Swing-Out Plywood Storage

HERE'S A CLEVER WAY to keep your piywood organized and easy to access. Build this swing-out storage unit. It fits the space along the side of the garage perfectly and allows you to access any piece of plywood because it works like a file folder. You can buy all the materials for it at a home center for around 75 bucks.The hinge is made of 1" pipe parts and fastened to the end of the storage container with 1" pipe straps.The pipe is connected to the wall with pipe flanges.The unit rolls on four 3" nonswiveling casters.

1" x48" pipe

Store Lumber

Vertically when you're alone, it's a real chore to unearth boards from the bottom of a horizontal stack. Boards stored upright against brackets are easy to see and sort. Just flip through the boards and tip out the ones you want. You don't have to lift anything.

Stable Lumber Rack lumber racks always get stacked high with project leftovers. Here's a trick for keeping a wobbly stack tipped in the right direction:Tack a wood shim onto each rack support so the stacked lumber will lean slightly back into the rack.This keeps any leaning towers of lumber from toppling the wrong way!

Overhead Lumber Rack if you have a basement shop with limited floor space, this lumber rack may be the perfect lumber storage solution. It holds both long and short boards and can be installed at a height that's convenient for you to reach but high enough so you won't bean your head,

Make it from 1x4s, 2x4s and 2x6s for a cost of about $30. Make three U-shaped frames by screwing the 2x4s to the 2x6s.Then screw these frames to the ceiling joists. Finish the rack by adding

1 x4s to the bottom edge of the frames.

Temporary Lumber Storage

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