORKERSO Quality selection of scarce, older and complete. work-ins hand tools for collectors and woodworker* planes, scraperv ipoiieihavci. chiteU. taws, levels, rules, un umiul items, etc. Hundreds of ready to use pre-1960 tool . Illustrated lists published 5 times a year. SUBSCRIPTION> 12.00 for 5 LISTS CURRENT LIST> S3.50 3E IB SATISFACTION GUARANTEED

William And Mary Spice Cabinet

Do You Know A Great American Woodworker We're looking for other talented, undiscovered woodworker who have an interesting story to tell about themselves and their worfe (f you're that person, or you know somebody else who is, please write us at greatwoodworker The Society's mission is to recognize, encourage and promote student achievement in the applied arts, as industrial and technical education programs are often called. Applied arts classes, such as woodshop, provide hands-on learning with tools, materials, and processes that result in a finished prototype, project or service. MITES primary goal is to motivate applied arts students to excel in the classroom, in their personal lives and in their careers. WHAT'S KEEPING public school woodshop programs vibrant these days In Michigan, the answer is MITES, the Michigan Industrial and Technology Education Society. Established in 1928 by manual arts

Factory Direct Discount Pricing

Powerful thoughts bring powerful results. Watch our free demonstration video on the Roblond X31 combination machine and you will see the powerful thought process that has gone into the design of this Belgian success story. Every woodworker's dream, combine 10' table saw Cast iron sliding table system 50* rip capacity 20 seconds to change functions Shaper

Router Bit Diameter

Woodworker's Hardware Woodworker's Hardware If you have a question you'd like answered, send it to us at Question & Answer, American Woodworker, 2915 Commers Drive, Suite 700, Eagan, MN 55121. Sorry, but die volume of mail prevents us from answering each question individually.

Circle No On Product Literature Card

The new Delta benchtop Model 11-090 Radial Drill Press delivers versatile drilling capabilities affordable to the small-shop woodworker. It has a tilting drilling head for drilling angled holes and for horizontal boring as well as straight drilling. A movable arm expands the capacity to allow drilling to the center of a 32-in. circle. The head also swivels 360 around the column for working on or off the table. It

Subscription Service Manager

AMERICAN WOODWORKER (ISSN 8750 93181 is published six limes a soar in Januarv March. Mas. Julv. September aixJ November bv Kudatc Prest. Inc 33 E. Minor St Emmauv PA 18098. (215) 967-5171. c 1991 b> Rodale Press, In . J I Rodalc. Founder Ar-dalh Kodak-. Chairman oi the Board. Robert Teulel. Pre*idcnt til Rodale Press John firillin. President oi the Maga Jne Division SUBSCRIPTION RATES U.S. ont-ycar 27. tv o-vear f54. Singlc-copv 4.50 Canada one-vcar > iS, luo-vear > 70 (Canadian funds) GST -R12298W l I. Foreign. one-year 35. tuo-vvar 70 US. hinds) U.S newsstand diMnhution bv East-ein New. DiMiibutois. Iik . 1130 Cleveland Rd Sandusky. OH 44870. SECOND-CLASS POSTAGE paid at Emmauv PA and udditional mailing tiTk cv POSTMASTER Send address change to AMERICAN WOODWORKER. 33 E. Minor St Emmaus. PA 18098 CONTRIBUTOR GUIDELINES available upon request. We treat unsolicited material with care, but can't assume ivspomlbllliv for loss or damaer. Send a stamped, selt-addi w*.-d envelope for...

Double Duty Push Stick

If you have an original Workshop Tip, send it to us with a sketch or photo. If we print it, you'll get 100 Send to Workshop Tips, American Woodworker, 2915 Commers Drive, Suite 700, Eagan, MN 55121 ore-mail to workshoptips Submissions can't be returned and become our property upon acceptance and payment. We may edit submissions, and use them in all print and electronic media.

Current Work Bt Our Readers

Want to see your work in Gallery Send photographs and a description of the piece to AMERICAN WOODWORKER, 33 E. Minor St., Enunaus, PA 18098. Only black-and-white prints (4 x 5 in. or larger) or color slides will be accepted. Please do not send color prints or snapshots. Enclose a self-addressed envelope for return of photos.

Photo By H Ar I Fy Ferguson

Want to see your work in Gallery Send color slides or larger transparencies to Gallery American Woodworker, 33 E. Minor St., Emmaus, PA 18098. Please include a title, a brief description of techniques used, materials, dimensions, name of photographer, your name, address, and phone number. We'll pay you 35 per entry published. If you want your photos returned, enclose a self-addressed stamped envelope. Please note that we don't provide plans for the work shown.

Access Hole For Drain Plug

12-in. lazy-Susan bearing, TR 12C,Woodworker's Hardware, (800) 383-0130 5. Hose reel, AR050-1 .Tools On Sale, (800) 328-0457 67. Sure, you can clamp a straight board to your router table and it works fine. But why not take a little extra time and make a router table fence with all the bells and whistles adjustable, zero-clearance, guards the works. George Vondriska is making one now, and he'll show you how to make yours in the February 2002 American Woodworker.

Mortising Chisel Flak

I noticed in Master your Mortiser (AW 128, May 2007) that the mortise chisel's opening is facing front, toward the woodworker. I turn my mortise chisel opening to the left, so that the chips fall into the previous plunge, when cutting left to right. This prevents any clogs and keeps the chisel running cool. In Lithium-Ion for the Woodworker (AW 129,July 2007) your description of the 10.8 V Bosch Pocket Driver stated Its single speed is too low for drilling most holes, Please check your specs. This drill is a variable speed drill driver, i find this to be a very versatile tool, and it is certainly a worthwhile addition to most anyone's shop.

Picking Your Grits And Making Them Last

A graphite platen will also extend the life of your sanding belts. This accessory, which replaces the sander's stainless-steel platen and cork backing, reduces friction and heat buildup on the belts. If it's unavailable from your sander manufacturer, you can buy graphite platen material from Woodworker's Supply (800-645-9292) and trim it to fit. I.B.

Advanced Bonding System

If you have an original Workshop Tip, send it to us with a sketch or photo. If we print it, you'll get Si 00 Send to Workshop Tips, American Woodworker, 2915 Commers Drive, Suite 700, Eagan, MN 55121 or e-mail to workshoptips Submissions ain't be returned and become our property upon acceptance and payment. We may edit submissions, and use them in all print and electronic media.

Complete Kit Readytoassemble On Your Deck Or Patio

If you have a question you'd like answered, send it 10 us at Question & Answer, American Woodworker, 2915 Commers Drive, Suite 700, Eagan, MN 55121 or e-mail to qanda readensdigesLcom. Sorry, but Lhe volume of mail prevents us from answering each question individually.

Everything You Need To Make A Razorsharp Edge Is Right At Your Fingertips

This project is designed for a 5'6 to 5'10 tall woodworker. If you're shorter or taller than this, you may want to Second, figure out the height at which you're comfortable grinding. Man)' woodworkers prefer elevating a grinder so its tool rests are about elbow-high. This height will vary between 6-in. and 8-in. grinders (we used an 8-in. grinder for our station). Use this measurement to determine the height of the shelf above the cabinet.

Bessey Recently Introduced

When the NASCAR season ends, SPEED TV reporters Ray Dunlap and John Roberts bum rubber to their woodshops. rubber and exhaust have to do with woodworking Plenty, if you're Ray Dunlap and John Roberts, two passionate woodworkers who also happen to be famous names in the world of NASCAR. Ray (above) is a pit reporter in NASCAR's Craftsman Truck Series. John (opposite page) is the host of SPEED TV'S NASCAR RaceDay pre-race show. Both of these guys enjoyed woodworking well before they started their current careers and have their own woodshops in the description with prints or digital photos on a disc to My Shop, American Woodworker, 1285 Corporate Center Drive,Suite 180,Eagan, MN 55121. Please include your phone number. Submissions cannot be returned and become our property on acceptance and payment. We may edit submissions and use them in all print and electronic media.

How to make sharp burrs on cabinet scraper edges

The cabinet scraper isn't just a tool for cabinetmakers. This simple metal blade can do away with almost all of the need for sanding in woodworking shops. As long as the cutting burr is sharp, the cabinet scraper will shave off paper-thin wisps of wood, leaving behind a glass-smooth surface that has no sanding marks. If you've never used a cabinet scraper, it's well worth investing a few dollars to try out this valuable tool. You may never go back to sanding again.

Word From The Editor

Woodworkers Have It Made Wc woodworkers really have it made cspccially when the holidays roll around. While weary shoppers struggle in traffic jams spending hard-earned cash on mass-produced merchandise, we can relax in our work-shops, making gifts that people will treasure for years to come. From all of us at Amfrican Woodworker, have a relaxing holiday season and a happy and productive new year.

Photo By Pali Anthony

Many woodworkers leave behind a legacy of work for future generations some also leave trees to replace the ones they use. In northern California, the Sonoma County Woodworkers' Association (SCWA) gathers annually to plant the next generation of trees with the current generation of kids. On planting day, woodworkers and kids gather trees and supplies. After a brief discussion and demo, adults and kids break into workgroups. In an afternoon, a dozen adults and a few dozen kids can easily plant 20 trees. The Albuquerque (NM) Woodworkers Association helped Cub Scouts plant over 150 native trees last year through a similar program. So, along with a small forest of trees planted by woodworkers, grows a spirit of responsibility and trust in the future. Paul Anthony American Woodworker Online is part of the America Online computer service. From the AOL main menu, enter keyword wood. For free AOL software and 15 free hours of online time> call (800) 764-4400.

Portable Belt Sanders

The belt sander B JH ost woodworkers consider sanding a aggressively removes llf I chore, and rank it right up there with nicks and scratches IW1 taking out the garbage, which in a and flattens stock sense it is. It's taking out the scratches, nicks, quickly, and milling marks left by various tools. Well, portable belt sanders can help with this nasty job. They remove stock quickly, clean up rough surfaces, and flatten glued-up tablctops and panel assemblies. Though they can't beat hand planes when it comes to perfectly flattening stock, belt sanders will smooth woods with wavy, interlocking, troublesome figure without tearing out the grain. In skilled hands, they're capable of finer work too, although belt-sanded surfaces usually require additional smoothing (with an orbital or random-orbit sander) before finish is applied.

Guild Hits Gold With Annual Expo

The Northeastern Woodworkers Association of upstate New York has again proven that people working together can make a difference. In March, the group staged its fourth annual Woodworking EXPO at the Saratoga Springs Civic Center, to the delight of almost 6,000 attendees. The show's biggest attraction was the woodworking competition, which included 525 pieces by 81 local artisans. There was also a Distinguished Woodworkers Galler> ,n featuring works by George Nakashima, Sam Maloof. Bob Stocksdale and others including 60 Minutes star Andy Rooney,

You Select The Components To Fit Your Budget And Your Needs

The Perlormax Components were designed to fit the needs of all woodworkers. A suspended 22 drum sands up to 44 wide in two passes. An abrasive power feed belt provides a non-skid surface for flawless and effortless sandtfig. Retrofit the S T Sander and Power Feed to the Pro Stand for maximum ef1ic ency.

Photos By Patrick Cuoahy

From a visitors gangway above, one looks down into a cav-ernous shop filled with machines from the 19th and earlv 20th centuries. Here, apprentices and journeymen are turning out decorative parts for Victorian houses, using the same skills woodworkers did KM) years ago.

Rabbeting with a straight bit

Many woodworkers prefer to make rabbet cuts with a straight bit rather than a piloted router bit for a couple of reasons piloted bits have a tendency to jump and wtii foiiow any imperfections in the edge of the board they also wtii cut rabbets of only a set depth (even piloted rabbet bits with Interchangeable bearings are hilled to four set depths). By using a jig ike the one shown to the left, you increase the bearing surface, preventing jump-outs, and you can adjust the relationship of the jig to the bit to cut rabbets of any depth up to ifte maximum cutting capacity of the bit To make the jig. simply choose a straight piece of scrap about 1 ft long, make a notch slightly deeper than the bit diameter, and clamp the jig to the router base so the fait protrudes to the depth of the cut

Drawers With No Visible Means Of Support

I think this is a project thatH J might appeal to a lot of woodworkers. I'll admit the design is quite simple. But simple designs often require quite a bit of ingenuity in the shop. That was definitely true with this Coffee Table. And then there's the drawers. If you were to crawl under this coffee table (a favorite pastime of woodworkers), you'd see nothing but the bottoms of the drawers. No rails, no drawer guides, no visible means of support. Just three drawers hanging in mid-air. But before we get to the drawrers, the basic table must be assembled.

Filler And Finish For Outdoor Furniture

As mentioned in Talking Shop on page 29.1 used Minwax's High Performance Wood Filler for filling the counterbored holes before painting the pine version of the Adirondack Chair shown on the back cover. This filler is available at many local home centers, and paint and hardware stores. If you can't find it locally, it can be ordered through the mail from The Woodworkers' Store, 21801 Industrial Blvd., Rogers, MN 55374-9514 phone (612) 428-2199. For finishing the redwood Adirondack furniture, I used a mixture of 50 McCloskey's Man O' War Satin Spar Varnish and 50 McCloskey's Stain Controller & Wood Sealer (for more information, see page 29). These products are available at some local retail stores and home centers, and can also be ordered from The Woodworkers' Store (see address above).

Making Your Final Choice

Even after carefully reviewing the requirements, you'll likely find that there are two or more good candidates for each joinery job. How do you choose between them There is a brilliantly simple rule of thumb that many experienced woodworkers use to cut through this Gordian knot of joinery But before 1 let you in on this secret, let me tell you a brief story. As 1 researched the desk, I ran across an old magazine article by an accomplished woodworker who had built a similar piece. His account of the project was daunting. Complex was too mild a word to describe the joinery. The bracket feet, for example, were assembled with double-blind mitered dovetails I've never met a woodworker who managed to complete a double-blind mitered dovetail in his lifetime,

Ma kit a Portable Planer

Portable planers brought planing capability to legions of woodworkers on a budget. Now Makita has an entry in this field. The Makita Model 2012 compact planer is a good balance of capacity (it'll handle stock up to 12 in. wide and 6 in. high) and weight (52.8 lbs). The automatic-feed rollers pull stock through at 26.2 ft. a minute, past a two-blade cutterhead rotating at 8.000 RPM. The maxi

East Coast Shipping Warehouse Showroom

Chat live with other woodworkers around the country Swap information about project plans, woodworking techniques, magazine articles, and new tools and accessories. Join AW's online community, a service of America Online you're always welcome some 125 disadvantaged kids in the Los Angeles area received toy bulldozers this holiday season, thanks to the San Fernando Valley Woodworkers (SFVW). San Fernando Valley (CA) Woodworkers show off the toy bulldozers they made.

Quick Change Accessory System

Introducing the first quick change accessory system designed for woodworkers. It's Rapid Load' from DeWALT, and it lets you change bits up to 50 faster than standard keyless chucks. The Rapid Load system features a heavy-duty holder and a wide selection of professional-grade, Guaranteed Tough accessories. The bits easily slide in and out of the holder while the universal 1 4 hex shank design prevents slipping. Even better, the Rapid Load holder fits all brands of 3 8 and 1 2 cordless and corded drills. So get your Rapid Load system today, and see how fast you finish your work tomorrow.

Quick Chance Accessory System

Introducing the first quick change accessory system designed for woodworkers. It's Rapid Load from DcWALT, and it lets you change bits up to 50 faster than standard keyless chucks. The Rapid Load system features a heavy-duty holder and a wide selection of professional-grade, Guaranteed Tough' accessories. The bits easily slide in and out of the holder while the universal 1 4 hex shank design prevents slipping. Even better, the Rapid Load holder fits all brands of 3 8 and 1 2 cordless and corded drills. So get your Rapid Load system today, and see how fast you finish your work tomorrow. Woodworkers' Discount Books

What Every Shop Needs

Take any random group of wood workers, and you could get a pretty good argument going by asking everyone what every shop needs. Most people would say a well-adjusted tablesaw with a sharp, high-quality blade. But there are still plenty of folks who prefer a radial-arm saw. (Beats me why.) You'd get just about everyone to agree that a router is essential, although the rustic woodworkers and molding plane fans would say No way Is there really any one thing that every shop needs Issue s 104. American Woodworker*, ISSN 1074-9152, USPS 738-710 Published bimonthly, except monthly October and November by Home Service Publications, Inc., 260 Madison Avenue, 5th Floor, New York, NY 10016. Periodicals postage paid at New York, NY and additional mailing offices. Postmaster Send change of address notice to American Woodworker*, PO Box 8148, Red Oak. IA 51591-1148. Subscription rates U.S. one-year, 24.98. Single-copy, 5.99. Canada one-year,S29.98 (U.S. Funds) GST R J 22988611. Foreign surface...

Ultimate Cuts In Veneered Plywood Melaime Chipboard And Solid Ws

When we listen to woodworkers, we understand what you mean -1- after all, we are woodworkers You told us you needed a dado to cut plywood, solid wood, hardwood veneered plywood, lamlnatesand melamine chip-tree. You told us that It needed to cut precise slots and maintain accuracy. And it especially needed to accommodate today's undersized plywoods.

Chest Built By Randy Johnson

With all these good qualities, why aren't we all lining up at the lumberyard for mahogany boards Because it's expensive, about 5 to 9 per bd. ft. It's so expensive that exporters of other woods have worked mahogany into the street names of their products and succeeded in confusing the heck out of woodworkers (Photo 2). Let's clear the air a bit and compare these species side by side.

Eventually you gel what you deserve

Al the time, all the effort, all the talent. You put a lot into your woodworking. Which is why we've put together a deal you can get a lot out of. Right now, buy any one of 11 Delta machines - the same tools seasoned woodworkers have always relied on for uncompromising quality - and we'll give you a long list of accessories absolutely free. From mobile bases to cast-iron wings, table boards to carbide-tipped sow blades The way we see it, you've got it coming to you. For the name of your nearest dealer, call Delta Machinery at 800-438-2486 (U.S.) or 519-836-2840 (Canada). Or visit

Great American Wood

White oak is the perfect choice for a wide variety of applications. Woodworkers admire the beauty of its quartersawn grain. Boat builders take advantage of its strength and rot resistance. The warship USS Constitution, launched in 1797, was nicknamed Old Ironsides because cannon balls bounced off her thick white oak hull. Completely restored in the 1990's, she still sails the Boston Harbor. Although only 15 percent of the ship's wood is original, the keel-18-in. by 30-in. by 160 ft is made of Lhe same four white oak timbers laid down over two centuries ago. 6 American Woodworker JULY 2O07

How Can The Best General Purpose Saw Blade

Introducing the Premier Fusion saw blade in both Thin and Full Kerf design. Now woodworkers have a superior general purpose blade for both the table and chop miter saw in the shop and for the lower horsepowered saw on the job site. The New Thin Kerf combines the advanced Premier Fusion features with a thinner kerf design to provide a flawless finish while reducing material waste, which makes it the ideal tig . choice for lowered powered saws.

Adjusting Guide Blocks And Thrust Bearings

There are a lot of differing opinions on bandsaw tension adjustments. Some woodworkers advocate tensioning the blade much higher than the tension indicator shows. I prefer to use the least amount of tension that yields satisfactory results for the type of cutting I'm doing. balanced, and coplanar, you shouldn't have to tilt the top wheel much to track the blade properly. In fact, some woodworkers claim you should leave the wheels coplanar (by not tilting the top wheel at all after wheel alignment) and allow the blade to find its own equilibrium tracking position near the center of the tire's crown.

My Furniture Hangs On The Wall

Finding a company that had large bed lasers and was willing to work on one-off projects proved difficult, until I discovered RMS Laser of El Cajon, CA (near San Diego). The amazing folks at RMS Laser enjoy working with artists and woodworkers. They'll ship anywhere and even give you a discount if you mention American Woodworker*. You can find more information about their cutting services at

Optimize Your Dust Collector

YOU MIGHT NOT NEED a more powerful dust collector after all. That's the word from woodworkers who've replaced the original equipment filter bags on their collectors with bags that are more efficient. You might ask, What can be more efficient than the 1 micron bag that came with my collector The answer is a 1 micron bag that's properly sized for your machine and surface-treated for optimal performance, according to the folks at American Fabric Filter Company (AFF). They specialize in custom-made filter bags for dust collection systems. 1010 www. American Woodworker, com 61

Outdoor Glue And Finishes

To finish these outdoor projects, I applied two coats of a 50 50 mixture of Mc-Closkey's Man O'War Satin Spar Varnish and McCloskey's Stain Controller & Wood Sealer. (This is a thinned down tung oil.) These products are sold at home centers and hardware stores, or can be ordered from The Woodworkers' Store, see below.

Troubleshooting Guide

Many woodworkers just starting out on the scrollsaw don't tension their blades enough. Insufficient tension will make the blade tend to drift when sawing and will cause premature blade breakage, usually near the center of the blade. Breakage at the ends of the blade usually means your blade holders arc not pivoting freely, causing metal fatigue near the holders. MARC BERNER is a woodworker and scrollsaw expert based in northern California.

Another Look At A Cantankerous Old Friend

Yet, hand planes seem to intimidate many woodworkers. This fear is usually based on the feeling that hand planes require a tremendous amount of skill to use. Actually, it just takes a lot of elbow grease. The real skill involved with a hand plane is adjusting it so it does what you want it to do.

Pivot Point Pivoting

Noc too long ago, a typical router table was little more than a router mounted upside down in a piece of plywood. Clamp a straight-edged piece of wood to the plywood and you'd have a fence. But times have changed. Today, the router table has come into its own as a stationary tool. Woodworkers expect more features and capabilities, and manufacturers have responded with tables, inserts, fences, stands, and accessories.

In From Seat To Floor

With both sides assembled, you're ready to join them to the rails. A large benchtop or the shop floor is ideal for this operation. With a pipe clamp holding the back rail in rough position between the sides, install the head rail and the front rail to the sides by drilling through holes for the connector bolts (available from The Woodworkers' Store, 800-279-444 1). The large-diameter heads on these bolts and caps allow you to install them without washers, and their slim profile means countersinking is unnecessary. Buy the holts in the sizes shown in Fig. 1, then use a hacksaw or bolt cutters to shorten them to the correct length for the seat rail and head rail. Use a hex wrench to cinch the bolts tightly into their cap nuts.

Cwcxe No Won Pooduct Infowuaton

Think for a moment about the staggering variety of routers you can buy today, from compact laminate trimmers you can hold in one hand right on up to 3V -HP monsters that really belong in a router table. Then of course there are plunge routers and fixed-base models to consider. It's no wonder that many woodworkers have several routers in their shops.

HowTo Sand a Gluedup Panel

For projects that don't require the rapid stock removal of a belt sander, a random-orbit sander, like the one shown at right, has become the goto tool for most woodworkers. And their versatility is the reason why. They can be aggressive enough to remove a lot of material quickly, or gentle enough for the final sanding on your most treasured pieces.

Laser Unit And Control

The four machines have 1 3-hp, 1 2-hp, 3 4-hp and 1-hp motors, respectively. The three smaller machines have an adjustable work light, so you can see where you're boring. Left-handed woodworkers will appreciate the quill handle on the 15-in. machine It can he used on either side.

Choosing the right tool and technique tor the job can shave time and effort off your sanding tasks

Some woodworkers might argue that a belt sander isn't a tool often associated with fine craftsmanship. But the belt sander is a great choice for a number of everyday woodworking tasks. In fact, by using the proper techniques, a belt sander can save time and produce a dead flat surface.

After years Scott Beresford figured it was time his suburban homeincluding his workshopreceived a facelift Building a

Once upon a time, there was a man named Scott Beresford, who had no wife or kids, and lived in a suburban home outside Pittsburgh. Scott had a split-level, which included a garage leading down a short flight of steps to a woodworking shop in his basement, and he was content.

Laying Out And Marking Tools

Naval Range Clock

A good 12 steel ruler is almost indispensable in any woodworking shop, (C in Fig. 1). It's much easier (and usually much more accurate) to work with a steel ruler than fumbling with a tape or a wooden folding rule. Among traditional woodworkers the mere mention of using a pencil or a pen is enough to make them shiver with disgust. A scribe, they would say, is the only acceptable tool for marking.

Classified Sales Representative

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Flattip Diamond Dresser

You've probably heard other woodworkers talk about what a great tool the scraper is, but maybe you've never had much luck with one yourself. Using them is easy getting a good edge on them is the tough part. The hardest step in sharpening a scraper is the first one filing the edge square and flat. Start off right with this easy-to-make file holder Cut a kerf equal to the thickness of an 8-in. mill file in a 1-1 4-in. thick by 4-in. wide by 6-in.-long piece of wood. The kerf should be a little deeper than half the width of the file. This allows you to set the file at different depths to avoid dulling it in one spot. Clamp the scraper in a wood-jaw vise. Push the scraper firmly against the holder while filing for a perfectly square edge.

Designed for the Chicago Botanic Garden This Bench Will Make Any Backyard Look Like an Estate

Homemade Plans Bench Drum Sander

Most of the construction of the bench is conventional joinery and should present few problems for the average woodworker who's careful and accurate. Just a few aspects of the bench construction deserve comment. Can a conscientious woodworker use teak and still sleep at night Depending on where the teak grew, buying it may indeed encourage further destructive harvesting of tropical forests. Java teak planted in a nursery today will supply woodworkers in 80 years. Java teak planted in a nursery today will supply woodworkers in 80 years.

Adjustable Finger

Obviously, this unit is for the serious woodworker who intends to cut a lot of dovetails and doesn't want to be stuck with only a couple of configurations. It'll cost you 330 plus, and you'll have to invest a considerable amount of time to get your competence up to the potential of the jig. But that done, by golly, you can cut some slick dovetails

Download Instructions for Jim Morgan's Wood Profits

Free version of Jim Morgan's Wood Profits can not be found on the internet. And you can safely download your risk free copy of Jim Morgan's Wood Profits from the special discount link below.

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