Hand Saw Rack

I use hand saws for many of my shop projects. But finding a way to store them near my workbench has always been a problem.

I liked the idea of hanging the saws close to my work area, but didn't want to drill a hole in the blade or handle for a hanger. The other concern was how to devise a way to hang the saws that didn't dull the

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other. Coloring the removable cap makes it easy to remember which end to open.

To hold the storage tube, I attached a couple of spring clips (the kind used for holding a broom on a wall) to the saw base with sheet metal screws. The blade holder pops right into the clips.

teeth or damage the set (the alternating outward bend of each tooth).

The hanging storage rack shown at right keeps the saws within easy reach while protecting the blades. It's simple to build and only requires a few scrap pieces of wood, hardboard, and dowel.

As you can see in the drawing at left, the hanger is just a series of beveled blocks sandwiched between two hardboard faces. Loose dowels fit between each beveled block and act as cams to pinch the saw blades and hold them in place.

To remove a saw, simply lift the handle and slide the blade out of the notch. You can mount the hanger to a shop wall with just a couple of screws.

Hand Saw Rack

Hanging storage rack accommodates most types of hand saws

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